HOW-TO DRAW SOMETHING (when you can’t think of anything) | The Process of Finding Ideas

HOW-TO DRAW SOMETHING (when you can’t think of anything) | The Process of Finding Ideas

so… you don’t know what to draw? let’s fix that ♪ one of the most common questions I get is “how do you decide what to draw?”
and to. be. honest. I’m usually not drawing and then I just think of something that
I want to draw and then I have to sit down and draw it- other times I just pick
up a pencil and art kind of just happens and then the third way that I decide
what to draw is I see an art supply that I just have to use!!! as soon as I see the
art supply I think of what I want to draw with it like it just instantly
inspires me and then I draw something but there’s also times where none of
those things work [clap, clap] like today it’s just me, a pencil, and a blank page. so let’s
try a few things and see if we can fill this with some sketches that aren’t just
trees with the little hole in the trunk you know what I’m talking about I’ve done a lot of videos about like using different apps and like outside
sources to kind of come up with what you draw but sometimes you don’t have access
to that so let’s try and fill these pages without any of that fancy stuff so
what I’m going to do first is just draw the very first thing that comes to mind
it can be a simple shape, it can be a food, it can be a color — well maybe it
can’t be a color but you know what we’re gonna make it work and the first thing
that I’m thinking of oh geez [thought sounds] [thinking sounds] stripes!!! so let’s start off in this top
left corner so we leave space if we come up with something really creative but
let’s see how how many different ways can you draw stripes? you got something
like this and then it looks like music you can draw diagonal stripes that are
like inside a box maybe you can have a t-shirt with stripes you can even draw a
person who wears stripes like that so you can kind of see how a simple idea
can slowly transform into something new just based on how you associate each
thing so like if I were to take stripes and then also add say….. I don’t know ‘cheeseburger’ is the next word that’s coming to mind so like if I draw some
cheeseburgers you can try to somehow incorporate
stripes or something else to our cheeseburger sometimes like fast food
can be served in that like that a paper napkin what is that? no it’s sort of waxy?
it’s like parchment paper or something? you have like a basket of some kind and
then inside it you’ve got that like paper thing and then inside that you’ve
got your burger and your french fries and this can be striped — I think the
hardest thing about coming up with what you want to draw is that there’s just so
many unlimited possibilities it’s hard to narrow it down you know and that can
be kind of daunting and also just overwhelming and then your brain just
like blanks out so that’s why I like to simplify it sort of like this
we still haven’t come up with an idea that I really want to go with yet but
we’re starting to see how look look look look at this progress this used to all
be empty!! hehe let’s kind of mix some of these things together here maybe draw a
character cuz those are my favorite things to draw and maybe this character
works at a fast food joint so maybe their hands going back this way then
they’ve got that tray of food behind their head Oh have you ever been to one
of those restaurants where the waiters have like outfits that they have to wear –
the place coming to mind for me is Frankenmuth and they serve fried chicken
– they have to wear this like-what you would call it? is it retro? vintage? I don’t know
but there’s like skirts and puffy sleeves and aprons and when I was kid I
always wanted to work there just because the outfits so like they have let’s see
if I can kind of draw this from memory since the goal today is to kind of not
use the internet they’re kind of dressed like maids honestly so it’s like an
anime cafe but Western..? there’s a big poofy sleeves some food on this tray
maybe even some drinks although I don’t think that would be considered very
smart I feel like they actually had stripes add some tone here – I don’t know if they wear
these hat things they wear something on their head… do they wear like a little
cloth over their bun or something? they got their apron and inside that
they’ve got some pens – I kind of really like this pose though with the tray
behind her head even though this sketch could use a little more work especially
if you’re drawing in your sketchbook don’t be afraid to just experiment and
fill the page with whatever – my favorite sketchbooks to flip through are the ones where
you can kind of see someone’s thought process but I guess that’s just kind of
a personal preference but don’t let perfection stop you from trying let’s
try to draw a full body one over here I feel like there’s space to
draw a big poofy skirt – let’s draw head maybe figure out where the body is some leg-ys maybe this leg is like pointy toed maybe just maybe we’ll draw
it with this arm not sure what the collars look like – they got a little foot
down there I have like I feel like there were funny shoes but they might also
just wear normal shoes because they need to be comfortable I really can’t
remember it’s been a while okay I’m gonna try this bun thing looks like an
ice cream!! hmm !!!!!!
[idea unlocked] okay so maybe she works at like a shop that sells ice cream and
Hamburgers so maybe her outfit will be ice cream
inspired! feel like that kind of fits the stripeys doesn’t it? so maybe she’ll have
a second scoop on her head heheh its so funny this one’s gonna be mint chocolate chip
on the bottom and maybe the top one will be strawberry that makes me kind of want
to give her a visor like they wear at Dairy Queen but she obviously doesn’t
work at Dairy Queen this is a bit of a more unique establishment let’s give it
more that like 1950s diner collar like they wore in that show Roswell I don’t know why thats the first things that came to mind I don’t know how many y’all seen
that…? not the new one the old one I don’t know what’s going on in the new one, I have not really looked at that so how could I make these sleeves more ice
creamy? I also want the stripes stripes is what brought us here I’m not ready to
let those go I think those are too big you wouldn’t really be able to work in
that — on her tray she can have this little ice creams the cherries on top yeah I think I’m gonna shrink the sleeves a little maybe she’s got a
little maybe she’s got a little pin of a burger oh she needs a nametag if she’s working doesn’t she? maybe I should replace that maybe the nametag it’s got that and then like
there’s the logo and the name of the place: Ice Cream….
Dream? I’m sure that’s already been done or maybe just the Ice Dream! (seems lame) okay but well then maybe this has more of a retro shape to
it that like retro future and then that has her name her name is……. L-Lisa! mm-hmm
again we’re just we’re running with what’s ever on the top of my head
there’s no wrong answers here yeah that’s a wonderful hand isn’t it? perfect maybe it’s like a a moon with a scoop ice cream on it mmm ice cream (don’t love
ice cream as much as I used to) there we have our name tag, the main
thing when you’re filling a sketchbook is just to draw what you want to draw
and because it’s your place for art right and I think definitely I had this
problem growing up so I’m sure someone has to I can’t be the only one (I mean
it’s possible) but I tried to draw like my bestest drawing like one drawing
right in the middle of each page of a sketchbook and I like really really
tried to make it perfect and if it didn’t look perfect I try to erase it
and then you end up with like a big crinkly piece of paper that nothing
looks good on and you feel really really bad about yourself and then you don’t
draw for a month the way I like to tackle this now that I’m older and wiser mm-hmm is by filling the page with so many sketches that it’s hard to see the
bad ones you know? I really like the idea of her wearing like pretty normal
sneakers with this kind of odd uniform and if you like realize that’s something
your drawing is not what you want to draw guess what?
look at all these pages you still got just move along! and once I find
something that I like maybe we’ll throw some markers on the finished version she’s got a normal t-shirt maybe like an old a band shirt on underneath it, a graphic tee. what if the moon is a scoop?! is that possible? shoot I
don’t really know what those look like I’m gonna add more stripes , I feel
like it’s a little plain don’t forgot a little pocket okay now
I’ve got a pretty decent idea of what the outfits gonna look like – I might
change it up a little bit for the finished drawing but I kind of want to
work a little bit more on the character design cuz right now the clothes are
definitely wearing her and maybe I want her to show through a little bit more so
why don’t we give her personality let’s work on her face that’s usually where
most of the personality is isn’t it oh you know what I have this like idea
about kids that work at a certain location I feel like this would be a
great this is just brainstorming and like kind of bringing in some world
building that I have already put the effort into but I have a character who I
think it’ll be hilarious if this was her first job before she got the job from
the story that I kind of have in my head and her name is Vanessa that’s close to
Lisa isn’t it? she also has purple hair which is fun and she’s never in a good mood but I
feel like every character named Vanessa in TV shows is kind of like that maybe I
should rethink her name but she has a rounder face then that – that’s too chiseled she’s also only 4’11 she’s a little shorty I love her some nice makeup, dark lips oh yeah there she is. very straight hair ice cream bun Oh Nessa what am i doing to you? you hate this you hate this it kind of looks a little bit like vanellope von schweetz
with this ice cream on her head she went from this to this if this before her
job it’d be really funny if like her parents owned this restaurant or
something and they like “unless you find another job you’re working here” and she
didn’t find another job yet ooo maybe it’s a little big on her, not only does
the style not suit her but the size is wrong which I feel like just furthers
that idea that she doesn’t belong here so it would be like a little extra built
up on the top because she’s all still tying it at her waist or we could put
it lower but I’m not sure how I would draw ithat then her band t-shirt
let’s see let’s try this again here something’s not really working let me simplify the
character design she had a pretty small chin if I remember this just doesn’t
suit her at all I think it’s too much of a juxtaposition but you see what I mean when I say if something you’re not if it’s not turning
out the way you want and whatever you’re trying to fix it doesn’t seem to be working you
just move over to another blank space you know and that way if you do see it
and you kind of been inspired to fix it you can come back – if you erase it you
don’t really have that option just shrank it a little bit more and I
like it even more which I can change that to ‘wherever’ [reading:]
“welcome to wherever. what do
you want to eat?” so here’s what we have so far why don’t I try -gonna grab
a col-erase colored pencil with the hopes of maybe using marker and coloring our
idea so let’s make sure we do a full-body shot because that’s kind of
what I’m feeling I wanted to kind of have her personality but I also really
liked that pose with the food on the shoulder in the tray let’s see how I can
kind of like take her demeanor but like maintain some of that pose that I like –
let’s see so we got the tray, got a head here, so she’s just like see how the arms
are opened and the body is kind of loose I feel like that’s more inviting than a
super stiff looking character – where we want them face before we had too many
details got our ice cream bun maybe she’s slouching a little slouching
forward but then her hips are kind of like this way maybe stuff is spilling
off of the tray behind her I think I’m gonna keep the poufy skirt Shh no I’ve
always drawn her in platform shoes so not gonna change that now the reason I like to use a col-erase pencil when I’m doing markers especially
a pink one is: one, because you can kind of erase most of your mistakes like it
doesn’t erase completely but erases more than like like a Crayola colored
pencil and I love the way the pink looks underneath markers let’s put this hand
in this pocket maybe maybe she’s wearing tights but then she’s also wearing socks
over top of them I think I’m gonna add sprinkles or something to the uniform now I don’t really have enough space in the shirt here to really show anything
super obvious so I’m gonna go a little bit typical here and just make it a
skull so you know that’s what she’s more interested in I feel like that’s not
very unique but I feel like it helps tell the story I’m trying to tell here
now looking up at the camera I see she’s kind of little off balance here so why
don’t we try moving this leg in a bit so more in front of her like this cuz I
don’t want to spread them any further apart so that works see more balance now? maybe and then maybe her tights have a little rips in them I don’t know I don’t
think I’ve ever drawn Vanessa in like her normal clothes cuz her other job
also has a uniform she kind of just looks like an
annoyed Tinkerbell and that’s why she never wears her hair up I guess those
eyes got huge what happened? well there’s a face what if the aprons a little
lopsided here and tied a little awkward and lower falling ice cream! here you go
something like this going to erase just a smidge just
rolling my kneaded eraser on it just to lift a little bit of pigment so
I can start putting the liner maybe on top and clean this a little good job
Beluga alright let’s finish drawing this grumpy Tinkerbell oh I gave that a
little too much breeze that’s cute just like her maybe some
flying bits here for stripes and everything I think I’m going to actually
use the colour all right let me grab my markers okay so the one thing I know is
that her hair is purple got a little something to test the colors and we
can even tape this in here so it’s like a fun little… I don’t know… flap? let’s see
which color do I want to be her hair that’s the one thing I know I want even
throw a little purple down here we can go over that with another color to layer
it — I’m seeing an ice blue kind of color for the skirt not sure we wanted
something stripey and I was kind of picturing these two kind of colors it’s
not a whole lot of contrast now let me get a different Brown maybe I feel like
that’s the same color her shoes would be I’m not being very careful about staying
in the lines, with the heck? let me try something different what about like a
bright blue for the dress I did want it to be striped so maybe this and like
another blue keep it a little bit more neutral you know that might work let’s
try that so I’m gonna fill the whole thing in with ice mint and then we can
add the stripes over top of that on the second layer to kind of even that out okay and then we can go to Jasper and add in some stripes I might have to do another layer of
Jasper to darken that up make it more obvious though I was kind of thinking I
wanted the apron to be pink it’s a little desaturated – I was
thinking brighter then that maybe sardonyx ooh yeah that seems a little
bit more ice creamy to me I don’t know this is what I’m thinking try that for the apron yeah I’ll see the same thing for all the things we
colored in blue her skin she has a very very very light skin tone probably
almost white [swatches Ivory] and that is not it kind of make sense like blue moon might be their
specialty ice cream and our color scheme maybe even some blue shakes oh we
need some cherry color in these cherries go over them a couple times with the
same color instead of bringing in a new color cuz I kind of want to limit my
color palette to hopefully make the overall you know drawing a little bit
maybe try layering it with this purple but it’s a whole new color without
venturing too far away from what we already have and then girls I try and
use this purple for shading wherever it wants to work is fine with
me shade under the tray I’ll see if I can make them look more like glasses
it’s tricky can’t say I’ve spent a lot of time drawing transparent objects now
might be something to add to the to-do list let me grab a white gel pen add a
little something here and there her ears are so tiny and kind of cute
and this gel pen you can actually let it dry and use Copic markers on top of it
which I kind of like so I let those dry and then maybe paint some of them pink and
some of them blue? while I’m waiting for that to dry, I’m gonna draw something else in
this empty space I’m having a hard time staying in the size of the sprinkle and
I end up painting on the outside of it which isn’t that pretty of a look looking back I kind of like these I like the shape of these glasses that’s why
it’s always nice to like look back at your progress and
see and pinpoint what you like the best and then you can use that further on
down the road — I wish you all luck with your own art and hope maybe that that “I
don’t know what to draw” feeling won’t be so scary in the future hopefully maybe
some of these tips were a little bit helpful in some way and the next time
you really don’t know what to draw you can still find a way to draw something
and maybe it’s not as scary as it can sometimes feel – thank you guys for
watching I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening
full of waffles BYE! ♪

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