How to Draw Buildings in Perspective: A Street in Edinburgh

How to Draw Buildings in Perspective: A Street in Edinburgh

Hi, Tom here with this week’s Circle Line Art School video, I’ll show you one way to draw a city road in perspective, for this drawing draw a horizontal line first across the middle of your page, next we can draw two vertical lines for the corner of a building in the foreground on the right, next, if we draw a cross on the far left, this cross meet our vanishing point and parallel lines that are going towards that direction will look as if they meet, if they went all the way to the vanishing point, and we can use this to draw two lines for the top and bottom of the doorway, next we can make our vertical lines into double lines, next we can add one more parallel line for the top of the door, now this horizontal line will be a diagonal line going towards the vanishing point, because we’re looking at it from an angle in perspective, we can add a curve, a semicircle, for the top of the archway for our door, next if we draw a second vanishing point on the right that will make this drawing into a two point perspective drawing rather than the one-point perspective drawing, meaning we’re looking left and right at the building’s rather than just left, we can use this second vanishing point to find the sides of the doorway step in front of the doorway, we can also add at this stage a thickness to the arch on the left, now we’re going to see the thickness on the left because that’s the way that we’re looking, that’s the direction of our view and to get the shape of it we just need to repeat the side of the arch that we’ve already drawn, now the sides of the step are parallel and they will look as if they meet at our vanishing point, if these lines were to continue all the way to the horizon, I’ll make this corner of the building taller just by extending these two, the first two vertical lines, that we drew for the right-hand side of this building in the foreground we’re looking straight on at the right-hand side in parallel lines the horizontal parallel lines won’t be in perspective because we’re looking straight at the wall, it’s not at an angle to us, it’s straight on at us, once the basic shape of this first building are in place we can next add some details, for the left-hand side of the building which is in perspective, going to the left-hand vanishing point, we can use the vanishing point to find all of the top and bottom horizontal lines for any windows that we need, but all the vertical lines will stay vertical and parallel to the vertical line of the edge of the paper that we’re drawing on, so next we can add some windows and draw some of the details of this sandstone building, based on the roads in the old town of Edinburgh, next we can draw a sweeping curve for the curve of a road, now this road is going downhill, and it’s curving so we just need to draw a natural curve that gets narrower as it goes towards the vanishing point and gets wider as it comes towards us, we could also add more curves for either side of the edge of the pavement of the road, the next step in this drawing is to add a variety of tall thin buildings, the vertical sides of all of the buildings should be parallel to the vertical sides of the paper that you’re drawing on, because although these buildings are on a hill which is going down, the vertical sides of them will stay upright, we can also draw a variety of different roofs and chimneys for the tops of the buildings, this drawing is based on some of the streets in Edinburgh Old Town, Edinburgh has some wonderful architecture, a great variety of inventive buildings and in the old town it’s on a hill so we’re always looking down or looking up at these very tall buildings which are quite compact and they have different sort of shapes at the top of them and different windows within them as well, thank you very much for watching this video, please join Circle Line Art School to learn more, please subscribe to Circle line Art School to keep up to date with all of the videos that I make, thanks very much for watching and see you next time!

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