How to Draw Sunflowers! | DOODLE WITH ME + Tutorial!

How to Draw Sunflowers! | DOODLE WITH ME + Tutorial!

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone, it’s Amanda,
welcome back to my channel. Today I’m coming at you guys
with another doodle tutorial. You guys seemed to really
like the last couple of ones that I did, so I
thought I would sit down and show you guys how to draw sunflowers. As some of you guys may already know, my bullet journal theme
this month was sunflowers and I had so much fun drawing them, they make me so happy, so I thought I would pass on the knowledge to you guys. Even though July is
pretty much almost done and this video might be a little late, I thought you guys
still might want to know how I personally doodle
sunflowers whether it’s for future reference or just
for fun, you guys can doodle along with me while you watch this video. So hopefully you guys find this helpful, but without further
ado, let’s get doodling. All right so as usual
we’re gonna start off by talking about the basics which is the petal shapes of sunflowers. So for my personal method
of drawing sunflowers, again as usual, this is just
how I personally draw them. There’s probably a million different ways and there’s no right or
wrong way to draw obviously. But for me personally,
there are like four or five different main petal
shapes that I like to do, one that is more teardrop
shaped, one that is skewed to the left or the right,
one with a rounded top and then kind of a mix of the both, so it is skewed to the right
or left plus a rounded top. And then you can always
play around with the shapes like make them taller
and skinnier and whatnot. The center of a sunflower is
kind of its distinguishing feature and very iconic,
that’s how you can kind of tell that it’s a sunflower and
not just a yellow flower. So there’s a couple
different ways that I like to fill in the center because
typically it is a lot darker. The method that I used
in my July bullet journal is kind of like filling it in
with a bunch of loopty loops. If you guys don’t know,
I’m actually very impatient with my doodles, I don’t
like to spend a lot of time with them, especially
when I bullet journal. I kind of just want to do
it quick and fun and easy and not really painstakingly hunched over and getting every single detail right. So for me just kind of
doing that loopty loop shape all around until I fill the center works perfectly fine, but
if you do want to be more detailed with it, you can
draw those individual circles. It’s totally up to you. Another way you can fill
in the center is almost like a cross hatched
diamond waffle pattern. You can also use a lot of
dots and illustrative strokes as you can see here, I kind of focus them on the outer edge and bring
them in towards the center. This kind of gives it more of an illustrative realistic feel. And then finally just
leave it completely empty and then color it all
in with a darker color. Moving on to the actual sunflower, let’s put all of those elements together. So, I actually like to
start off with a pencil which is really rare
for me, usually I just kind of wing it with a fine liner, but I find that this really helps. So I’ll draw a center circle which will be the center of the flower,
and then I’ll draw another outer ring around
that center circle. The diameter of the larger circle is triple the center smaller circle. I find that the outer ring helps guide me so that I know that all of my petals are around the same size. So I’ll start off with
the center of my circle, outline it with my fine liner,
fill it in however I want to and then I’ll start drawing random petals. Now this step is pretty important. I like to start off by
scattering random petals around the circle, I don’t
go in order one by one all the way around clockwise or something. I start off by scattering like five or six different petals all the way around that way I can make sure
that the angle of the petals are actually sprouting outwards
in kind of in a starburst pattern, and then also this makes sure that you get a lot of
randomness with the layering of the petals because if
you kind of just start from the top and then
go all the way around, you’ll kind of just start
layering them backwards and it’ll look too put
together if that makes sense. Once I have my main petals down, that’s when I go back in and start putting petals behind the main petals, in front of the main
petals, filling them in using all of the various
different petal shapes, switching back and forth
between the rounded ones, the pointy ones, just however
my little heart desires. And then once you fill
all of the petals in that’s when I start to
color everything in. So for my July bullet
journal cover, I actually use multiple different yellows,
and I thought this helped give the sunflower that golden look. So I start off with a paler yellow, then I go in with a more normal yellow and then I’ll go in with a
golden almost orange color. By the way I’m gonna be
linking all of the markers and colors that I’m using
in the description box below in case you’re curious. But once I have the
flat yellow colors down, that’s when I’ll go in with
my darker yellow ochre color. It’s almost like a golden dark brown, but still more on the lighter yellow side. I don’t even know how to describe colors. But I’ll use this to
stroke from the center of the flower kind of
midway into the petal and I really flick my
wrist so that it fades off into the end and that just gives it a little bit more depth, it looks like the flower petals are bending inwards and it kind of brings everything together. So that’s the actual flower portion, and then of course I always
like to add in a stem. I like to draw the stems curved because in my head sunflowers always
are facing towards the sun or they’re always like very photogenic and facing towards the
camera of any picture. And then I’ll throw in
some leaves as well. The leaves tend to be a bit
loose and droopy almost. But I don’t really focus
on the leaves a lot. In terms of my actual
July bullet journal cover, when you’re adding multiple sunflowers that’s when doing the pencil
guidelines really helps because I’ll always start
marking off the circles so that I can picture where
the sunflowers will go and where the leaves will
overlap and all of that. You can actually see that I’m also drawing sunflowers that are from a side angle, and in order to do that I kind of squish the guidelines into an oval,
so there is a smaller oval and then again a larger oval around it and then I’ll fill in
the petals the same way except some of the petals
are gonna be shorter because you have to fit in
within those guidelines. I hope this makes sense. In order to give it that
perspective of a sideways flower I’ll also skew some of the petals so that they are wider and it
kind of makes it look like the perspective is coming at you. It’s really hard to describe. Hopefully you can kind of see
what I’m doing in the picture. It’s just trial and
error and playing around with the different petal shapes. By the way, I accidentally
used the wrong green for this illustration and
it ended up looking too dark and very bad so ignore that and picture the green that was used
in the previous flower. So that’s how I’ve been drawing
my sunflowers this month. But I wanted to show you guys
a couple different options and different styles that
you can draw sunflowers in just because there’s
so many different ways and just wanted to give
you guys some ideas. So if you want a very clean, bold look, I would try making all the petals one shape and very even and uniform. As you can see I’m just sticking with the pointed shape all the way around. Another thing I experimented
with was playing around with drawing lines in
the center of the flower. So, kind of following
the shape of the flower and it looks pretty cool,
almost again, very stylized. The next sunflower style I did was more illustrative and realistic. Same type of deal, all of
the sunflowers I start off with the guidelines and the
center and then the petals, but with this one I’m not
really focused on making sure that the petals are all uniform. So I’m playing around
with the petal shapes, I’m adding extra strokes onto the petals so that it looks like the
petals are curling upwards, I’m adding little strokes as well and it’s more of a sketchy
sketchbook, like a sketchbook type of feel and it
looks really realistic. Later you’ll see that I
fill it in with watercolor. And I’m not focused on
fully filling in the petals, it’s more just to get the
essence of the sunflower. And I really like the way that this looks. This one I did a larger center
and then smaller petals. And this gives is almost
more child like feel. I feel like it looks like
something you would see in a nursery room or a Kindergarten book, but it’s still pretty cute. Then finally I did one
where I didn’t even use any of the fine liners, it
was just all watercolor. This was also really, really
fun because I started off with the yellow petals kind
of in a starburst pattern and then I went in with the brown and since the yellow
was still a little wet, the brown kind of bled into
a natural starburst pattern. So it looked like petals,
like the natural lines of a petal, which I
thought was really cool. All right guys, so
that’s it for this video. I hope you enjoyed. You guys should all be pros
at drawing sunflowers by now. I’ve already been seeing a lot of you guys doodle sunflowers, but I
can’t wait to see more. If you enjoyed this video
and want to see more from me you can go over to my
Instagram @amandarachdoodles. I do a lot of doodles
obviously, but we also do live streams over there, some videos, it’s a fun time so go check that out. But, other than that, I
think I’m gonna sign off now, so keep doodling and I’ll
talk to you in my next video. Bye everyone. (upbeat music)

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