How obsessive artists colorize old photos

How obsessive artists colorize old photos

23 thoughts on “How obsessive artists colorize old photos

  1. You can find more photos on the artists' pages. Check them out:

    Jordan Lloyd (@jordanjlloydhq):
    Mads Madsen (@Madsmadsench):
    Marina Amaral (@marinamaral2):
    Dana Keller (@HistoryInColor):
    Patty Allison (@imbuedwithhues):

    The Paper Time Machine:

  2. I was always wondering about this.

  3. Prefer them as original. Many B/W photographers used light to show the brutality which colour removes.

  4. 3:00 oh hey it’s that bird

  5. I always wondered how they got the colors accurate. Like you cant just know what color everything is 😂

  6. Finally a vox video that is entertaining and not neo-marxist leftist political indoctrination.

  7. the colorization process and their hard work is awesome

  8. I think that realistic colorization brings history closer, makes the people more relatable. The black and white seems to separate them from other 'real' people in my mind, dehumanizes them even though it is a beautiful medium. The emotional impact of seeing people colorized is actually a bit shocking for me. Intellectually I know that these are human beings with thoughts and feelings, but a black and white picture of a little boy pulls my heartstrings less than one colorized. What a weird thing to find out about yourself. God forbid I go color blind. Would I lose empathy? I hope not.

  9. Great piece.

  10. Everytime they use this narrator, i cant get it out of my head that he sounds vaguely like chris evans

  11. As a historian who's really fascinated in the modern era (since 1800), colourised photos are one of my favourite things.
    I still can't believe how these people do it

  12. That's is sooooo freaking cool! I want their job!

  13. 1:39 I'm really not used to see him so young

  14. a month?! wich picture DUDE!!!???

  15. VOX —> Arriba Españññaaaaa

  16. Imagine doing this for fun and then being called “obsessive”

  17. I would die happy if I worked for Vox <3

  18. it´s like give more life to a fact

  19. The criticism of this is weird. It's not like they're altering the original–they're working with a digital copy. There's a ton of research put into this but it's subjective like any other restoration work; someone else could work on the same photograph and come up with something very different, because sometimes it's impossible to know what color something was or what the light was really like. That's what's fun about it! It's an art in itself and it does nothing to harm or devalue the original photo, but it can make it more vivid and real for us to look at.

  20. 1:32 that ship showed up on Wiki Leaks! But nobody knows why(?).

  21. The world war photos really hit me like, I try my best to imagine what it was like to live in those days but with these pictures thats so much easier to kind of imagine

  22. Omg….I fell so good…seeing this

  23. but can you turn a colorized photo to black and white?????

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