How Deftones Write A Song (In-Depth) l Artists Series S2E4

How Deftones Write A Song (In-Depth) l Artists Series S2E4

I don’t know why I put so much time into researching these episodes. It’s not like I’m a fan or anything What’s up everyone, it’s Friedemann Findeisen from
Holistic Songwriting. Welcome to the Artist Series where we take a close look at some of the biggest rock artists in the world to see how they make us feel a certain way I’m happy to say that today We’re looking at one of my favorite bands the Deftones and I must admit it was difficult writing this episode as there were so many Songs I wanted to discuss so many interesting things that this band does But I’ve tried to rein myself in and make this a great episode regardless whether you’re a fan or not If you’ve been following this channel for a while you will know that before I go into specifics I like to start with the image of the band to give a context for the techniques. Who are they? How are do they? How do they make you feel? What’s their branding? So as an exercise pause this video now and come up with three or four words to describe the emotional palate of this band See you in a bit The four words I came up with are dark, sexual, dreamy and momentary We’ll discuss all of these but let’s start with the latter. A lot of Deftones songs are of a fleeting nature They often don’t tell a lyrical or a musical story They feel like they describe a singular moment more emotional Unlike many other rock bands that take you on a trip on which you find yourself, here you’re tripping and losing yourself In more technical terms We don’t have a strong sense of structure. The different sections Seem to flow into one another and energy shifts are often accomplished by other means than pitch and dynamics That is not to say that there is no structure. In fact, the structuring is one of my favorite things about the Deftones It’s just used in a different way Let’s get right to it and see how this manifests on music starting with “Rocket Skates” What I love about this is that you never really know what’s gonna happen next There are a lot of open threads here with no standard resolution Let’s write down the structure of this to see how it works So we’re starting with a very short intro that begins on the upbeat That combined with the fact that we have a rather rhythmically complex line here Makes it hard to pin down where the downbeat is during those first few seconds But instead of giving us four bars to figure it out, the rest of the band jumps in after only two bars which feels rushed, nervous, angry With the drums the groove becomes much clearer and it’s easy to nod your head along But just as you’ve gotten used to this groove the band throws you another curveball with a quarter note triplet transition Here the first line of the verse starts spread out over three bars this ends in another transition that starts off exactly like the transition before but again, Just as you’re getting used to it It changes things up and surprises you by adding in one more beat briefly turning this into a 5/4 time signature Here we get a different melody along with the different groove This is asking a lot of the listener who just got used to melody one and the groove associated with it All this chaos seems to balance out when we get another transition in 4/4 and Continue with a repetition of the first melody. In our heads we begin to shape an expectation We are used to hearing “AB AB” structuring where we get a set up line A and a corresponding response line B So when we hear melody 1 again, we expect to hear melody 2 after the 5/4 transition but again Surprisingly we’re going straight into the pre-chorus This kind of structuring can be found in a lot of Deftones songs And before we move on I’d like to highlight one more technique that I don’t think I’ve heard anywhere else before So you’re familiar with the concept of a double chorus, right? At the end of a song we give them two choruses typically with ad-libs or solo in the background or Different lyrics or something like that Well, the Deftones use half chorus so they cut their first chorus in half While this would probably be a horrible idea in pop, here this works really well, because it allows the band to stay messy and chaotic. Just a little bit longer before we resolve that tension in the first full chorus. Let’s listen to two songs from “Around the Fur” that do this. I’ll first play you the full chorus and then how they use the half-chorus. Kids, cover your ears. So, the pleasure I get from putting on a Deftones record comes from a kind of listening that is constantly comparing to the default. I love being surprised by music, and The Deftones never disappoint. And while the addiction formula is still very present in the background, they always find a way to twist clichés in unexpected ways. Now as you know, I call his tension between what we hear and what we think we should hear “implied tension”, and this kind of tension can be used in a myriad of ways. For example, we discussed Drake’s use of it where he leaves something out to create an aura of mystery and sexiness But what is the effect we get here when we flip the default on its head? Here the implied tension sounds frantic, breathless, aggressive uncontrolled and yes, sexual. And sex is a big theme in this band. And, for some reason, the only thing people seem to write about in the comment sections under their videos. So let’s talk about it, because it’s not just the lyrics, it’s the music, too. I think it’s a combination of three musicians in this band. First is Chino Moreno and his vocal performances which sound as if he’s about to climax. His signature vocal chain uses a ton of saturation and a bathroom echo chamber, giving him a bathroom-sex-kind-of-vibe. Again, it’s that mix of sexual and dirty. His guitar playing often forms a melodic counterpart to Stephen’s riffs, adding in that dreaminess we talked about earlier. You can always tell which songs are written by Chino by the way he uses chords. Stephen usually plays dark heavy riffs that are often dripping with dissonance, not least because he’s planning eight-string guitars, making his low riffs feel very unstable pitch-wise. And then there’s Abe Cunningham’s drumming who, through his hip-hop grooves, is an unusually light drummer for such a heavy band. His grooves are major part of the physicality of the Deftones sound by that I mean, it’s music that makes you want to move Imagine their songs with a heavy-metal drummer like Lars Ulrich or even a Danny Carey they would lose all their bounce And it’s this triangle this tug-of-war between Abe’s light drumming Stephen’s heavy riffing and Chino’s singing switching back and forth between the two that creates this dark sexuality So let’s look at some of the things these three musicians do starting with Abe Cunningham on drums So far we’ve only talked about the heavy side of the Deftones but they have a slow rock ballad side as well Listen to the way Abe enters the picture on this track and how he creates tensions Did you notice that he doesn’t play the bass drum until the bass comes in? that’s a clever use of imply tension to bridge for otherwise tensionless bars and Abe plays with expectations a lot often going completely against the groove. Check out the ending of “Change in The House of Flies” for an example of this There’s a whole number of things happening here, from switching up the backbeat to going double time in the fill To playing in groups of three Abe keeps us on our toes I think this is particularly interesting as most bands just add more stuff to their last chorus. like a solo in the background or strings, choirs, backing vocals But here in and many other songs the Deftones get away with so little and emotionally this gives me so much more than just adding a bunch of instruments Let’s listen to another example Here Abe plays a halftime groove against the rest of the band which continues in standard time by Leading into it with a very forward three three two when that halftime hits the backbeat feels a delayed tense when I hear this section trying to not long I’m Constantly on edge trying to find the backbeat I’m literally holding my breath which is an enormous accomplishment for what is essentially just a drum groove Let’s move on to guitarist Stephen Carpenter and the dark days surrounding the making of “Saturday Night Wrist” He’s what he said in an interview for “When a picture us doing metal the way I know and believe metal to be, I feel that it’s never going to be that way because Abe is a drummer who never sits and practices double bass and strives to perform on the drum levels that all these bands are performing on. I can’t even consider that style of playing because it just won’t happen and then consider that Chi plays bass with his fingers So he’s not going to keep up with that fast double picking So I’ve got a whole glossary of music that I would love to play but it’s been cancelled out by default Now we’ve all been in that situation and it’s completely normal that band members will have different musical backgrounds And most of the time bands do not overcome their differences and fail But there are plenty of successful bands like the Deftones that have been playing together for decades That still have this internal tug-of-war going on and here it’s an integral part of their sound whether they like it or not Stephen style is very minimalist. He uses a lot of single note riffing and power chords. Sometimes doubling the 5th in the bass his appeal lies in his complex rhythms and dissonant open chords Let’s listen to some of his signature riffs The rhythmical complexity of this riff comes from its triplet subdivision Which in this shape or form is still rare in most metal, and it’s the triplets that give this track its bounce Since Stephen is playing in standard 8 string tuning that makes playing fast riffs with all power chords Physically impossible or at least very uncomfortable This is why for his busier riffs He usually goes for single note riffing but this wasn’t always the case back when he still played a six string He did use drop tunings and on “My Own Summer [Shove it]” you can hear and play a busy riff all power chords That’s the heavy side of Stephen’s playing, let’s look at the sexual side. In terms of cores That usually means one thing and that’s no different here tension Unusual for metal this chord progression uses a ton of open strings which gives it it’s tense dissonant feel The open strings ring uncontrollably and have a more clanging sound than their stop counterparts and when Stephen plays the G# The open strings function as a minor third (It’s an F!) and a flat six and a void note Giving this court a ton of tension, which is only underlined by the distortion one more In music theory terms this court progression couldn’t be any simpler. It’s a14 and major without the thirds what gives this riff it’s dreamy vibe is the added major 7 again heavily dissonant through the distortion as As rule the more complex an interval, i.e. the higher up the harmonic series it is the more dissonant that will sound and the more distortion will add to that dissonance And Stephen loves playing with these tense options Just listen to the chorus of “My Own Summer” where he adds a sharp 11 to chord the most dissonant interval of all Chino’s playing is different from Stephen’s that it often acts as a melodic counterpart to the harmonic simplicity of Stephe’s power chords This can be heard best in older songs before the band started to write all their songs together like “Digital Bath”, “Mascara” or “Teenager” But obviously Chino is best known for his melodies. And those are very interesting indeed Unusual for metal between shouts and raps he sings a lot of dreamy notes You can really hear his influences from Depeche Mode and R&B music in the 9s 11s and major 7s. Listen to this Let’s look a little bit closer at this last one Whether he knows it or not, Chino is actually singing upper structures here. This suggests that when he hears a chord He doesn’t just hear the core tones But a much wider range of possible notes options upper structures that he could use This is a scale common in jazz and R&B but quite rare in metal so while the band is playing Cm in Eb power chords he is singing Eb and Gm. if you got a guitar close by sing the melody “beware the water” – those chords and you will hear what Chino is hearing in his head Now I’m currently working on a PDF guide on writing melodies like this which will send out to my mailing list when it’s done If you don’t want to miss it, make sure you hit the little i’ and sign up You will also get a whole bunch of free songwriting goodies as a welcome gift not to mention. It’s obviously the best mailing list ever Let’s look at another example here Similar to be where we get an upper structure here this time E over F#m That means Chino is singing an E Major chord over the F# power chord again Feel free to sing this line against an E major and you’ll hear what Chino is hearing this also helps in analyzing his backing Vocals which are a vital part of the band’s sound And like the true upper structure singer that he is Chino loves big surprising jumps again Highly unusual for this genre listen to this (Should be an octave lower) But Chino didn’t always have this jazzy upper structure sensibility. On earlier albums his note choices make a little less sense And he sometimes goes completely against the backing track the result leaves you feeling uneasy and restless check it out If you enjoyed this video Please like share and subscribe and let me know in the comments which artists you’d like me to do next on this series Next month, we’re gonna take a good look at “Tool”. But what comes after that is entirely up to you Also if you want to ask me any question at all Go subscribe to the “Holistic Songwriting” live channel where every Monday at 9 a.m. PST. I answer your questions. Thanks for listening Take care and sticky fetish

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