How to Draw a Rose Step by Step Flower Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw a Rose Step by Step Flower Drawing Tutorial

99 thoughts on “How to Draw a Rose Step by Step Flower Drawing Tutorial

  1. Hi Merrill;Could you please draw roses in a group,like in a corner arrangement. I appreciate your drawing and have been following you for a little while now.I have some ideas for using drawing of flower arrangements,and can't think of anyone else but you to teach it,Thank you very much,if you don't have the time or schedule for this I still appreciate your teachings.OH P.S. If you do this drawing can you just do it in pencil?????Thanx so much….

  2. Draring?

  3. Check out my drawing of a rose and see if you like it How to draw a rose? (#3)

  4. Brilliant tutorial, thanks.  I couldn't see what pencils you were using there – they look quite soft and seem to cover like pastel. What are they?

  5. Wow. Very nice tutorial and very understandable. Thank you for posting this. 

  6. Coool 🙂

  7. sure that was sooo easy that gonna take me thousand years to learn it , any how your draw is amazing , thanks 

  8. omg!! that looks like a picture of a real rose!!! 🙂 u r so talented!!

  9. I'm 9 and I did that you are a merical worker

  10. It is very good ,but it is going too fast i cant catch

  11. very healpful vedio

  12. This is an excellent video tutorial on how to draw & color a rose. I'm Sharing this on Google+ !  This is just like tattooing. Note the outlining, then he placed colors in. Of course in tattooing you could have done a base in black & grey & then added color. That would give you your tones. Or placed the colors in directly as he did in the drawing. Either way.

    Since Roses are a popular Choice for tattoos, I'm advising everyone to watch this video. Good techniques.

    Take Care, Bill Kearney 🙂

  13. Drawring? "Drawing" sounds American but uses the word drawering like the english?

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  15. Wow, Amazing !

  16. cool

  17. U are so awesome i just got my prisma and its kinda hard to learn to shade but u help 🙂
    thx !

  18. I love your drawings! I draw too, please check them out, thanks! 🙂 Please Subscribe! My Drawings and Paintings

  19. on instagram

  20. Please do your videos where you actually show us YOU drawing it, we can't really understand it unless we see how it's done, like Mark Crilley

  21. How to do a gun?

  22. Amazing.

  23. good

  24. nice

  25. Those roses at the beginning DO NOT look like they were drawn by coloured pencils! That's so cool! 🙂

  26. amazing. Can you please make a tutorial on how to draw a portrait with coloured pencils? Im having trouble with the skin tones. Thanks 🙂 

  27. I want to try those pencils

  28. Appreciate your video. At 3:30 you said you will list each color name in upper right as you apply it. I don't see any color names appear. Did I misunderstand? I did see your color lists at 8:23.

  29. I love your do udders singing

  30. Your not helping :-[

  31. Hey this really helps!
    Thank you!

  32. Hey this really helps!
    Thank you!

  33. Amazing , ive subscribed and liked
    I might do a flower drawing thanks to you
    And can u have a look at my channel would appreciate
    Even sub

  34. Hey Merrill I was wanting to ask you something.  I have been hearing a lot that prismacolor pencils are not what they used to be and a lot of artist are changing.  I was wanting to know what you think on that matter and if you would change what you brand would be.

  35. I think this is one of top videos on You Tube……

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  40. Very good. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Thank you Soo Soo much for your video now I can draw rose

  42. Nice

  43. It's awsome,I love it.

  44. Thanks really great tutorial

  45. perfect

  46. The blending stumps I have unfortunately haven't been very successful in blending colored pencils. They will only work effectively when blending regular graphite pencil :/

  47.  I  love   you   draw

  48. This is awesome 👌

  49. Brilliant!

  50. That fucking microphone doe

  51. I absolutely love how you went step by step instead of just going through it real quick which is what I find that a lot of artists do on here. And you're so good! Looking forward to watching more of you're videos, & just SUBSCRIBED (-:

  52. What kind of color pencils do you prefer? Or which do you think a beginner like me should be using? I'm still learning A LOT of different art techniques and specific supplies and colors and I just love art and even love spending money on art supplies! I'm a freshman in high school and am in Art 1, so I still have a lot to learn… Can you give me a few pointers as far as supplies goes? What do you recommend I buy?

  53. What type of these colors and its name ؟؟

  54. Thanks my first rose and you were very helpful. Just started colour pencil drawing and loving it.

  55. so you use a blending stump and not a colorless blending pencil?

  56. There's no art lesson here. The written narration is all that can be seen. Too bad. It seems like a good lesson is going on.

  57. wtf you sound like a robot so creepy O-O

  58. Booooo

  59. This would be a good tutorial if it wasn't done so damn fast

  60. how do you get smooth texture of the paint with color pencil..cos when i do it I don't get smooth texture…do you some kinda blender or oil while painting

  61. omg

  62. chroma? when you know you should tell….you really are moving too fast…not good…for beginners……slower would be better,,,,,,

  63. Thank you for share , I like drawing so much .

  64. thanks so much it encourages me

  65. uhm.. magenta is like violet, how come it looks color red. Anyway, it's hard to find colors I only have 30 colors of Faber-Castell. This still life of yours is quite cool, though it's a simple project to me I can't handle big drawings that's why I chose rose. It's very helpful. Why am I into drawing in the first place :/

  66. Lol!You said you were the best person in the world but your actually not! >:( 😡

  67. this is insane, so good!

  68. Nice one and happy rose day😃

  69. bro its awesome I love it and I also tried it but couldn't make it up
    you are awesome
    can you show me more simple way to do it ?

  70. I can't find the reference photo! I clicked all the links and it's nowhere! Please help 😊

  71. Way to fast!! 😕

  72. love the drawing

  73. not to be mean but not helpful at all

  74. 2:17 " step seven, same rule applies with step seven" XD

  75. oh my goodness. It is very fast.

  76. Thanks for showing.

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  79. Looks like the real rose, well done.

  80. NICE!

  81. In the drawing you missed a bit

  82. I can't the link to get the reference material

  83. gud

  84. How to draw Harley Quinn

  85. Perfect sir! Thank you!!!

  86. Thanks for sharing, very artistic.👌

  87. This was an amazing tutorial, and I thank you for it. There is so much knowledge and study packed into your simple presentation. Again, thank you!

  88. real colour

  89. what's the brand of your color pencils?

  90. Super…….

  91. love it

  92. so real

  93. So beautiful

  94. Beautiful video

  95. Nice not hai this is very bad

  96. Nice done

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  98. How many colors did u use total tell me details..???

  99. fantastic

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