How Do You Pronounce L’Occitane? | L’Occitane

How Do You Pronounce L’Occitane? | L’Occitane

100 thoughts on “How Do You Pronounce L’Occitane? | L’Occitane

  1. I read Le Oksitan

  2. The pronunciation guide at the end of the video is not correct. English doesn't have the semi-open "o" sound of the French pronunciation. The closest assimilation would be "lohk-cee-TAHN". Note that the first syllable ends in the hard "k" sound and that the beginning of the second syllable starts with an "s" sound.

  3. Thank goodness for this video!

  4. C'est facil pour moi parce que je peux parler français
    I need to practice my french more often

  5. great marketing

  6. Good to know I've been saying it right.

  7. Locante, in Province. Easy. 😏

  8. lok-see-tan (the ee in see is more staccato in French than in English and the a is a bit harder and longer).

  9. The last guy: low cuntey … in province! 😂😂😂

  10. Lock-see-tan

  11. When i see l’occitane stores,i dont even try to read it on my mind.

  12. I stopped buying their products they’re not cruelty free

  13. I like the dog part.

  14. Low octane is how Iv always said it lol

  15. 👏

  16. Lokkitane se on

  17. Mon parfum préféré de L'Occitane est Eau D'iparie.

  18. French is my first language. But I always mis-pronounce this store's name on purpose. I call "Lock-e-tawny." So, people think I'm stupid!

  19. C'est L'occitane. Tout simplement

  20. yay i got it right

  21. "Loksitan", although "Loksitayn" and "Lokitan" are OK outside France.
    It means a woman who speaks the traditional Catalan-like dialects of southern and western France. Very few do nowadays and those who do are usually over 80. Most people in the regions between Limoges, Perpignan, Bayonne and Marseille speak either French or, round Perpignan, Catalan.

  22. I'll pat my own back for getting this right ..

  23. Loss-e-tan

  24. Roxy Tan

  25. Loxitan

  26. I am glad that I am not the only one who could not pronounce this

  27. how the fuck, u get Locante

  28. ロクシタン

  29. Lactate

  30. The chick said “is the L silent?” 😂😂😂

  31. Wish they take off SLS SLES from their shampoos and body washes. There are substitutes out there less harmful than those.

  32. really love her smile 0:46

  33. anyone whose mother was obsessed with QVC in the 90s will know how to correctly pronounce L'Occitane

  34. Occitan language is spoken in north-western Italy as well

  35. Ça quand même rien à foutre avec la langue occitane

  36. @ 0:47 she's sooooooo beautiful

  37. Expensive. That's how you pronounce it

  38. Voilá L'OCCITANE simples assim !!!!!!

  39. Pronounced: leg- Icu tans! Dummies in America . It’s “ leh- awh- see- tane! There, I dummied it up for you.

  40. "is da L silent?" 😂

  41. 0:46 who is that sweet lady?

  42. My African Sister! We dont have the time to pronounce stuff we cant afford:):):)

  43. Lactating

  44. Lucio Tan

  45. When I started to buy their products I was wondering too

  46. who cares about french right

  47. Kiswahili eh

  48. yeayy am pronounce it right so far

  49. 1:14 Cute grills from Thumbnail.

  50. I always call it “the L apostrophe O something” lol. Even if im going to start pronouncing it right after today, i dont think my family and friends would know which brand I’m talking about..

  51. Just pretend the appostrophe is not there

  52. It’s spelled bullshit!!!

  53. This was a really good way to market themselves.

  54. Uncultured swine!

  55. I stuck the word in Google translate.

  56. I think it’s pronounced Shady Company

  57. L'Occitane is a shit product, do not buy it. They are not an honest company. SHADY company.

  58. You suck.

  59. Look-saaten

  60. I had it right then..

  61. I thought it was la oc i tane

  62. I wish i took french in high schoool but we only had spanish and portuguese as options

  63. The dude with shades and long hair. Hahahaha!

  64. lo ontay……. en provance loooooool

  65. She said it sounds spanish … hahaha

  66. I came here after watching a video from Jen Luvs Reviews.

  67. I asked L’Occitane store employees how to pronounce it – and now I know they didn’t know either (they told me “Le-akee-tain”)

  68. 1:08 #german 🇩🇪❤️

  69. I just came from a video with a girl calling it something like "locks it on". Drove me batty.

  70. Lo-ci-tan

  71. A two minute vid for one word?

  72. the girl at 0:46 – so pretty <3

  73. its like you say Loksitaan = L' OCCITANE

  74. Low Octane? hahahahahahahaha!! Damn Bro1 Damn! haha!

  75. The Haitian calling it locistani

  76. Not helpful showing several people mispronouncing the name before presenting a non-English speaking person pronouncing it.

  77. Ay love you LOCCITAN,,

  78. L Conte. Hahahahaha.

  79. I knew it! Latin langueages speakers are the best 👍

  80. L'Occi-pen-sive

  81. Horrible company. #tellthetruth

  82. Thank you for this. Just became a member and needed to be knowledgable on how to pronounce the name correctly.

  83. high quality products!
    I love them❤
    Tomorrow I'm going to buy two of their perfumes

  84. A mulher da capa do vídeo, a primeira, gente, ela é gata

  85. Lockey Tan. I love their shaving cream, shower gel, soaps and deodorant. Can’t live without em.

  86. I will never buy then after how they treated youtuber Jen luvs reviews

  87. The guy at 1:30 is the long lost brother of T.J Miller

  88. For me it is pronounce…expensive!

  89. Elle ocktain lmao oh well pricey either way

  90. Would some e just for fucks sake pronounce it, for me? Geeeez

  91. The cringe is real guys…

  92. Lol

  93. I pronunce how the litlle girl at 0:37-0.38 minutes of that video.

  94. i have been pronouncing that as "loki-tayn" haha

  95. Locante lolll

  96. I love locitanne

  97. Damn I was close. I pronounced it as Lox-ee-tain

  98. 2:05 LoX Ee Tan

  99. im way familiar with italian so ive been pronouncing it the same way as the girl at 00:37

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