How to paint hair using Painter Essentials 6

How to paint hair using Painter Essentials 6

Download a FREE trial at Hello my name is Magdalena Proszowska and welcome to my ten minute video tutorial about painting hair. As you can see I have partially painted the hair in and I have very rough sketch where the hair is supposed to be it’s easy for me to imagine that the hair acts like ribbons so I try to imagine that they have this kind of quality of a flat surface and this instantly helps me to understand where the shadow and highlights will be. I will start with blocking in the colors first and the primary shape because I have the gradation of the color through the hair for now I will not think about the shading. First I will apply the color change in the hair and now I will start to think about the shadow area and highlights. The planes that are directed upward will catch the light and will be lighter in the color. And those planes that are directed downwards will be shaded. I can hide my sketch, I don’t need it anymore. the blockout is finished and I can start adding details and just polish the surfaces. First I just want to blend it together. And make sure that the big shapes are correct. Then I will add smaller details into it. On the end of the hair it is important to just show a few windows of light shining through it so they will not look like a plastic block. Don’t forget that the hair will also drop shadow on the face so the areas of the skin that are covered by hair should be darker. I would blend it as well with the background color to give it an effect that it’s blending in to the air that is surrounding her like standing in the fog. It’s all about drawing from the big shape to smaller shape. So from the very big mass of hair I am slowly building up detail layer by layer by using a big brush to using smaller and smaller brush. I’ll do a bit more polishing and add a few more strokes I think I will be done with this part. Is not really hard to paint her as long as you think about the block out and this ribbon approach that I mentioned at the beginning. Just imagine the dimension and what direction the face is facing. This really helps to build up a really good looking, realistic hairs. I hope you enjoyed this part of the tutorial. If you have any questions just leave the comment below and I wish you all a happy day. Download a free trial at

9 thoughts on “How to paint hair using Painter Essentials 6

  1. What brush do you use?

  2. Is this the same for Painter Essentials 5?

  3. Rally amazing <3 love it

  4. Can you say which brushed do you use, and how to color the skin?

  5. I can't even paint it won't let me

  6. Wich brush do you use ?😀😟🙏

  7. I have a question is it best to use a hard edge brush or a soft edge brush for blending hair?

  8. Without telling the used brushes, this is not really a "How to". Came here, because I am searching for the brushes, I know from the app and Corel PSP, but don't know, where they are in PE.

  9. How did you magnify/ minify the brush size shortly?

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