It all started one night, the night that Jeffrey Woods, aka Jeff the Killer, went crazy. It all started one night, the night that Jeffrey Woods, aka Jeff the Killer, went crazy. in a soulless monster with the sheer desire to kill. But did your father’s wife really die? No, Jeff’s brother survived the brutal attack. Filled with rage, he was able to resist, eager to live. Then everything went black and passed out until the police found him. on the brink of death, with his parents already deceased. Liu spent months in a coma in the hospital, after many transplants, surgeries and sutures, finally woke up. When he opened his eyes he seemed to see an angel, though in reality was Susan, the nurse in charge of his care. She was very excited to see him, she was waiting many months waiting for his awakening. “Hi, I’m Susan. I hope you’re okay, I want you to get well. the best of luck,”she said, whispering in her ear The days went by and Susan was always by his side, taking care of him with a smile. Liu I couldn’t stop admiring her, I admired that even though he still wasn’t capable of talking and barely moving, she had been with him, without getting discouraged. This gave him strength
to move on, no doubt Liu was falling in love. What I didn’t know is that the beautiful nurse had also fallen in love with him. After a few days, the doctor went into his room and explained that the operation he was undergoing about to perform was very delicate, but that I had a lot of confidence in him because it was a very strong boy. So, he was transferred to the operating room. The surgeon places the a mask and said to him,”Count to 10, little by little, you will soon fall asleep and when
wake up, you’ll feel better than ever.” Liu told the story calmly, but when he got to ten he was still awake, he wanted to but he couldn’t, it was like his body fell asleep, but he couldn’t. So I felt a cold blade leaning on his chest. The blade began to cut and the pain resulted almost unbearable, but the thing wasn’t over yet, every new cut was more and more painful. He couldn’t help but remember Jeff going through it over and over again with his knife saying “shhhhhhh… easy, go to sleep”. When Liu first saw Liu awakened, he went to his angel, Susan, with a beautiful smile on the face. She was so happy to see her that she was able to greet her. Liu, I hope when I get out of this you want to go out with me,”she started crying from and accepted without hesitation. Finally the day came when Liu recovered and that same night he stayed with Susan, it was all wonderful, she was perfect for him. But Liu hadn’t yet gotten over the incident with his brother, felt that going to his old lady I’d help you move on. Since he was afraid to go alone, he asked Susan if I could go with him,”Of course Liu would do anything for you.” When they came to the house, the door was blocked, surely by the police, to stop to keep anyone from sneaking into it. Between the two of them pushed once, twice and the third (pause) the door opened with difficulty. A strong smell of closed and rotten emanated inside the house. Everything was very dark, until little by little the eyes of the couple got used to the darkness, so they could glimpse the horror caused by Jeff. The bodies had disappeared, yet everything was still full of bloodstains. The La house had accumulated a thin, dense layer of dust. For Liu it was like living again the day his crazed brother came home. They went up the stairs and the more they’d come up to his room, the worse the scene was. Until they got to the entrance of Liu broke it in silence and opened the door. His room was the worst, there was blood everywhere and on the back wall he could read the phrase “Go to sleep”. Reading this, he froze, suddenly fell to the ground and started screaming, couldn’t stand it. to stop remembering every single knife Jeff had given him. Going back to the house had been a bad idea, Liu couldn’t stop thinking about his brother, he heard it in his head “shhh. Go to sleep…”-Jeff… I’ll see you in hell, when we’re both dead. Liu wanted to kill him, stab him over and over again, a great thirst for death and vengeance all over his body. Liu, honey, are you okay? Susan asked from the stairs. l grabbed a lost knife on the ground and ran to the door, and there it was Susan, with her angel face. He was about to do something stupid, but that I’d given him happened in that room? He managed to calm down and the two of them left the house together. Susan saw him shaking and scared,”I will take care of you today,” he said with his precious smile. On the way home a thief assaulted them and stole Susan’s purse, hurting her. An immense rage seized Liu and he wanted to run after the robber. But not a rage normal, no, it was a rage that incited him to kill him with his own hands, he wanted to do it n all its strength. He told Susan to go home, grabbed the knife. and ended the thief’s life, stabbing him repeatedly. Liu then realized that his desire to kill was real, he had become crazy, I didn’t think it could be long before he killed someone again. Nobody I’d never hurt Susan again. But I couldn’t go around killing everything the world, he wasn’t Jeff, so he decided to just kill the bad people. Time went by, and more and more and more were killed by Liu. He bought himself a leather suit because so it was easier to clean it, he was fed up with having his clothes full of blood. One quiet night, he went out with Susan to celebrate her anniversary at a restaurant. Liu was more in love than ever so he took advantage of it and asked her to marry him, obviously Susan said that if, everything seemed perfect… until, on the way out, a fucker came in with a gun and fired. Susan fell. The ambulance arrived too late and Susan died. Full of rage, lashing out against the doctors who were in it, if they had been quicker perhaps their angel would have survived. He murdered them all, but this didn’t cure the pain of his beloved’s death. So he grabbed a scalpel, cut a smile in his mouth, and then sewed it on, so no one would notice that he was actually suffering inside. Then he sewed the date of Susan’s death in the chest, next to the heart, so I would never forget that this cruel world, took the only thing he loved from her. From then on Liu Woods calls himself Homicidal Liu, and walks around killing everything the one who seems happy, for if he can no longer be happy, NO ONE SHOULD.

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  39. Homicidal Liu Es Uno De Los Peores Creepypastas De Internet.

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  54. TlkTAkDRA los biografía de Scarlett Sánchez Corona Sánchez Dianelly dinosaurio rex que le echan sus coronas soy luna pero yo soy soy luna pero sivibración pistola yo veo todos tus videos de todas las cosas y como todos tus videos son geniales antes o de terrores antesbuenas amigas que yo veo son geniales no sé cómo se dice yo me llamo Diana inteligentes Corona soy de soy Luna soy Luna soy yo sólo soy la sí sí tú eres de bolivia tú te 🤩💟💟💟💓😂 Hola amiga tengo unas cáritas pero unos guárdame digamo
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