How to Find Your Art Style

How to Find Your Art Style

hi everyone so in this video I am going to be talking about art style again but I wanted to expand on my previous video so this is kind of like a part two it's sort of like a different method and more like hands-on approach to finding your style we're in the in the other video I kind of explained how your style can develop on its own so in this video I'm going to be telling you some tips that can help you actually influence your style and change your style on your own without letting it develop by itself so things you can actually do to help your style develop first of all I began drawing in that anime style and a few may be around a year ago now I decided to change it to more of a semi realistic style and it took me a really long time to kind of find find my path and now it's kind of becoming something a little bit more cartoony and I'm starting to realize how much I like cartoonish kind of drawings so I have like a semi realistic style and I have my cartoony style and I have my really cartoony style so I have more than one style but I'm still developing my style but from the previous video to now I think I've come a long way in terms of my art style and I kind of have an idea of what I want it to look like finally after practicing for so long so the first thing I would say especially if you want to make a drastic style change is look up artists that draw in style that you are aiming for so say you currently draw on the anime style but you want to draw something more of a cartoony look so look at the look of a bunch of different cartoon artists and just notice the way that they stylize things and you might even want to try some of this yourself so like say they make the eyes really big and make the eyelashes like really pointy like triangles or something you might want to try integrating little bits and pieces from a bunch of different styles that you find and then start experimenting with them and playing with them and merging them into your own style this don't don't completely copy other artists styles but use them as inspiration and kind of like like a Kickstarter to to go on the path to finding your own style that is what I did because I was so stuck in the anime style like the first thing I'm pretty sure the first thing that I decided to change or one of the first things that I was really really working on was the mouth because I used to only draw a line for the mouth I wouldn't draw actual lips so I looked at a whole bunch of artists on Instagram to see how they drew lips and I took a lot of inspiration from them and I even copied some of them just to get a hang of it of drawing actual lips and slowly I merged it into my own style of drawing lip it's not like completely original but it is a part of my style and it's now a way I draw a lips all the time and it took some practicing and I had to see how other artists did it because I really had no nothing else to base it off of so looking at other artists styles is really really helpful it's not a way of like don't like copy their style but see how they stylize things and it can give you some ideas also explore many different styles you might think that you want a semi realistic style but you might find out that you actually enjoy drawing anime more or you actually enjoy drawing cartoon so don't be afraid to experiment even if it's a style that you don't think you're going to end up wanting to draw with um just just keep a sketchbook for your style practice or just use your sketchbook to practice style in and try many different styles and explore as many different styles as you can change up the way you draw eyes in each of the drawings that we draw noses and like go between different facial features stylized combinations and eventually you might find something that you really like that you wouldn't have thought of before because of all the experimentation that you did and also it is completely fine and actually it's a good thing to have more than one style this proved that that you have a variety of things that you can draw as an artist and having more than one style kind of leaves the doors open to all the different kinds of things you can draw you say you can draw really realistically but you also love drawing comics that's a really good thing to have to be able to draw in more than one style but the hard part is making each of those styles your own unique style and that takes practice and improving your Anatomy and improving on the fundamentals of art so style isn't just about the way you draw things it's also the way you color things and the themes that you use in your art and the way you compose your drawings or your line quality all of that goes into your style and all of that takes a lot of practice to get better at and the more you improve your anatomy and your art and do studies from real life the easier you'll find it to actually control your style because you'll know the rules a lot better so you can break the rules better people say that a lot you have to know the rules before you can break them and I don't think you necessarily have to be a master at everything in order to have your own style you can be a complete beginner and have your own style of art and every artist does have their own style because no two artists draw exactly the same way so you do have a style it just takes some time to really explore it and help it blossom into what you really want it to become so definitely improving your art can improve your style and you can practice your style alongside doing studies that's kind of what I do I'll draw some stuff I like open up my sketchbook I might practice a bit of anatomy and then I'll practice my style a little bit I kind of practice them at the same time and as one improves the other improves kind of just Anatomy in general improves as you draw more people so if your style is more based on drawing people which I guessing it probably is the more people you draw the more you'll be able to develop your style into something that you want it to be so after you kind of have an idea of what kind of style you want after you looked at a bunch of artists styles and you explored many different styles based on what you saw from those artists and based on what Styles you already know exists like anime and cartoon styles and you like vary and you change up the way you draw each facial feature and come up with different combinations once you kind of find what you like I just recommend like filling up a whole page of like trying to to draw the style over and over and over and practice and continue to sketch out slightly different styles until you find the exact one that you want and if you keep trying to draw in the same style eventually it will start to become easier and like second nature and you'll start making very subtle changes to your style as you continue to draw in different styles and eventually it will all kind of boil down to to one single style that you will be able to be more consistent in because you've practiced it so much so try to if you want a consistent style try to be consistent with it and practice a lot and in the beginning it might seem like you can't draw anything in the same style everything everything looks different but honestly the more you this the more your style will start to look more consistent and I have definitely experienced this over the last year of me trying to develop my style and as I will continue to develop my style it's starting to become easier and I'm starting to actually see where I want my art to go which is really exciting because I haven't really seen that in a very long time or maybe not even ever I've never really had my own style before but it's starting to kind of develop and it's all because I've been doing a lot of sketching in my sketchbooks and they don't have to be perfect sketches just quick sketches doodles of trying to figure out your style that is the best way to develop your style and don't expect it to change right away it takes time but all the hard work you put in it will be worth it it might even take a year kind of like it did for me but your style is always constantly developing so it never really stops changing so you can develop your style for for a really long time and you might be satisfied with it for the entire time while your style continues to change each style you liked but it starts to kind of mold into something that you like even more and there's really no limit to how much you can improve and how much your style can develop so just put in the time and eventually you'll find something that you're happy with and then it will start to get even better than that so I hope this video helped you with your style I also have a part one talking about how your style can develop on its own so if you're interested I will link that above thanks for watching if you have any tips about finding your style leave them in the comments because people will definitely find that helpful and I will probably find it helpful too so I hope you enjoyed this and I'll see you in my next video I

36 thoughts on “How to Find Your Art Style

  1. Wow a million views congrats

  2. It's pretty hard to make up my own o.c because i have aphantasia (its where i cant visualize voluntarily)

  3. I sorta wanna draw like sashley and Jaiden animations

  4. My style of art is Disney.
    Everything I draw looks like a Disney character.
    Mickey mouse, Simba…..

    I can't not draw Disney.
    Send help.

  5. When i first began to draw i spent so much time on the face shape that i didn`t realize that the eyes i drew didn't fit on the face mold. Then i began to find that if i just let go i drew better and my style improved .

    (Although i had some help from pinterest)

  6. Everytime I drew something it turns to a cartoon-ish character

    So that means my drawing style is a cartoon(?)

  7. My art style is stick men/ Women

  8. Take a shot for every time she says stile
    You'll die

  9. OKAY so, I am the class artist UwU and people love it when I express my feelings through drawings. I love expressing my feelings through drawings. BUT I’ve been so busy with studies and homework, it feels like all my teachers are up on a ladder dropping heavy books over me. And I lost MEH STYLE I’VE BEEN AWAY FROM MY DRAWINGS FOR SO LONG!! And I wanted to start new that includes brakes and I’ve always wanted to make a animation and post it. BUT AGAIN HOMEWORK, STUDIES AND AFTER SPORTS ACTIVITIES ARE WAYING ME DOWN. It’s 3am and I’m spamming

  10. I dont even have an art style i just draw different art style but i think my own style is drawing an stick man with finger….

  11. My problem with my style:
    Art style too cute and cartoony
    Can't do some special effects on them when digital art and looks like it is overdone.
    Now I want a fricken new style 🙁

  12. i've been fond of drawing faces for YEARS now, and i always avoid drawing bodies as much as possible. ive been drawing faces for so long it's really hard to match the style of the face i make with the body i draw for it. it sounds weird but i hope im not alone out there ? 😓

  13. My style is…….my style is………
    I don't have a style yet….my current style is……….
    I don't know

  14. I like anime alot, I enjoy drawing manga but the problem is I can't and I'm better at cartoons ;-;

  15. I have that note book!

  16. This is so relieving. Like I was so worried about having a million styles it’s been like this for years and I’m only now really caring about it. So now I have hope that I can find my style

  17. I like drawing ponies ocs and robotic thimgs like transformers kina thing

  18. My dude………do I sense that ur a lefty?!?! SAME!!! ( if ur not, then I’ll delete this and nobody will speak of this again )

  19. Hello Im pretty much a beginner and could you please tell me how you learned how to draw comic anatomy, face portion, hands, angles and facial expressions please?

  20. I’ve practiced drawing for 7 years yet I still can’t find my art style 😞😞😞😭😭

  21. What should i go for if I've allways been good at anatomy and momentum.
    I'am intrested in animation, should i invest in it?

  22. I copy my idol art style and change it to my own style for example I like my idol drawing but when I copy him/her I was like why does the nose the eye look like that so I change it in the way I like and boom my own art style 🙆 and now my art aren't look like my idol anymore

  23. I started with anime/manga style,it was great,then i leveled up to stick figures……..i have never escaped bad drawing,heeeeelllllpppppppp

  24. I want szin's artsyle

    But after 4 years of trying, ig im stuck on anime-cartoon-chibi :/

  25. Pls help im stuck with the dragon ball style 🙁

  26. here's a tip. don't copy other artists styles exactly, i did that at first but i felt guilty. instead, just draw whatever is on your mind, draw something you can remember from memory. like if your art teacher says "okay class draw a female character the way you would do it" you should be able to remember exactly what to do. I found my art style by watching tons of videos daily and just drawing non stop. my art style is a mix of many people's art styles but it's very unique

  27. I CaNtT

  28. I CaNtT

  29. I CaNtT

  30. I CaNtT

  31. I finally found my painting style, and its expressionism, maybe sometimes abstract expressionism (Maybe not the Jackson Pollock style abstract expressionism tho lol)

  32. i do know how to draw and creating styles to improve my own art style and my own drawings and looking some inspirations,reference and being kind of not happy with what i draw because of what other people say but sometimes i dont care that much to their opinions but just following what i want

  33. I know now to draw but every drawing I do I think it is rubbish so im kinda just stuck :/

  34. Do you guys know my trick how i become good at drawing its easy try to feel whats inside you if your happy you may draw the same happy and good but if your sad and then the drawing may be sad and bad need to feel it and imagine it try to listen to your mind what its saying cause when i was just a child im not good at arts i draw creepyarts till one day i tried to feel whats inside me and i imagine what i want to draw so when i draw in the poster making contest i won cause of it so everytime i draw i want my self in good mood so i could draw well it was said by my father to me when i was a kid he said when im drawing a human try to feel and imagine what i want to draw so now i know what his saying i keep thinking what he means when i was a kid but now i realized what is it and im soo happy for it
    (Plss dont kill me this is how i learn to draw)

  35. This help me a lot.

  36. Y-you're left handed… Oh my gosh 😍 yieeee i'm glad i found another leftie to inspire meeeeee~

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