How to Draw a Room in 1-Point Perspective for Beginners

How to Draw a Room in 1-Point Perspective for Beginners

Hi, Tom here and welcome to my new
Circle Line Art School video: How to Draw a Room in One Point Perspective for
Beginners, in one point perspective two parallel
lines, which are going towards the vanishing point, will look like, if they
continued they would actually meet exactly at the vanishing point and the vanishing
point is always on the horizon line, the first step is to draw a horizontal
line slightly above the middle of your page, next draw a cross at the center of
this line, this cross is the vanishing point and the line is the horizon line
the vanishing point must be on this horizontal line and as the drawing is in
one point perspective we need just the one vanishing point which is our cross,
now we can draw a rectangle for the back wall of our room, draw the rectangle in the center of your
page with the horizon line going through it and the vanishing point in its center, next to draw the sides of the wall
of our room, all we need to do is draw four lines from the vanishing point, now each
line needs to go past one of the corners of our rectangle which is the back wall
of our room, you could use ruler for these straight lines if you wish, so now it’s a bit like looking into a
box, next we can draw a line from the vanishing point to the left, to the left
side of the paper, this new line going towards the left
will help us find the top of a door, now we can draw two vertical lines from this
new diagonal line, and now we have a door in one point perspective,
next we can draw two more lines from the vanishing point coming towards us, these
will help us find the side of a table now we just need to draw two horizontal
lines parallel to the other horizontal lines in the drawing, to make the top of
the table in one point perspective next we can draw the two table legs at
the front of the table first, just two straight vertical lines of equal length, now we can add two more vertical lines
from the back corners of the table for the two back legs, so now we’ve got a
table with four legs, we can now erase some of the dark lines
that we no longer need in this drawing and add some details to the table, we can
draw a second horizontal line at the front edge to give the tabletop a
thickness, we can double up the vertical lines at the front the front, the front table legs, to make them look more solid, as the vanishing point is in the middle of the
table, the tables in the middle of the vanishing point, will be able to see the
sides of the left table leg on the side of the right table leg and the bottom of
each of the table legs this bottom side of each of the table legs will go as a
diagonal line all the way to our vanishing point, we can repeat this
process for the back legs of the table, again the base of the legs will go
towards our vanishing point and this baseline, this diagonal line is going to the
vanishing point and will also go forwards, towards the front table legs too, so
it’ll be one line; now we have a room, a door and a table in one point
perspective, next we can add some evenly spaced marks at the base of the back of
the wall, at this rectangle at the back of the drawing, and then we need a series of lines which
originate, which start, from the vanishing point and go past each of these spaced
marks and we can draw them coming towards us, and these will be floorboards now we can
lines from our vanishing point going towards the right side of the paper,
these will show us the top and the bottom lines of a window in perspective,
in one point perspective, next we just need to draw two vertical lines between
these two diagonal lines, but the side thickness of the wall of the room, these
two short horizontal lines will just be horizontal, they won’t be in perspective
because we’re looking straight at them, in the same way that we’re looking
straight at the back of the room, which is, just stays as a rectangle, the only
lines which are distorted are lines that going away from us, next we could add a door handle to the
door, it is now time to raise some of the
lines that we no longer need on the back wall of our room, we could add a big
window on the wall we just need to draw a rectangle for
this, but we can use the vanishing point again, as our window that I’ve drawn is
in the center and the vanishing points in the middle of the window, more or less, so
we can draw lines to work out the thickness at the corners of the windows,
the thickness of the wall of the room, so again it’s the same process that we used
for the drawing at the beginning, the basic shape of the room at the beginning,
we just need to draw a diagonal line from each of the corners of the
rectangle and then we need to draw another rectangle within that and that
will create the thickness of the wall next we could add a straight vertical line
from the ceiling, a short straight vertical line from the ceiling, and then
draw a light shade and light bulb, the base of the light shade will just be a
small ellipse, a squashed circle, a circle seen in perspective and then just put
two lines to make it a triangle at the top and a little semicircle inside it to
make it a simple light, for the next step, so we’ll add some more details to this
drawing and then I’ll add some simple shadows too… I post a new drawing every Saturday
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perspective video right now thank you for watching and see you next time!

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