How to get creative with a digital pen in Microsoft Office

How to get creative with a digital pen in Microsoft Office

Hi my name is Marta and I work for
Microsoft and in my free time I love hanging upside down from the ceiling as
part of an aerial circus school. Today I’m gonna show you how I bring together
both my passion and my profession by helping the school put together a circus
show. I have a little bit of time before rehearsal and I need to make sure the
script is all ready to go and finish up the flyer and the good news is that I
can do all of that from here on the couch thanks to my Surface Pro and
Microsoft Office. Let’s get it started. The flyer is looking great but it’s
actually missing the place where the show will happen so let’s add that very
quickly with our pen. Thanks to Ink to Text I can convert that into a beautiful
title. Nice. But now the address doesn’t pop as much
as I want it to and I’m gonna fix that by drawing a nice star around it. With
Ink to Shape I can also compare that and make it look like a real star. Next I’m
gonna make sure the script is all ready to go and honestly “Ladies and Gentlemen”
sounds a little antiquated but thanks to Ink Editor I can just scribble that
through and add something way more fun like Aerial Aficionados. Perfect. And also I want to make sure the
word “astounded” really pops so I’m gonna add a new line use my pen to select it
and bold the word and highlight it. I have a couple more things to finish to
be ready for the show but I also have to run to rehearsal.
Luckily I can finish them on the go. So I just got to the studio and I had this
idea. We can create these two corners on the stage and then putting up the props
for the show would be so much easier. I’m gonna draw this so I can show the crew exactly what I mean. I’m gonna use Ruler and Segment Eraser. Showing is so much easier than telling
and I can also show the crew how to make the changes for lighting and rigging by
just drawing it and let them review it by themselves with Ink Replay. Now they’ll be as choreographed as we are. So today was all about my circus but you
don’t need to be hanging upside down from the ceiling to take advantage of
all of the Inking in Office. Whether you’re at home on the go or at an aerial
circus like me next time you’re working on your passion project pick up a pen
and a Windows 10 PC and you’ll elevate it in no time.

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  1. I will nbuy this soon !!!

  2. It is really Lovely

  3. Lovely very user friendly and a excellent example of tech innovation

  4. Nice, I loved it!

  5. Just one word, revolutionary idea.

  6. This is awesome!!

  7. Beautiful thing


  9. after Lumia and Surface RT I'll never buy some thing from MS ….

  10. WOW same ad after paid review of Windows Central

  11. I can't wait to get one this holiday season!

  12. Jokes on you Ink to Text isn't there anymore lol

  13. Wish I had one of that Surface Pro 🙁

  14. Nice love it

  15. Microsoft is improving their products . Really loved it

  16. Cool

  17. Inking is useful in some situations and I use it a lot of my Acer 2-in-1. However, these aren't great use cases. If you are making a poster, a mouse is far more efficient as you are going to be positioning things to a few pixels. Likewise, editing a document without a keyboard and mouse is insanely time consuming. Even novices can type many times faster and more accurately. Notice at 1:06, it put in a small "t" when she inputted "Arial Theatre". Fixing that would be painful with a pen.

    Inking is terrific for art work, photo touch-ups, drafting type assignments, logos, note taking, math formula input, etc. Less so in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.

  18. You have a keyboard, why bother writing cursive? And then the extra step of converting it…
    Much slower and takes way more clicks/taps/penstrokes to accomplish.

  19. Great !!!

  20. Okay I want to go to Microsoft do some windows upgrades and prevent c: drive space loss and dll adding. One dll only called windows.dll

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  23. This great.

  24. Is this for the full office suite or does it work too for the Windows 10 app?

  25. Wish Microsoft/Windows would show how to use the pen instead of a clicker … too bad…

  26. Which program did you use for the artwork? The brochure. I have a Surface Pro one. I can do all I need in that particular application.

  27. got my surface pro 6 with pen an cover keyboard a few days ago. i use it for school an PPP….it's absolutely awesome and worth it's money. good tech

  28. I am more than a fan, I am an Evangelist!!! Our offices now have more than half the workforce on Surface Pro and Surface Books and productivity is just amazing!!!

  29. o.k.

  30. good documentation …….

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