Herman Webster Mudgett, known for his pseudonym
H. H. Holmes, was an American killer who confessed having committed 27 crimes, though around
200 are attributed to him. He was born in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, in
the Northeast of the US, on May 16th 1861. He was the son of Levi Horton Mudgett, a farmer,
and Theodate Page Price, a teacher. He had two older siblings, Ellen and Arthur, and
two younger ones, Henry and Mary. His parents were very religious and faithful, and apart
from a very strict education, it’s likely that he was abused as a child. He was a very well behaved student, and finished
high school when he was 16 years old. At the age of 17 he got married to Clara Lovering,
who came from a rich family. They had a son together: Robert. When he turned 23 years
old he graduated from the University of Michigan with a Degree in Medicine, all while working
at the anatomy lab. His wife separated from him, and got far away,
due to his abuse towards her. He then lived between New York and Philadelphia for a while,
where he was involved in several crimes. In fact, while in university he would steal corpses
and use them to scam insurance companies. He finally settled in Chicago and changed
his name to Henry Howard Holmes to avoid suspicion. He married two other times, both with rich
women. Curiously enough, he never divorced legally from his first wife. And he later
on had another daughter: Lucy Theodate Holmes. He started working at a pharmacy, and became
a respected man in his neighborhood. Taking advantage of this he decided to take a step
forward in his perversity, constructing a building on the front lot he could use for
his criminal purposes. This building went down in history as “The Murder Castle”. It was a building with four floors: The basement,
the ground floor with different commercial stores, a first floor of apartments, and a
second floor with more rooms and private offices owned by Holmes. His plan was to turn that
building into a big hotel, and take advantage of Chicago’s World Expo which would attract
thousands of tourists to the city. To build it he resorted to different companies:
He would stop paying one company so it would stop its work, and then would hire a different
company to take its place. By doing that, only he would know in detail all the ins and
outs of the building. It was filled with secret passages, and spy
holes in the rooms that Holmes used to spy on his customers. There were also hidden trap
doors that led to the exit, a hole in the elevator connecting the basement to Holmes’
office, as well as hidden slides also leading there. There were hermetic rooms, sealed with steel
plates, and gas outlets that could be activated from the outside. Another room was a dungeon
filled with torture machines designed by Holmes himself. Underground there was an electrical
installation connected to a panel in his office, which allowed him to control visitors coming
in and out of the building. But the true hell was in the basement. In
there, he would use surgical tables and medical instruments to dissect his victims and remove
their flesh. He would then sell their organs in the black market, and the skeletons to
medical institutions. Holmes would then get rid of the remains of the bodies by throwing
them to a pit filled with quicklime. He would also use buckets of sulfuric acid, or just
incinerate them in a big crematory oven. Holmes attracted his clients with very cheap
prices, while also offering work to women who stayed at the hotel. Many female candidates
arrived there, and he would keep them occupied with meaningless tasks while he earned their
trust. In exchange of a promise of marriage he would
convince them to transfer their property to him, and he would take out life insurance
for them… to then claim and cash out that insurance using a fake identity. After achieving
his goal with a woman, he would get rid of her by choking or torturing her to death.
Sometimes he would simply drug them with chloroform and then throw them alive to the quicklime
pit while they were unconscious. When the World Expo ended Holmes’ income went
right down. To keep maintaining his lifestyle he simulated an accidental fire in his building
to claim the insurance, but it didn’t burn out completely. The insurance company commissioned
an investigation to the famous Pinkerton detective agency. When he saw himself cornered, Holmes
escaped from the city. While in Philadelphia, incapable of following
a modest and honest lifestyle, Holmes devised a new plan with the help of his accomplice
Benjamin Pitezel: They would simulate Pitezel’s death using the disfigured corpse of someone
else, in order to claim and cash out the corresponding life insurance. But when the time came…
Holmes actually killed Pitezel. He lied to Pitezel’s wife, assuring her that
he was hiding, and managed to get the custody of three of Pitezel’s children: Alice, Nellie
and Howard, until claiming the insurance money. However, the detectives from the Pinkerton
agency were breathing down Holmes’ neck, and he went on the run through different states. Meanwhile, Holmes had to get rid of the kids.
He locked the girls up in a crate and asphyxiated them using poison gas. He then choked the
boy to death. The detectives found the corpses of the children, and started to tie the loose
ends about the criminal history of Holmes. He was finally captured in Boston, in 1894.
He was taken to court and was accused of murdering Benjamin Pitezel and his children. When Holmes came back to his hotel in Chicago,
his network of traps and the horrifying basement were finally discovered… but Holmes could
not be incriminated for that. However, there was no need: He was sentenced to the death
penalty, and was hanged at the Moyamensing prison in Philadelphia, on May 7th 1896. During
his execution his neck didn’t break, so he had to agonize for 15 minutes while strangled. As a last wish he asked to be buried in a
coffin filled with concrete, and at a double depth, so that his body wouldn’t be stolen
or mutilated. The words he uttered shortly before dying are chilling: “I was born with
the devil in me. I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no more than the poet
can help the inspiration to sing. I was born with the Evil One standing as my sponsor beside
the bed where I was ushered into the world, and he has been with me since.”

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