How To Get A Free Primetime Performers Card Without Spending Any Coins!

How To Get A Free Primetime Performers Card Without Spending Any Coins!

[Applause] this is popular strangers we are back at you again today with another mutt 90 video I got an exclusive super dope funky fresh tip for you guys today now you may have already thought about this maybe not hopefully this is gonna help somebody out while you're here do me a favor let's go ahead and click that thumbs up let's get this video to 100 likes I'm sure we can do an easy goal for you guys you guys usually crush these things knock it out the park let's do it again so we're gonna talk about two different things and relations to the ultimate kick off promo which is about a week old and then also primetime performer cards we all know at this point that you can power these up a week after the release I'm gonna show you guys basically how my mind is working and how you can basically power up one of these cards for free now there's a little bit of an asterisk there and I'll explain in a moment let's get into the content so I have finished the I finished all 99 solos you guys already known that if you have been watching my videos but I also now have all four of B what do they call B they're not the master cards the champions the heroes whatever we want to call them the leaders ultimate kick off leaders I have all four of them and I'm gonna tell you guys how I obtained all four of them really without spending a lot of coin and how this is gonna lead us in the direction to getting a free primetime performer card so if you're unaware all four of these cards go into a set and by doing so you get one master and you get these four cards back but they aren't gonna be non-optional non-tradable but as far as I know you can still quit sell them for training points let's go ahead and complete the set but let me tell you how I earned all of these cards KCA were knocked out ninety nine solos on my main account got the card without spending a coin three three ninety nine drew brees I purchased for about two hundred twenty K I believe if it allows me yes it does I believe this card okay I was wrong there I thought this card was cheaper I still think it will be cheaper if you just kind of search at the right times you can get that card for 220 and under Brandon Graham what we did is we jumped on a farm account if you're unaware with a farm account it's a second account you can have up to five on a Playstation Xbox is the worst system in the world I'm just joking for all you Xbox players don't hate me I like to make jokes about the Cowboys and Giants and Xbox users sometimes the Redskins – but they're so terrible I forget about making jokes about them sometimes so what I did is on my farm account my second account that I usually do my struggle squad series on I played 99 solos again and I used all of the cards that you earned from those solos and daily objectives and the objective list and I got Brandon Graham done for free while doing all of those solos on my farm ikaw in getting one really lucky poll which I can't remember who it was but it was a carpet sold for about 80 K I was able to earn enough coins on my farm account to buy the Z card for 210 K so if you're keeping track about four hundred thirty case spent on just these two middle cards here and technically I didn't have to spend but just the 220k on my main account so I didn't really lose too much so I traded these two over basically just take an elite card on your main card and put it on the trading block then trade over these cards to your main account you can't you know you can't sell them but they are tradable still here's the Brandon Graham but I'm a little nervous that says add to the elite token says it not gonna let me use ah shoot I'm nervous if you're watching this video then that means I'm gonna be able to use it if you're not watching this video then you'll never know that this thing actually exists I'm so nervous ultimate kick off masters okay it's still gonna work I thought that they were not gonna let me put the Brandon Graham in the Zeke Elliott into this set whoo all right so this method is gonna work so now I'm gonna go ahead and complete this entire set right Casey Heyward he's in my lineup drew brees currently in my lineup working on a Drew Brees review so here it is ultimate kick off master fantasy back and we're gonna get our choice I've thought long and hard about this one not really but kind of and I think I'm gonna go with franck I I can power up in Tonio brown but he's a good card don't get me wrong I just don't want to I don't want to invest that much more into him I might wait for that card to go down and think better wide receivers will probably be coming soon so we're gonna go with growth but then also as mentioned we get all four of these cards back okay so there we go five cards one of them is usable or sellable and the other four are not so then we're gonna go over to our binder now and this is where you're gonna get all your coins back in my scenario what I'm purposely doing is I'm keeping the wrong so I'm not getting anything for free right now but what you would then do is go ahead and sell this Gronk and he's going for you basically get about 400 K back basically what you spent on the two cards in my case the Zeke and the breeze so this is where we're gonna break even so you know you're not gonna get to use the bronchus while all these steps but you now have four pretty good cards I mean ninety overall cards where you lost no coins in this situation if you go to these cards and quick sell them you're going to get 1,100 training points so if I do the math 1100 times four is four thousand four hundred and that's going to give you four thousand four hundred training points now I'm not gonna do that in this scenario but this will work for you if you follow my steps I want to keep Brandon Graham I want to keep Casey Heyward I'm gonna quick sell Drew Brees I'm gonna quick sell Zeke Elliott definitely got a quick sell Z Kelly I mean he's a cowboy nut I can't even believe I had that card on my roster for that long but if you do that you'll get four thousand four hundred training points now if you go to your cards and you think about all the limited time cards like Kareem Hunt Mike Evans I'm forgetting people but Malcolm Jenkins in my case here's where the asterisks come in you do have to have the current powered up to its highest level before the primetime performer so that is gonna cost you a little bit in my case I already had an open Jenkins there but if we go to upgrade you can see and I actually have to get him to tier ten before I do that but if you get to that tier 11 or the the kind of and/or scenario where you can either take the primetime card or you can power up the card you see it's four thousand three hundred fifty training points remember we got four point four k training points just we quit selling those four cards that cost us enough in because we sold the drunk and the drunk made up for all the points that we spent on the coop two cards that we need it I hope you guys are following me here but this is a really good way to to basically you know get a primetime performer car powered up without spending coin or I mean obviously the other thing is you can just go ahead and do what I did before this last step and you got those four cards for free those four ultimate kick-off cards the Zeke the Brandon grand the drew brees and the one of them right now during a blank KC hey work so either way you're getting some really good cars for free you guys can do either/or hopefully you found this video helpful you can click that thumbs up I appreciate you watching my name is Babu stranger I'm out thanks

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