How to get better at drawing poses and body posture ~ Frannerd

How to get better at drawing poses and body posture ~ Frannerd

hi guys welcome to channel so before we start I just wanted to make a quick announcement my Etsy shop is now finally open oh yeah baby after a month of not being open my shop is now open so you can go there and buy on all the products that I have no kidding if you were doing what else buy something good today but I just launched my new thing yay so this is the machine that I just recently launched is a collection of all the drawings and sketches I did during my trip to Chile a few months ago and it’s awesome guys it’s full of drawings and it’s very cute and I hope you enjoyed it that plus stickers and prints and my grasp not my personal but my total journal is now available on my shop so please go there and see if you like something I think I’m going to go to the post of it this Friday in case you I don’t know what I Spy something really quickly but yeah so now that this is out of the way I can show you what I did so last Thursday and then I went to Brighton for the day keeping it he had to use for my video because if you have no idea my husband and he has a YouTube channel and when there we have a fantastic time and I wanted to seize the opportunity of going to Brighton which by the way is very vegan vegetarian family so kudos to Brighton for for that I thought it will be a great opportunity to draw people guys because one of the top 10 questions that I get all the time is how do i improve my body and as me game how do i improve body posture and expressions and stuff like that and believe me guys I have this freaking same problem and all my characters look alike all of my characters are always standing or the same positions all over again so I realized that one way of improving this is going outside and draw people now I have to say something I want to confess something guys I am very shy in the sense of I usually don’t mind drawing people or join outside but when it comes to drawing people and sparing that people live enjoying them and making them feel control and making me feel self-conscious and Lala I don’t like that so Rio de when I went to Brighton we went to this cafe and I start by the window and it’s guys it’s the best thing ever because you are sort of like witnessing how people are passing by which is something that I really enjoy people watching is one of my favorite things but people are not conscious of your existence which is something that me a shining straighter really appreciate so if you have the same problem please go to a cafe or a public space but separated by the way by a window and just sit there have a cup of coffee or 2 years movie and just like draw people now this was a very next experiment guys and I highly suggest that you all try it because most of the times when we need a posture reference we look on the internet and to get me wrong guys I really enjoy the internet I love I are a gentle girl by the problem is that most of the pictures and stuff that is on the Internet in the sense of body posture and anatomy they’re very comfy most of the times when we feel like I don’t know like someone sitting the problem is that the poses are very stiff and of course because people are posting so instead of drawing someone sitting in a not cozy way we can see that sometimes when we see it our back is hunched in real life so that richness and that realness it you can only capture it I think when you’re seeing someone in real life and I feel like that much is the best idea to level up your illustration game if you ask me of course sometimes we’re in a rush or in a hurry it’s nice to have the internet as a reference but on a general on a general basis and regular basis I love going outside to join that’s why I draw outside so much so how is suggest that you do that perfect opportunities for drawing people is on a training station I did that event and it was awesome people queuing for something so if you see a line of people queuing for fancy ice ice cream or a concert just draw them joylynn it’s amazing because you can see people and you can actually draw them for more than a minute because they’re just bending also people they’re window-shopping which is like going on a shopping or stuff like that is awesome because they tend to walk slower so it’s nice to grab an idea of how they move and how they are their expression their hairstyles and stuff the joints that you see right now they’re literally the joint I sleep that day the only thing that I did differently is that I outlined the illustration so you can see them better but the originals I mean B once they’re underneath the inking they were done with my trusty old priest my color collie race and the outline I did them with this baby now guys if you have been here in this channel for a long time you remember that I was still fat with red but now I have another session it’s blue I love the Pens I loved inking with blue is something that I don’t know where I think it started a couple of months ago but now it’s a free show my love to blue is yeah there’s no there’s no way I’m not coming back no guys so the other day when I went to London I bought these two pens on Muji they’re both blue but one of them is lighter than the other and for these sketches I use the lighter version there’s more electric magnet a Obama joined the faces that you see the floating faces they were people that were passing by too fast to do all in full body but it was a quick glance like two one there were two or three seconds where I saw the people I stare at them for three seconds they were gone and then I had to draw them really fast and that was a very very sexist decision and that was a very nice exercise guys because I had only two seconds to grasp the idea of the essence of someone in terms of like expression and stuff and just draw them and that for someone that is very masking like me and how to move move up in terms of like drawing it was a perfect exercise don’t worry if you feel lost in the beginning and remember the ten first minutes were the most horrible ones because I felt like I was doing everything wrong and I haven’t done this in a while so once you go over the ten minute mark I promise you guys you will see enormous improvement I really really really really suggest to you go outside guys the realness and the movement and a very improvised in a spontaneous position you can only see that on the street with real-life persons with real humans for example I realize that I know this sounds very obvious that when I draw people standing I always make them like all of the body weight is equally balanced in both feet but in real life you’re always leaning on one side or leaning in the other or like putting your hand here we’re very expressive beings and I love how I see now standing like this the concept of standing in a whole new way that I know it sounds really obvious right now when I’m talking this out loud but they only make sense when you see it and when you draw it I feel like my drawings look more alive and more real and even though my drawing isn’t very realistic I feel it gives one level up into the illustration game so I highly suggest rethought sighs please both sides yeah guys I hope you enjoy these nice videos thank you so much at for filming me thank you so much for my patrons because patrons you guys you guys are great you know that but thank you so much because you guys allowed me to buy art supplies like these wonderful pens and sketchbooks and you allow me to buy train tickets to Brighton for the ages for filming this video it gives some life to this YouTube channel so thank you so much don’t forget to go to my Etsy shop in case you want to buy something and I’ll see you next week yeah bye bye guys

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