High School Musical Cast – Stick to the Status Quo (From “High School Musical”)

High School Musical Cast – Stick to the Status Quo (From “High School Musical”)

100 thoughts on “High School Musical Cast – Stick to the Status Quo (From “High School Musical”)

  1. Comentario 89

  2. Omg I'm going to cry, it's seems like only yesterday this came out…

  3. 2019 😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Algum brasileiro

  5. ْ.🙂👀

  6. Nostalgia! Omg I love this movie

  7. Thumbnail looked like Tay K 🤣

  8. Qual é a desses flashbacks, Vai ter um rebute da hsm é?!

  9. Lol, was about to sleep but I guess it has to wait because I love this song ^^

  10. I hope HSM 3 Songs will be added soon

  11. This songs lit 🔥

  12. hace unos días me acordé de esta película, queria ver los momentos musicales pero no encontraba nada hd, gracias;;;;;;;;♡

  13. Did anyone else have the captions turn itself on?

  14. 3:50 I’d have an anxiety attack😂😂💀💀😂

  15. Did anyone else think or thought this song was low-key offensive at any point in any way 🤔

    Or am I just being ridiculous

  16. Sharpay looks like she's wearing a wig

  17. I still love this

  18. Buena peli bonitos recuerdos tenía 18 años ahorita mis 32 me sigue gustando

  19. Como cuando Disney busca likes


  21. Sharpay is the queen❤️ Shapay and Ryan always compliment each other well🥰 I love how this song also focuses on the characters who are not the main ones.

  22. Lol I was 10 when this came out.2006 memories I loved it.I'm supposed to resting and this came up now I can't sleep.I'm 23 and I still love this song.

  23. Like si te gustó el vídeo 👍 y sí no dale un dedito abajo 👎

  24. This song was so corny that its absolutely fantastic.

  25. Iconic.

  26. Don't mess with the flow 😌

  27. i was 15 when i was so obsessed ! damn time flies ! and im 28 now hahahahahaha !


  29. Mum: can you unload the dishwasher
    me: no no no no stick to status quo

  30. 1:46 can someone tell me his name !


  32. How are they still releasing these? Haven’t they all been rereleased yet?

  33. Wooooooo

  34. who’s here before 1 million views?

  35. "Speak your mind and you'll be heard," they said smh

  36. This is not what I want

  37. Sudd everyone is singing in the canteen when they are all judging troy for singing

  38. High school kids fall to far then just live to regret it and still try again.

  39. 추억의 영화. 다시보고싶균

  40. Know all the words to every hsm song. Love it so much. Doing hsm as a play this year and it’s so fun.

  41. wow… this is REALLY corny..
    i never actually saw these movies.

  42. Feels good to hear

  43. Remember that Life time of…..
    # k_mani_kanth

  44. This song is all about peer pressure. wow.

  45. I wonder how Lingling would react to that "cello" sound 🤔🤔🤔

  46. 2:41 That dude's giant cello just appeared out of nowhere….. 4:14 and then disappeared again?

  47. Whyyyyyyyy Disney, whyyyyyyyy?

  48. I love these movies!! 💖🌸🥰💖🌸🥰

  49. BestOfHSM!!!!!

  50. Me: Don't sing. DON'T. SING.

    Also me: No, no, no, no~
    Stick to the stuff you know~

  51. Expectations:

    Reality: dEprEsSioN!

  52. I never realized how bad they sounded til now but i love it anyway 🤣❤

  53. damn,how long had it been,such a legend film

  54. クッソ懐かしい

  55. 2:08 favorite part 😂😂

  56. My love for #HSM increases with years😍😍 Everybody Quite 😃

  57. 13 years since the first movie and I still know the lyrics of ALL of the songs from ALL 3 MOVIES by heart….

    Is that weird..? 😅😂

  58. such an iconic song

  59. I still want to try Zekes creme brulee

  60. Legend.

  61. They can sing

  62. I never thought Disney would do a song with bad advice. There is a lot of women & men in the jobs they mentioned. Usually, Disney would do a song about not sticking to the status Quo. If you can get the job or career you like, then do it.

  63. This..song 😅

  64. I love this song.

  65. Kkkkkk

  66. ❤❤❤

  67. That "it's a giant violin" still gets me

  68. My childhood was actually shaping my views of the society we are living in. I'm glad I learned these lessons.

  69. This song is great but it's no my favourite i prefer the iconic we are all in this together"

  70. I’d hate to be gay in that school

  71. Me: okey, time for homework
    Disney: haha no
    Me: see Disney notification
    Also me: okey homework can wait

  72. que bueno like like

  73. Put your music in Spotify

  74. Only now

  75. I would love to go to this school and fuck up their status quo.
    Be like the Joker to their Gotham

  76. I hate this ssssssssong

  77. My favorite High School Musical song.

  78. Me in the movie: guys I have secret, I love giving to the poor.

    Them: you monster! Stick to the status quo.

  79. They just now put this on YouTube 🙄🥺

  80. East High must have been a small school. Big schools, even medium-sized schools don't really… do this? Or maybe the ones I went to were just nice.

  81. Will never get over Ashley Tisdale's amazing vocals, though. And I LOVE Gabriella's panic. Ya know what, this whole song is a jam.

  82. A clássic♥️

  83. Disney Channel Original Movies is officially dead 💔

  84. Disney can you please re-release these movies in Blu-ray? Can't find them anywhere here in Europe!

  85. Speak your mind, they said. You will be heard, they said.

  86. Love this ♥

  87. October 18, 2019
    Still live this! #hsm #gowildcats

  88. Tucked about the group sniff the boy ego plays the cello!
    Cool, what's a cello; is it a saw? Do you have to wear a costume? 😱

  89. Oh they just uploaded this

  90. DCOMs didnt "stick to the status quo" and now the new ones suck

  91. if you look at 4:01 you can see the girl walking. But if you go to 4:04 she is still standing in her spot and not even walking to the stairs, then at 4:08 she is walking the stairs. (Sorry my brother is an actor so i pay more attention to things

  92. WILDCATS 4 EVER!!!

  93. Doing this for a school play this year, I’m a cheerleader💕




  95. Anyone watch just to try to spot Thayne Jasperson?

  96. Cadê os br?

  97. Eeee nostalgia

  98. Does anyone see how the people around them are all ears until they tell their secret

  99. This song will never get old

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