How Hollywood Stunt Performers Get In Shape

How Hollywood Stunt Performers Get In Shape

this is something I feel like I've always wanted to try but I've never found a studio to try that and like I didn't know the safe ways to really go about trying all these moves but you see it in the movies and you get to try it out and I'm really excited to be a little superhero today I started gymnastics when I was four years old so I'd always been flipping and jumping off of things and falling off of things on purpose it just seemed like a very natural progression so I started choreographing fights for local productions for stage and student films and local films like that so it's always been my passion I got a call one day to train actors on a tiny little film called The Matrix which I heard did okay but I trained especially Laurence Fishburne and a little bit of Keanu and kerri-anne and that's when I really started integrating the Chinese style of wire work with the martial arts that I was already doing and that's been my specialty ever since [Applause] Oh like nice outing these math I know yeah one more time it's a lot of fun I'm ready to twirl ready to flip ready to kick somebody in the face professional stunt performers come to me for either brush-up of their training or to learn new skills but also I've worked with actors who don't have a lot of background but more and more actors are being called upon to do some of their own stunts a lot of their own fights some of their own wire work because the movie business has morphed into much more action when I first came I was a little intimidated but I was more excited I definitely feel more comfortable in the harness now and it's a little weird positioning your body and feeling your weight out on the wires because each harness is different I'm just taking acting classes and stunt classes and trying to learn as much as I can so that I can be my best we're breaking actually through a real drywall wall that we've built here which is exactly what we would do on a real movie set they've seen builders would build the wall for us and we would score it in the right ways so that it breaks more easily and then we put those stunt performers through it with the wires I really get nervous I just get excited I might get pumped up and then like after it's done

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  2. How old do you have to be to do that? I would love to! And where are you located?

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  6. Basically you’re hanging from a giant diaper that allows you to do cool stunts

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  15. Oohh i want to go in there😞

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