Grisaille Painting Technique Acrylic POP APPLE | The Art Sherpa

Grisaille Painting Technique Acrylic POP APPLE | The Art Sherpa

(Folk style music playing Hello my friend the time of day is here When everybody paints and forgets their fear Show me where your art is You know it’s where your heart is (Music fades out)) (John: AAAh! We’ll get it! I have all the wrong buttons pushed!) (Both laughing) John is so flustered! Welcome to a live show! I’m Cinnamon Cooney, your Art Sherpa, this is entirely live. Loading intros and graphics and going bananas over at the controllers is my sweet husband John (John laughing: I managed to push EVERY button wrong today) He’s supposed to be taking care of you guys today, so GOOD LUCK! (John laughing) It’s his job to track me from camera to camera, and if you have a question about anything that’s going on, to pass it along to me the best that he can Today, I’m gonna show you how to do this apple. It’s not even all the way finished because I thought we were gonna grisaille THIS, but then I thought, “You know what, I should show you guys how to paint the apple and then when you grisaille, you’re gonna have more fun. So this is actually, technically a mini quest But anyone can do it if they want to. I would say this is about a 2 hoot difficulty. But with some material challenges, so we’re gonna be painting this. This is just a circle You can handle this. We’re gonna paint this circle apple. In the description, you’re gonna notice a link to the photograph. The photographer at paint my photo Now, I wanna say something about this. I just recently saw that Lachri Fine Art had done a really fantastic tutorial about this And I realized that I have been seeing a lot of that happening lately on YouTube and I wanna see I wanna give you this tip, If you see a lot of us picking the same photographer, kind of like organically Go check out that photographer. Chances are they are really bombastic, as is this guy He’s so good. There’s like 50 of his photographs I wanna teach here so (John: MmmHmm) That’s just my little Sherpa Tip. If you see a bunch of us going “This is really cool'” Then we’re gonna…It’s really bright. See, it’s like super reflective, can we (John: Yeah, we can see it) Ok, so that’s what we’re doing. Um, that would have normally been in the intro, but now it’s not (both laughing) (John: I will, you know what, I have a good intro. I do. I will have to play it when we leave.) (Both laughing) Yeah, we’ll play our intro when we leave guys! (John: I just BLEW it) If you’re brand new here, in general, in a much more orderly way, I explain the whole process of a project brushstroke by brushstroke, we don’t fast forward through things In general. Unless we have to. So, our materials are: titanium white, and mars black. But guess what? This is grisaille, so you can do any white and black. It’s just these are the ones I’m using And then to do the glazing on it to colorize it, I’m gonna be using Cadmium Yellow Medium, Phthalo Blue, and Burnt Sienna, and I’m going to probably be using the Water Based Patina Antiquing Medium This is also known as Glazing Medium and I have seen an Artist Loft version of this If you don’t have any, and you can’t get any, but you have THIS (holding up Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish) you can use it also This is Liquitex Professionals Gloss Medium and Varnish So either one of these products will work for you in this I’ve put out white and black initially, and you KNOW what brushes I’m painting with today The Simply Simmons Goldilocks, cause she’s like, Mom has officially, OFFICIALLY admitted that ownership is 9/10 of the law (John: laughing) and she’s mine now. (both laughing) There’s NO chance she can be repossessed! I may owe my mom a favor, an uncomfortable favor, (John: mmmhmmm) But, brush is mine. (John: Right!) Brush is mine. Brush is mine. And last I heard, The Brush Guys have a few in stock (John: Ah! That’s good to know) And I heard a little rumor that maybe Office Depot does. Mmmmm SippySippy! (John: Really?) I’ve got my pencil. We do wishes, we do a couple wishes on the canvas cause we like to put good intentions into our artwork So, I’d like you at home to think about that idea. That’s something artists commonly do If you see a wish that we do that we don’t make it to the canvas, like you’d see it go through in the comments go ahead and put it on your own canvas, it still puts good energy into the universe What wishes do we have today, John? (John: Oh gosh, well we’re going to start out with one of our own. Lisa’s having some internet troubles We’re gonna wish that she get all of her intertube clearing problems done and that we have good intertubes for broadcasting as well) All right, Lisa has a good broadcast (John: Absolutely, We’re gonna wish for Dee. She’s in the hospital, so we’re gonna wish her well) I do, I know what’s been going on with Dee and I really wish you a quick recovery and everything to be ok. (John: Wish for Janie and Little Brush Josie) (Cinnamon laughing) For a happy day at Kindergarten, right? Kindergarten! They are starting the Garten of Kinder That’s a tough transition for both mom and daughter (John: Let’s see, we have a shout out to a Miss Kay who’s 10 years old) MISS KAY! (John: And a wish for better brush for Eileen. A wish for good brushes to Eileen) That’s right. So, Eileen McKinney is working with The Young Girls Club and she’s trying to get some good brushes She has a YouTube channel, I meant to put it in a link here. I’ll make sure I get it after the video processes Little something to note for you guys here on the live, or coming right after, immediately after a live event, YouTube starts to process the video. Which might mean sometimes, for some of you it’s not viewable, for about an hour to two hours (John: OK) And then it’s viewable (John: So, we have a lot of wishes for pain, and physical therapy, and diabetes control) Oh, relief from pain. (John: Yeah from all of those, and all the types of pain Now you had a very specific wish, John. About a goal. (John: Oh! Yeah! Right!) John has this crazy goal, and I’m gonna let him explain it to you cause it kind of blew my mind! I’m like so freakin out about where we’re gettin’ (John: Well, so I had this wish that I want to do a year in a day So, it took us a year to grow to a certain size and I have to go back and look at what that was, what it took in our first year But, my goal is to be able to do that much in a day And so what it took us an entire year to do, when we do that in a day, and I think that’s a pretty exciting start) What we’re gonna do, I told John if we do a year in a day, we will do a massive, mind blowing, give away sweepstakes (John: Yeah) It’ll be like insane (John: But, you know, I have to thank everyone cause there’s 200 people watching us RIGHT NOW and I have to thank ALL of you for coming and hanging out with us. It’s such a blessing. It makes my job so much fun I LOVE being here and doing this for you guys So, keep showing up cause I’ll keep trying to make crazy intros and pushing the wrong buttons, I promise) He will. He’ll keep doing that. So, hopefully YOU have pulled up your picture to work from But the trick of doing grisaille or doing that type of oil painting technique is this is a lot of where oil painting technique gets it’s look from is doing this type of tonal study If you’re brand new to this concept, we’re in the middle of something called The Big Art Quest If you click the icard it will link to the quest before this one which will explain all these concepts in detail that we’re talking about here and make them super easy peasy. I am drawing just a nice, big circle on my canvas. You can see it. (John: Aw! That other camera is white, white, white off!) You wanna come get the white balance? (John: I can go fix the other one in a minute) Stunt Hands is, oh, did you see the Stunt Hands cartoon? (John: I did not) I linked it to you and I tagged it to you (John: I’ve been very busy) It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I was like, just died. So, I’m just making a circle. There’s a bout a hand on this side, about a hand on this side, about a half a hand, and a couple fingers, and as you can see, that’s sorta how my apple’s placed And this lets me know, this is my object. Now, this is a tough piece, believe it or not because this is so centered in the canvas, right? (John: Yeah) So, it’s going to be restful, it’s going to be static, and to make it more interesting, to make it more dramatic, that’s going to be what we do in the painting, but the first thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna pull out our brush. I’m gonna moisten it as a fluid agent in my water and I’m going to add just a titch, a small amount of white to my black This would be like an 8 or 9 on the gray scale! Everybody now knows what I mean, and I’m going to paint around my circle with this color Yeah, you can steal your fan Just set it up We get it That’s a little too light. That went a little closer to 6 or 7 So, I’ve gotta add 1 or 2 dabs more of black I am painting a #10 bright extra firm filament by Simply Simmons Also known as Goldilocks (John: MmmmHmmm) I’m gonna really really go. Nothing can happen to Goldilocks cause I’m so attatched (John laughs) I think it’s the first time in a property dispute with my mom that I’ve ever come out on top! (both laughing) The Great Amber thing, didn’t come out on top (John: MmmHmm) (John: So, Sorry about that I had to adjust the cameras there a little bit One of these days, I’m gonna get some cameras I can control from back here) Yeah, that’s a dream that we have (John: Yeah) I bet you when we’re doing a year in a day. I should get a shirt: A Year In A Day (John: That”d be cool) That’s like that Killed Five In One Blow (John: Yeah) That’s about what that is (John: I just think that’d be sooo much fun!) I, that would blow my mind! I won’t even lie to you there. That would just blow my mind So this first layer that I’m getting in on this is to just get that one, get a coat of paint on the canvas That’s an important step in painting Is a coat of paint on the canvas, especially in acrylic You know, not as much in watercolor or oils, but in acrylic that first layer of paint really creates a wonderful, functional foundation and yeah, we have gesso on here. You can gesso if you gesso wanna gesso (John: MmmmHmmm) You can gesso But the paint the way the color is, the way the paint’s translucent, all those things really starts to work once that first layer is on Now, you guys might see me dip my brush in water I dip just the tip to wick a little bit into the bristles To help improve the fluidity of the paint And some of you have expressed some concern that this might cause underbinding And what I’ll say is like acrylic paint can take up to a 30%, most of them they’ll say on their website. You should always check About a 30% mixture of water before you’re at any risk of underbinding and I’m nowhere near that So, that’s why I never ever worry about it. Yes, you can use fluid agents and mediums and things designed for acrylic paint. There’s nothing wrong with it It is expensive and pricey, and this stuff from your tap is free (John laughing: Yeah, it is) So (Cinnamon laughing) Unless there’s an urgent reason to enjoy the chemistry you know, I don’t really worry about it. (John: Yeah) (John: I think my children are out there playing) My daughter is really enjoying her brother being home from school (John: We have a lot of new people in the channel with us today) Do we have brand new people? (John: Oh, yeah) So, uh, if you’ve never been here before, we don’t normally do gray scale paintings but we do a lot of paintings everybody can tell you We’ve got a very nice crew here that meets up before even the paintings are live and everybody hangs out and talks. And this is just about being able to do art and I just try to demo what I’m doing and explain it fully so that anyone coming by can also do it We try to use materials that are possible to get and we try to cover ideas and art skills that allow people to be artistically independent. (John: Now, are you trying to paint that all one particular solid shade of gray?) Yeah, I’m doing a, I’m going 9, which is not all the way black, but it’s very deep (John: OK) It leaves me a little room to go a little darker, and it leaves me a little room to go a little lighter But the background to this painting is quite deep. This was almost a Baroque painting Uh, a Baroque photograph. This particular photographer does some REALLY dramatic lighting and filters on his work. (John: Yeah) So there’s this dandelion and this, don’t groan everybody, and this pear (Cinnamon laughing) that he’s done, I so want to do I gotta, I’ll have to share on the website. I just really love it and I want to do it But I’m worried cause I know you guys are exhausted from pears (John and Cinnamon laughing) That’s just one of my favorite still lifes I’ve seen plus I LOVE the way the dandelion is lit in this little glass vase, it’s just really wonderful lighting So I’ve got this very dark, You’re like “Look! She painted a white spot!” That’s special! In acrylic painting, if you’re brand new to it, um and everyone who’s been here for a while will confirm this: Acrylic paintings have a tendency to look a bit crazy and jacked up until about the last what? 20%? (John: Yeah) 15%? It’s quite, it’s quite an experience So I just mixed a mid gray there So if I was to just to like talk about this mixture I’d take out 1 little thing of white 1 little pull of black, mix it together, and it gives me a nice mid gray Not by any means. the lightest color on my apple and not, by any means, the darkest color on my apple Just having a lot of fun. And I just wanted to do this class with you guys I was originally going to just over the break between the quests have you guys just do your apple yourself (Cinnamon laughs) But I thought that would be stressful. (Both laughing) I thought that doesn’t sound fun. They may not find that fun (John: Yeah. No kidding.) Let’s keep it fun. (John: Man, it’s a very busy channel out here. Sorry I got all quiet there. I was just reading back over all the comments There’s a lot of new people, and I’d just like to say hello to everyone, and all the moderators who do a GREAT job of making sure all the questions are answered) I appreciate that (John:: Yeah, and thanks, Bonnie, I always appreciate. She’s always out there making sure everyone likes, comments and subscribes I REALLY appreciate that, because I always forget to ask, and I appreciate it guys You know, always thumbs up are great, subscribes are really appreciated, share us with your friends You know we love you guys coming back here and hanging out with us, so) It does actually help us when you guys share or do any of those things cause then YouTube says “Oh, it’s good! We’ll show it to people.” (John: Yeah!) Otherwise they hide you in Siberia. Nobody likes it! Go away! (John: YouTube is BIG! YouTube is SO BIG!) It’s so big! (John: It’s just, there’s so many cat videos here! And that’s just the beginning.) That’s just the beginning. 400 hours a minute is uploaded to YouTube every day. (John laughing: And I think it’s, we’re, that was like a year ago) Yeah, that may have changed. It may actually be more now. It’s just, you know (John: Exponentially) It’s really big, and you know, they give us this service for free which I appreciate. (John: Yes) You know, some of you guys may be on YouTube Red So you may not be getting it for free. (John: YouTube Red, you can still get it for free, it’s YouTube Red, you get no commercials) No commercials (John: Which is a really cool thing, and that helps support us, too) It does, actually. If you guys were wondering, you actually are supporting your favorite YouTubers by going YouTube Red (John: Yeah, we get a percentage of that, as it gets distributed, so) So, if you have somebody you watch a lot, then more of that goes to them. It’s really interesting. (John: Yeah) Right now it’s red pennies, but (both laughing) (John: We like ’em all) We like ’em all! (John: We collect it up) We like ’em all. A lot of YouTubers and I like to joke about it It’s just a red penny (John: Now, are you slowly adding more white as you get to the center?) No, I think I’m just trying to get this gray on here (John: Oh, you’re just trying to get one color of gray…?) I’m just trying to get some gray on here. When you see me be crazy and messy like this, if you’re new to painting, and you’re like “Can this woman paint?” I did that painting I showed you in the beginning. So, yes, I can really paint. (Cinnamon laughing) I’ve been doing it for 40 years And because I’ve been doing it for 40 years, I know I gotta just get this dark color on here and this light color on here so I can paint this apple in I’m gonna SippySippy my coffee now so I have some energy to do it! (John: SippySippy! Oh! Coffee! I’ll push the button over here. I forgot all my buttons this morning. They were all wrong.) MmmHmm. Wrong. (John: I had the wrong intro, I was always, I’m ALWAYS afraid I’m gonna do that) He didn’t know I was dragging him in for a second full lesson. I’m like “Okay, at 2:30, do you mind if we do a full tutorial? Cause I feel like it might be kinda like playing a joke on them just to be like ‘Color the apple.’ They might be like ‘Yeaaaaaaah…..'” (John: Yeah) So he was like “No, no it’s ok. If you think so” (John laughing: No, I had no problem. I was just good.) (Cinnamon laughing) He’s so tired (John: I love it! I’ll do it any time!) He does. He actually really likes spending time with you. I’m gonna hair dry, Now, don’t panic John. (John: DON’T DO IT!) (Cinnamon laughing) I’m going to dry my painting. Acrylic paint, if you’re really really new, is sensitive to temperature. Painting a craft paint, it’s very likely to darken up in you quite a lot during the drying process. Don’t be surprised by that. I’m going to be drying from about 6 inches back, moving it around, LOW setting (John: MmmHmm) to do whatever I can to to prevent color shifting (John: So, while she’s doing that, I will take the time to thank all of you guys for hanging out here with us cause I really do appreciate it. And, uh, would you guys share your pictures and all of the paintings that you do on Facebook with us? I really love going up there and seeing that stuff, and so does Cinnamon I know, I really like seeing it, so I REALLY love when you guys share and post that stuff up there. I like seeing the pictures of all you guys with your friends painting and doing that and I really appreciate you coming and hanging out and all of the wonderful comments and support in the channel. Thank you guys I really appreciate all that and thanks for coming and being part of this whole thing we’re doing. ‘Cause without you it couldn’t be possible. so, LOOK! I didn’t even COMPLETELY get to the part where I ran out of things to say and panic!) REALLY?!? I love it when you do that. It’s so funny. Just, like if you think this is the, like the naval, go a little bit higher and make a little mark with a piece of like kids chalk. Can you see that right there? The kids chalk? I’m gonna get my up close camera on (John: The up close camera is) So, I’m gonna pay attention to my little pic Here it is here, I wish it was here, like visable Sometimes that helps you guys (John: Yeah) Um, again, you can download this little picture (John: Now, do pro paints have a color shift to them?) Not as much. Almost none. That’s a lot of what their chemists are doing. (John: Yeah) Just making sure it doesn’t So, I’m going to draw in my little leaf that I see here, all right. So I come out with it’s little wings And it has this little uneven shape, and then it nicks in And it comes down to a little point here And then I’ll come over here to his little friend. This is sort of an angry orchard apple (chuckles) It’s part of that, definitely part of that refinery, if they were to do a painting party at their business, this is the one that they’d do I’m not saying that officially. Nobody sue me. (John: Yeah) I’m just joking around (Both laughing) And I’ve got this here. I just want to know where this is. This is all going to get painted out. I’m just kind of seeing where this stuff is The leaf is the thing that I’ve gotta know where it is right now Right, because I know I’ve got some dark that’s going to come here, and I’ve got this little shadow that’s gonna happen here And I’ve gotta start just laying those things in I’m sorry, I’ve gotta take it off camera guys, and I know you’re like “Waaaaiiiit!” Print out the picture. Print. Out. The. Picture. So, I’m gonna come in, and one thing I know right off the bat is that I’m gonna pull out a little black. I’m gonna let the white get into it I’m going to come along here and I’m going to start laying in the shadow Too much white. That’s gonna happen sometimes to me, too. (John: Ah! Where are you? There you are) I just wanna start laying in this little shadow. The shadow’s gonna get darker and darker. I just wanna lay it in. There This type of painting is observational, and it can make for a rough workshop because the teachers and instructors will tend to get a little quiet (John: Yeah) It’s cause we thinking (John: Well, you’re thinking. What are you thinkin’?) Well, right now, what I’m trying to do is I’m working really hard, overtime, in fact, to see the colors differences between all the greys My brain is trying to recognize the patterns and see the color shifts (John: You’re trying to isolate like the blocks of tone?) It is. It’s doing what it can do. (John: Interesting) Right? So that I can do this nice greyscale painting. Now I could have done this in, um, burnt umber (John: Oh, yeah) And it would have been just as valid as this type of painting This is going to make a nice still life. Believe it or not, you can stop at the point where we finish where it’s the black and white is done or you can continue it on for the colorization process with me (John: MmmHmm) All of that is perfectly good I’m going to bring this little shadow around this little lip here Another interesting thing I’m gonna do here is I’m going to Start pulling in This little dark shading That happens here Where the little stem meets in I really recommend you guys do the, uh, you know, colorize your printout and practice a couple of these. The more of these you do the better you’ll be able to handle portraits, skin tones and painting things more realistically It will really serve you in the long run (Cinnamon softly singing) (Johm: Hmm) DON’T GET CONTENT ID’D (laughing) I thought for some reason I was gonna need way more white paint than I did (Cinnamon whispers: So annoying) So, now what I’m going to be doing around this apple is trying to find all the little tones and values It’s gonna be my whole little thing So, I’m gonna pull up some black And I’m gonna come along this little edge here, and I’m gonna create a little deeper little shadow Just along this little edge Add a little white to it, make sure it’s a little bit grey. Cause I realized I’ve got to make this dark color Come up the side of this little apple A lot of what we’re doing in acrylic painting in the beginning is always just getting those layers in. John’s actually gotten really predictive of it He’s like “Ohhhhh! We’re doin’ the LAYERS! (John emphatically: MmmmHmmm! I like watchin’ it) He does. He LOVES watching the layers come in Gotta little too much white on there, and that’s ok. I’m just gonna blend that out It’s weird that I’m not gonna worry about it, but I’m NOT I have a lot of black on the brush, so I’m just gonna push it in Now I’m gonna create a fairly dark grey But lighter than the background And I’m gonna come here On a horizontal brush stroke, brushing back and forth I’m gonna lay some lighting in (inarticulate whisper) (John chuckles) I just gotta be able to see it, it’s crazy I’m just laying in some of this lighting There’s gonna be more stuff happening here, but it’s just, I gotta get it in (John: Yep) (John: I’m going to go check on our murderous children. I’ll be right back) I’ll SippySippy while he’s investigating that You’ll have to let me know at the end if this lesson was helpful to you painting this style of painting I’m rinsing the white out of my brush a little bit so I can get back into my black I’m gonna come right under my apple This was a bright green apple and how I got the black and white photograph from is it that this photographer lit it so well that it allowed me to take all of the color value out of the photograph and I didn’t even really have to push the contrast at all, John (John: Oh! I missed ya) I’m just getting a little more black. I’m just weighting underneath here Like I’m pulling this out. We’re gonna come back and talk more about this reflection and everything there But first, I’m gonna come up the outside and add a very light light light color. I’m gonna come up this It’s crazy how fast it goes in. (John: It’s actually the main camera’s doing a really good job of catching all of this) Is it? (John: Yeah, because that zoom, that close up camera is the lowest quality camera we have, it has the biggest trouble with the dynamic range and you can really see it on the grey scale today) Oh, ok, so the little, the up close camera is NOT (John: It’s ok, it just, it doesn’t do as good with the color handling as our main camera so, and today being a grey scale image, it REALLY shows) ok! (John: So, and I’m also not a really great camera-set-up guy so I’m SURE that there’s a way to do this better) (both laughing) Yeah, we’re not even a very good, like on the occasion, somebody will come by, and be like “Sound is bad, man” Yep. (John: Yeah, man, my sound was, used to be HORRIBLE) You guys were so patient with us! (John: And then I just watched YouTube) You watched a bunch of YouTube So, one of the things that I’m doing is I’m working my brush directionality here (John: Yeah) And that’s helping define the roundness and the shape of my apple So I know that I’ve got sort of a highlight here and a mid range here and a highlight back out here We start deepening into this space And I’m just looking for those transitional spaces Transitional spaces. To create this. Now I’ll just keep coming back. So sometimes I just keep adding highlights into it Just trying to pick it up, pull it out Coming around this lighter color with light brush pressure on the edge of my brush Just paying attention to what’s there Now, normally, even painting this a second time, I would actually grab the reference photo again, but I’m just working from my painting today (John: Cool) But, I would recommend, even when painting along with me and you’re following in your step-by-step thing To definitely still pull the reference photo I think it’s a smart move So I’m trying to shape my apple here Layer that deep grey with a slightly lighter grey If you can master this skill set, you’re gonna find that your portrait work and your skin tone work gets so much better One of the ways that people can paint almost fantastical skin tones Is that they have this skill down And that allows them to do it (John: I’m over here chattin’ and talkin’ with people, too, while you’re chattin’ and talkin’ I’m multi-button-pushing) (Both laughing) I’m coming and putting a little highlight space here And brush, I don’t have to worry about having everything completely perfect or covered. I’m just trying to create this shaping Create this space And a lot of times, I’m looking, can I lighten it, but not have it be so light? Like down here I don’t want it so light And I want it lighter than the mid grey (John: Can you go ahead and pull down on the close up camera? I guess that they would like to see a little bit more on that) Yeah So, I think, I get what you’re concerned about, but I think it might be nice just to see it like pull in I’m just working this space This is what we’re doing. We’re just adding the value. Coming in Looking to see what we can see How many shades of grey can we see (John: I have to say everyone’s pretty excited that we have about 225 people there’s 222. 223….It just, uh, it just keeps jumping up and down over here It’s pretty exciting because we have a LOT of people on the chat just hanging out, and they’re they’re sort of celebrating that we have a pretty full room, so I wanted to pass that on to you) Oh, I appreciate that. I love that we have a full rooms that we have. (John: Yeah, Mona’s saying it’s 226 on hers) WOW! Wow! I love it! I’d love to see 226 apples! (Cinnamon laughing) Oh the facebook page. Or Instagram or Twitter, wherever you guys are more comfortable, or email, (John: I can’t wait to see) You know, it’s all good with me (John: Although, I think there’s a, we have there are some counts going on here of things like kids and grandkids I think that we have one mother of 10, who I have SUPER congratulations on WOW!) WOW! High five your courage! Like WOW! (John: Yeah, she was saying that she was shooting for 12) At 10, I mean, what’s a dozen? (both laughing) (John: And I was like…) I mean, you’ve proven you can do it at 10 (John: MmmHmmm) (John: And there’s a grandmother of 17) That is, you know what, man Her holiday shopping is, like, probably has files and checklists. She probably is like Santa Clause! (John: I mean, can you imagine how awesome THAT is? To go over and see 17 kids?) I would so be about it! John and I would SO be about that! (John: Yeah) So, we’re just pulling in darker and lighter shades of grey. I’m gonna put a slightly I”m leaving a LITTLE bit of this grey outline here I’m just gonna pull in this slightly darker right in here Cause what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to Again, we mentioned it in The Big Art Quest If you didn’t come for that, if you haven’t seen it yet, and you can see it in the iCard Is the idea that in art school, they make you paint spheres (John: MmmHmm) A LOT of spheres, a lot of bones, a LOT of crumpled rags A lot of crumpled rags (John: Yeah) And, it was very informational, but not that entertaining for me. You know, and so I wanted to make sure that when we did stuff, um for our quests, that it was more of a quest and remained, ya know, entertaining (John: Yeah!) So, just my brush stroke here is SUPER light, I’m just trying to layer these colors in and Just, I know I’m pulling highlights here I”m trying to say, “Oh, this is round” (John: Uh, it really is. Those brush strokes you’re doing the rounded brush strokes, those REALLY make a big difference) Well, it’s a bright, so I’ve got a bright brush, so I”m rounding my brush stroke and I’m keeping my pressure light to help define the shapes that I’m talking about (John: So, Theresa asked a question here ) I have an answer for Theresa (John: She says “Which is better, more useful in our practice acrylic glazing medium or gel medium and varnish?) You will use more gel medium and varnish than you will acrylic glazing medium but if you do this and you’re like “This is it for me, I love this, I’m a tonalist, that’s who I am by nature” Like, those of you guys that were scoring really high on that test You know, Some of you may feel like “Oh, we’re definitely tonalists” and this is going to be technique that you take past this one wonderful apple painting that’s gonna be a gift or go in the kitchen or live in your life in some way Some of you are going to find yourself in this technique And if you do, boy, you’re gonna want some glazing medium If that makes sense. (John: Yeah. I think that does) Ya know It’s good to have around, If budget isn’t your biggest concern it’s good to have a little jar around. I tend to. Just for like when I’m like “Dude, I need glazing medium!” (John laughing) Doesn’t come up a lot, but when it does, I REALLY need it! So, I’m pulling a pretty white, light highlight up here. Oh, I’ve got it where I need it. Ok Pulling like a nice one right here. Just trying to pull like a nice little highlight along this little apple and I’m kind of, you notice, like creating the light where it’s sort of not perfectly maybe along the apple Come outside here. Maybe even add this weird little bit of it here coming down lightly Some of it here Now I’m gonna pop even a little more light up here. This is, by the way, in case you didn’t know, this is a #6 Simply Simmons So, I’ve switched from the 10 to the 6, but they’re both brights It’s about a half inch. You could do this with any half inch bright Just trying to talk about this, guys (Cinnamon singsongs: happy, happy highlights) So we’re just shading the sphere (John: They were asking if you ever dipped your brush in your coffee) Oh, yeah! Dude! So many times! (John: MmmmHmm) It’s not even a secret. Like, SO MANY TIMES! (John: Don’t drink or eat paint!) Don’t drink or eat paint. It’s only dangerous for me because I paint with real cadmium (JohnL MmmHmm) So like, if I were to dink my paint, that could be a very scary deal (John: I’m pretty sure all the paints have something in them you should NOT ingest) NO! No, I mean, like, yeah. When they’re like non-toxic, I mean, I guess they mean that you don’t open them and die (John: Yeah) I think that’s the legal ramification of non-toxic Like, I’m not sure, but just for safety’s sake (John: Non-toxic doesn’t mean safe to eat. It means that you’re not gonna DIE when you eat it….right away) Right away. NOBODY’S done a 30 year study, though on it so, just, you know (both laughing) (John: Uh, let’s see here ) I’m using some black right here and deeping that shadow that’s happening right there (John: So, we had a question here Cindy says “Can we use other colors, I don’t have white?) Can you use other colors, you don’t have white and black? (John: Uh, she doesn’t have white) You don’t have white. (John: I don’t know) (Cinnamon sighs) (John: Maybe you could use yellow and purple or…?) To do a good tonal study, I won’t lie to you, unless you’re working watercolor paper, where the paper can be your white Something needs to be your white. For you to thin the paint enough for you to do like an umber wash, you will have underbound the paint So, if you’ve got paper, you can paint acrylic on paper like watercolor we’re gonna be doing, I think 2 or 3 lessons coming up based on that concept and then you can use the paper as white and the paint won’t underbind on paper Does that help? I don’t know if that helps. (John: I think, I think the answer is “For today’s lesson, you should have some black and white paint”) Or some white and some brown and black paint. (John: Yeah) You definitely want (John: White) Yeah (John: For today’s) For today (John: But we’ll try to cover some other cheeky methodologies of covering it later) Yeah, we’ll do some monochromatic stuff maybe. Cause we certainly have covered the concepts where it wouldn’t be like the craziest thing we’ve ever done now. (John: Yeah) So I’m just trying to darken up there, I’m trying to I’m lookin for these, these spaces These interesting little spaces Now I’m gonna get some black And John, are you going off to see what they’re squealing? And I’m going to just here in the center He’s like “Stop screaming.” It’s never gonna happen. They’re having a game King of the games So, I’m just again brushing this out. (John: White gesso won’t work, will it?) White gesso would work (John: It would work?) Yep (John: Oh! Really?) Yep, so white gesso, good substitute. Be a chalky painting. You don’t care. Still work. Chalky painting (John: Chalky painting) That’s all that’s going to be wrong with it. Chalky painting. Don’t even stress on that Cause you’re still gonna get the, you’re gonna get the skill. What you’re trying to do is go “Oh! I can, with acrylic paint do the same thing I do with my pencils.” I can do chiaroscuro which I always say it wrong. Chiaroscuro. (John laughing) Ok, it’s gonna be my quetzalcoatl word for the day What it basically means is it’s a Greek word that means “I can shade from light to dark All these shades of grey is chiaroscuro And you normally do that in pencil or charcoal, but you can do it in paint. (John: Yep) It does the exact same thing. You can totally do it in paint. The thing that, the secret sauce that I’m going to be showing you today is how you take this wonderful study in paint right? and then turn it into I’ve got a very light dovey grey happening up here in the outer edge of the apple How you turn this into a colorized painting Cause this is something that, I mean, yes a lot of acrylic artists know that, but MANY MANY acrylic artists don’t know You can do this technique with acrylic I have done self-portraits, and I like to use an umber, uh tonal study before I lay in anything else and then I use these techniques to finish it out People are like “How’d you get that? I thought you paint acrylics?” I’m like “Yeah, I do. I paint acrylic. Don’t you wish you knew? Watch my YouTube show (Both laughing) (John: So, you have a whole rack of brushes over there, but you’re just using a bright right now) I’m just using a bright. I guess I’m being William Kemp today. I’m just using these brights. (John: Can you show me what a flat looks like? Compared to that bright and what the difference is?) Um, yeah. I think I have a bright and a flat in the same size (John: Yeah, that’s why) So, here’s what’s going on guys. Here’s a bright and a flat, same size. Flats are longer and looser. This is a firm filament bright, and this is a firm filament flat, and they are both #12s (John: So the bright is the shorter and the flat is longer?) Bright is the shorter, stiffer one, and the flat is the longer one This is good for like getting a background in or doing washes for skies or We’ll actually use if for stuff when we’re doing like water blending and all kinds of things. It still has a good flick to it, but it’s just slightly softer and it’ll give you a better blend When you need it Look at how my apple’s coming in! I’m just enjoying my apple so much! I’m not rushing. (John: Oh! That cup’s really full!) What? (John: Your water cup there. I was just looking at it) Did I overfill it? (John: I don’t know that you overfilled it, it’s just I saw the table bump and I was like “Woahhhhh!”) (both laughing) If you’re painting with Little Brushes, full their cup no more than halfway (John: Or Big Brushes, because) Yeah, it will, it will um, lower the risk of the tip, of the tippiness Is what I’m saying I’m feeling pretty good about this here. It’s looking pretty darn good I got a leaf, I got a stem and I’ve got some background stuff to do. I’m gonna switch back up to my big bright at first My big bright. At first, and I’m going to pull some black And I’m going to come here just to the outside of this with just my little black and kinda really pop this Can you see the pop? I don’t know if you can see the pop (John: Yeah,) Pop pop POP! Like Ruby Rhod (John laughing) That’s a reference you might not know (John: Yeah) Ruby Rhod! Pop pop POP! (video glitches) (John: … instead of white paint?) Uh (John: Is there a reason for that? Is it just preference?) Um Ok, so, it’s inexpensive It’s fluid Um, it’s chalky And it gives them an effect or result that they like (John: Hmm) I would say that’s what it is (John: They may just like the way that it) What you might not know as a new artist (Cinnamon chuckles) Is that it’s very controversial. I don’t really care, personally Whatever gets your painting in To me, whatever gets your painting in works, it’s just all technique, but it’s one of those weird things like oils and acrylics being used together or Uh, how long it takes to underbind acrylic Like a acrylic ground. There’s just certain topics that are SUPER controversial (John: For our purposes, then it just doesn’t matter) Doesn’t matter (John: If you can paint) It’s a thin, fluid, chalky medium that you can use to get an effect. I mean, it’s designed for acrylic paint So, good enough (John: Yeah) I think anything an artist does intentionally for a result is super valid. (John: Yeah, so) Is my feeling on it. If they do it intentionally, if you’re on the street and you’re making conscious choices, whatever they are, even if you break every rule, Doesn’t matter. Getting kind of a grey here, come in and work this. Now, I’ve got a very very very very dry brush And I’m gonna make sure it’s even drier on my towel Put the grey on it And I’m going to, if I can catch this, over to the side where it’s at Oh, that’s lookin’ so sharp! (Cinnamon laughing) So I’m gonna kinda (indistinct audio) gonna be the lightest brush stroke, I’m gonna pull (indistinct audio) the texture (indistinct audio) And his thing’s like this crazing But I chose to show the crazing with like this distressed technique So, I’m just trying to distress the wall Altering it, let’s see if we can zoom in enough for you to see me do it, all right So, watch me do this. So, what I’m gonna do is I’ll go flatflatflatflatflat (John: Woah. Can you just, can you hold up for a sec? I feel like, we’re having a little bit of stream problems right now, I’m watching the stream come down. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna (indistinct audio) it’s messing up here real bad and we can cut this out later if we need to. Is that all right with you?) Everything is ok with me. You’re the captain (John: All right, cool. I’m gonna throw this up here just a second, and we’re going to refind my uh) You can get me a cup of coffee. Works out for me. (John: I will. We’re gonna take a little coffee break and I’m gonna throw this up if I can and just, let me get this qued up. That way, hold on a second I’m gonna let everyone know in chat here) That we’re gonna take a 3 minute break? (John: Pee break) Now, I thought, I thought that’s on our end every time (John: No, well to some degree. While I’m getting this cued up, because we’re gonna cut this out later) Doesn’ t end stream? What’s our plan? (John with audio crackling: Yeah, we’re gonna take a quick 3 minute break here and see if that doesn’t clear it up) (John: Oh wait! It may have just snapped back in, and if it does No, we’re still doing it. I’m gonna go ahead and run the 3 minute break here real quick) Yeah, run 3 minute break, get me coffee. (John: We’re gonna get come coffee) (Cinnamon whispers: coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee) (John: The reason for that is that the backbone provider is actually just having some segmenting issues and we’re gonna roll with this, but we’ll be back here shortly guys just hold on just a second let’s see if I can get this to go) (soft ballad style music with vocals: White sand, blue bay Hand in hand, slept there for days I (?) Eye to eye we parted ways Meet me, Under the ocean Save me from surface rejection Tell me you crave my affection Forever be waves of my ocean (musical interlude) (audio skips) imagine (?) of my desires Meet me, Under the ocean Save me from surface rejection Tell me you crave my affection Forever be waves of my ocean musical interlude Take me back to where it all began Show me myself without the shell When beauty was not the same from yourself musical interlude Take me under the ocean Save me from surface dejection Tell me you crave my affection (audio on the fritz again) waves of my ocean (musical exit) (audience clapping)) (John: So, hey guys! We’re just, we’re back and Cinnamon’s plugging in, I think) Yeah, I’m plugging in (John: You all plugged in?) I’m plugged in (John: All right!) (Indistinct audio. John says something indistinct) (John: We’re gonna see if we can pull this back together. I was watching as it was going and it seems to be jumping all over the place) (indistinct audio) (John: We’re just having some backbone issues it looks like. It’s on Comcast’s side, not on YouTube’s side.) Of course it’s on Comcast’s side (John: But, there doesn’t look like there’s much we can do. We could soldier on and upload the video later) (John: Because it’s going to be REALLY choppy) All right, we’ll soldier on and upload the video later. It might be, like a couple hours, guys. (John: Yep, yeah. So, we’ll leave this up here for right now, and uh, we’ll go ahead and continue on. We’ll edit this up a little bit later) (John: We’ll put the full, good one up in a bit) Ok, Well, I’m going to soldier on and mix this. I don’t even know if anyone can see or watch. (John: Oh, yeah, they can. It’s still popping in and out We’ve got over, we’ve still got 200 people here) This is a brave bunch So, I just want to show that sometimes I paint on the edge of the bristles and sometimes I flip it over to the wide And that’s what I’m doing, just trying to create this little pattern that I’m looking for sometimes little dashes like this. This is how I chose to deal with that crazing that he had Little scrumbles back and forth, creating another little highlight Coming here trying to…This is where the wall was supposedly like breaking up (John: Everyone’s saying that the stream has steadied out, so I think it’s good blessings) It’s everybody’s good intentions for the stream (John: It is!) So, I’m just hoping you can kind of see how I’m changing up the way I’m allowing the brush to (children chattering in the background and Cinnamon laughing) The mail’s here! (John: The mail’s here, so I’ll leave you…with them) Dad’s gotta go get the mail ’cause (indistinct audio) (indistinct audio) I just hope this video is playing for you guys An epic unboxing, but not a (indistinct), No, only of art toys. Should be a lot of fun! Add just a little bit of this highlight right here And maybe a little bit there. So, see, I’ve just kind of built that space there Add a little moisture to this, and pull a little black Just slightly lighter, maybe 2 shades lighter grey Add that to this space here What’s in the mail, babe? I hear crinkling (John: Oh, I have no idea. I’m just tossing it all under my desk) Now, sometimes you guys will paint with a black that goes brown on you and that is about the formulation of the black It’s not about you. Don’t take it personal Feels personal, though, I know. I KNOW it does Feels so personal So, I’m gonna make oh, mid-grey A little darker than the grey in the background Just a smidge There we go I’m gonna just add another coat of paint to this leaf A little coat of paint to this leaf. The nice thing about using chalk is it doesn’t stain my paint (John: Oh) So, my white chalk isn’t hurting my paint or impacting it in any way Add a little white to the mix Then come up and create this slightly lighter fold on the leaf So, I’m gonna take this lighter color I’m gonna come along this little upper ridge here and pull a little bit of it down and then along this outer edge, pulling it in and down. Now I’m gonna get a detail brush Just like this little detail round. This is a #6 I’m gonna dampen it and pull a little black. I could use fluid paint if I wanted to but I’m just gonna add some water and help myself work out what’s happening here I’m going to just, quickly (John: Can you get the close up there?) Yeah, let’s get the close up here Get these veins worked in So, this beautiful little leaf has these little veins and the paint’s a little wet, but I’ll know where they are and as I’m painting the textures and events around here it will help me You could do a fluid paint to get this and I would even recommend that I’m gonna come and create a shadow just where that very light leaf had folded (John: Hmm) Get my number, I might switch to the slightly smaller brush. Whenever you’re having trouble getting control get a brush that gives you control. I’m switching to a #2 bright (John: Now, is a round considered a detail?) Yeah (John: Ok, same thing?) (Video glitches) Some of them are really big, No detail getting done with them So, I’ve got a fairly light color here, I’m coming along the outside of the leaf with this (John: MmmmHmm) Even along this little edge here This is a fairly light dovey grey now that I’m into Where that space is, and see, this is starting to pop, isn’t it? (John: Yeah) Poppop POP! (John: Poppop POP!) Ruby Rhod! And so, I’m gonna pull some just black (Both laughing) I can’t help myself Now, I’m gonna come from where the leaf is to this little stem down here. (John: We need to do like 2 throwback movie tribute collabs) Yeah (John: Like The 5th Element and the Pack, you know The Pack of the Wolf) De pack de la Loup De Beast of Gevaudan (John: That’d be awesome) Such, I saw that originally in France (John: Yep, it was pretty cool) In French (John: In France, In French) Also, just visiting, in France, in French (John laughs) (John: And Asterix and Obelisk) See how that comes down over here like that? That’s that weird little shape, right? (John: Yeah) So, we’re gonna let that dry for a minute, because we’re gonna define that by it’s highlights And I’m gonna come work some more greys for my leafy leaf Get my leafy leaf together All right, let’s pull this sort of grey right here And I’m gonna start coming between these spaces making some of this little highlight here. It’s ok that some of that pulled real white Just, this one’s pulling a slightly darker grey I’m scrumbling around If you guys can be brave and get through this still life apple, you’re gonna find all the other still lifes we do are literally a piece of cake, even when we paint a piece of cake. (John: Ahhhhh!) And I like still lifes. John’ll tell you. (John: Oh, Yeah) So, I’m DYING to do some still lifes in the show Which is maybe crazy, cause I don’t really get a lot of requests for them. (Both laughing) That might be a type of insanity that I’m demonstrating. I wiped my brush. I’m gonna get a lighter amount of paint. (John: MmmHmm) And then I’m gonna come put this very bright highlight right here See that? (John: Yeah) And I’m gonna come here. Work that highlight. (John: So, Lisa had a question) I have an answer. Working this down here (John: I don’t know that I even understand the question) Ok (John: Um, But it kinda makes sense. Can you put a shadow under a silhouette? Yes Really can. (John: Yeah, I can) It’s a good way of helping define that silhouette, that fantasy shape and space All right? (John: Yeah, I guess so) So, I’m gonna pull some of this very light color down along here And a little bit on this little lip right here See how that’s lookin’, Show me on the big cam, babe! Woo Hoo! Look at that! Very, isn’t that just a great tonal study, guys? (John: Yeah!) Guess what’s all we have left to really do. We only have a couple things left to do (John: Aah, put some color on it?) No! Actually we’re gonna put a highlight here and some of the little black dots around. I like them I feel like they finish the piece. (John: Uh huh) And THEN we’re gonna put some color on. (John: Ok) (Both chuckle) We’re almost done, don’t worry! (John: No! I think it’s cool!) (John: And it looks like the bandwidth has cleared up) Oh, awesome. (John: It was kinda choppy there for some for a while at least) You know, free service. It’s ok So, I add a little highlight to that stem to help define it All right, and I might even come along here with a slight blacker grey so that it, you know, I need it to show up And I’m gonna come with this very light color here also Lighter than it’s background, so it shows up Like light is catching it And it’s attached to this little stem You MAY Where is it? Oh! Where are they? Oh! They’re right here I’m gonna put out a little black black. Oh, I’ve got some there I’m gonna do some detail work. I got these TINY little details (John: Little brushes) They’re so little! They’re micro minis They give me a lot of control, and I like them for that I might come in here and just make a little definition Just a little something for pop See them? (John: Yeah) Makes a difference Every hour that you put into a piece, every chance you put into looking at it Yes, it is important to know when to let go of a piece of art (John: MmmHmm) But actually, there’s a lot of time to just be in it Seeing it and spending time with it Creating those little little moments Ooh, and I made a little smidge (John: That’s ok. How do you deal with that smidge?) How am I gonna deal with that smidge? I’m gonna paint it out.(John Show me on the close up) So, (John: Cause people smidge at home) People smidge at home. So, I made my mid grey Smidge is there. (John: Oh! There it is!) Obnoxious smidge. (Cinnamon singsongs: Bye bye) I just try to find the grey. Actually, it’s just a good exercise for me to find my grey. Bye bye smidge. This is true of any painting in any color To the degree that you can do that, smidges can go. Be gone! Smidge! (John: Just gone) Smudge smidge. I’m gonna load some just black on here. I’m gonna go around my canvas making these little dots that are…You know, you know the spots on apples (John: Apple spots) Apple spots Some are a little lighter and darker than others, and just little details to think about (John: Yeah) Little details (Cinnamon singsongs: Fun little details) And then I get to get into the funfun FUN (John: Oh, yeah?) Yeah! (John: What’s that?) The coloring! (John: Oohh, Yeah!) Which is, if you like coloring books, you just made your own canvas coloring book. (John snickers) (John: So, you could just stop here, though) Yeah If you’d like to, you’ve now done a beautiful grey scale study of an apple It’s neutral, it’s decorative, you can put it in your home, you can pop this sucker in a frame Wow! Your friends’ll be like, freakin out, going “Dale! Dale! Look at that apple! Then there’s always that one person who can’t identify fruit (John laughs) And they act like it was you Don’t even buy into that (John: They’re all like) They just can’t. Take them to a store and see if they can identify fruit. (John laughs) Before, cause (John: Nice banana, dude!) Yeah! There’s THAT guy, and that guy happens and he’s not your fault Don’t take it on So, I’ve got clean water here I’m gonna take this pretty little, I have a thing for egg cups (John: What brush were you using on all that?) The last little bit was still the 2 (John: That little one was a 2?) Yeah (John: Ok) 2 bright. And I put this little cup here, It doesn’t really take a lot of glazing medium to do any of this And I’m gonna put out my cad yellow medium. You can buy this in hue to save money And now you all know why it’s called hue or not called hue! (John: Can you move down on the, the close up camera down on the leaf real quick?) Yeah (John: There was a, we got a request for that and I missed it) (Cinnamon singsongs: Just see the leaf the leaf is) No leaf for you! (Cinnamon singsongs: Really mellow) (Cinnamon singsongs: Really mellow) (John: That’s enough leaf for you! Now you get some pallet What? (John: I took away their leaf. Now they get pallet cam) I’m gonna have to make sure this is dry. Trick to this: Make sure your piece is dry. (John: Yeah) I’m gonna dry it with a hair dryer (Cinnamon laughs) Cause glazing doesn’t work if your piece is…That was too much brown! (John: That was a lot of brown you put down there) I wasted the brown (John: That’s ok) I have to do another painting after! You guys ever do that where you put out too much paint, and you’re like “Man, I gotta do another painting!” (John laughs) Cause you don’t wanna squeeze it all back in the tube (Cinnamon laughs) I have done that. I have. You guys have been like “Where’d that painting come from? Why’d she put it up?” I had extra paint (John: Too much paint was put out) Mmmmmm! All right, clean brushes, clean canvas, I’m gonna dry. John’s not gonna freak out (John with much trepidition: Oookaaay She’s gonna dry, and I’m gonna say thank you for all you guys coming and hangin out here despite the bad stream. I’m going to go, as soon as we get off, call and find out what’s going on with the intertubes. And have them fix them because we want to have good, clean streams And I want to say thanks again for everybody who’s comin out and hangin out with us I do REALLY really appreciate all the pictures and stuff you guys share and post up on Facebook and, uh Yeah, I think that, you know I just think it’s really cool you guys are all out here hangin out, so Thanks And hopefully Cinnamon will be coming back here, because you know, now’s about the time that I run out of things to say Right, Cinnamon? Cinn? Nope, she’s not. She’s not coming back This is gonna get ugly here in a minute Cause I’m just gonna have to keep talking This is gonna be another one of those videos where you’re gonna say “Click to like 48:40 to hear John panic in this one. Again” Yeah, that’s, that’s…Now she’s just messing with me See? See, you left me there just long enough to start panicking this time) (Cinnamon laughs) (John: i didn’t get into a full panic. I was just like…) I’m grabbing a # 8 Simply Simmons bright (John: I was beginning to wonder what I was going to do) I’m actually really liking these, guys. These are making me super happy (John: I feel like I need some of those) I’m not gonna get any water! I am. I’m gonna dab a little bit of water, but I’m gonna keep very little on my brush and I’m gonna come over, and I’m gonna mix a scoatch, a smidge of the burnt sienna to the yellow Just a smidge Almost a yellow ochre that we’re gonna get (John: Yeah) Grab a little glazing medium Is that, yeah, it’s ok. See this? I’m glazing (John: Aaah) Just glazing (John: Juuust….a little glaze) (Children noises in the background) Have they come to kill us? (John: I think so. I’ll be right back) Could be (Cinnamon laughs) So, see there we go. Look at that pop in! Isn’t that craycray? So, I haven’t even gone and gotten more paint I’m just going into my glaze and colorizing this. And I’m just doing this color right here on the leaf This is a fantastic way to do roses. If you’ve really been struggling with roses, Um, this is a good, good way to go I think it is Montemart Art I’m pretty sure I remember this correctly, has a really great version of this for doing giant roses (John: Ah!) If you needed a giant rose in your house, that would be your video (John: So, Jason was asking Can I use clear, oh, wait, where’d it go? It scrolled up there Uh, can I use clear gloss spray paint over acrylic? Hmm I don’t know) (Cinnamon sighs deeply) So, here’s the deal. These are flexible, bouncy canvases. I don’t know if it will craze or not. My recommendation is call the manufacturer, describe your intent with the product Describe it in detail Chances are that they’re going to have a better understanding of the limitations of their product So, now YOU could just put this up This crazy pop of yellow leaf (John: Oh, yeah! That’s so cool!) Wouldn’t that be great? (John: Yeah) That would be very cool Now, I’m gonna come over here and I’m gonna get a little blue and a little yellow And I’m gonna make a nice green (John: Ah! That does make sense. Yellow and blue) Make green! Now I’m gonna get a little bit of my glazing medium And I’m gonna glaze my apple (John: Ah! You just, you have to zoom up there) I will zoom up there. (John: So, you’re making a green apple) I’m honoring the photographer’s original intent. I’m gonna take this more to a yellow color and get more glaze (John: But you could make this a red apple, or) You could make this a purple apple (John: Purple apple or a pink) Any color apple you want (John: Now, you’re glazing, what are you glazing with?) I’m glazing with Matisse Antiquing Medium There is glazing medium. You could do it with Gloss Medium and Varnish (John: gotcha) The trick is, is I am thinning the paint to a completely translucent level but not underbinding it (John: You got to get your zoom in there again) Aw! I’m having so much fun. I’m sorry. (John: It”s, it’s if you actually just zoom out a little bit, and then I can see the whole apple in there Yeah, center, and there, perfect. Just a little bit in. There. Perfect. There.) All right, how are you guys liking this CRAZY crazy way of doing a painting? (John: Everybody’s pretty much loving this. There’s lots of thumbs up. There’s lots, oh, I love the emoticons by the way when you guys, when you’re putting all the emoticons up there, I love those.) They’re very good. (John: Because it makes it really easy for me to look over there and see what you guys are thinking Picture’s worth a thousand words) Now I’m not gonna paint the stem I think I’m gonna do the stem in a brown glaze So, I’m gonna be very careful painting around that (John: Now, uh Let’s see here I have) I’m gonna think about my brush stroke directionality even as I do this just to make sure Interesting thing you can do is you could do part of your apple in color and part of it not (John: Oh, yeah) Right? This is some crazy stuff I’m telling/showing. This is some stuff you see like when you go to an art show (John: Jenny has a question here) Jenny! Hi Jenny! (John: So, uh, can she use gloss heavy gel for this?) Ok, so the only thing about the gloss heavy gel is that it doesn’t give you these thin thin coats But you can make it work that way I don’t think it will cloud on you. I’ve never had any problem And it is gloss. By the way, you can get your things, your agents in matte, semi-gloss or gloss (John: All right) It does not have to be glossy. You can even control the finish and the shine of this This is just about being able to create a thin enough tint of color Right? (John: Yeah) That all your hard work underneath I put out way more glazing medium than I actually probably need Like ya do (John: Like ya do) Like ya do! At least like I do. All the time. One thing I do is I let my glaze be a little multi tonal. (John: Hmm) Um, I want those, i want it to feel painterly I want people to be just not quite sure how I created the piece (John: Wow, that’s really cool!) Isn’t that fun? Just looks GOOD! (John: Yeah) And, I mean again, there’s these stages that you can stop. You can be like “I think I’m gonna stop at the brown leaf” Or you could be like “I’m gonna stop at the green apple” You could do the apple green and the leaf brown and the background brown Any of these choices will actually look really good, and people will love them You’re not gonna make a choice you know and agian, because I’m using glazing medium and not water, I’m not underbinding The only thing that wouldn’t work is just using water to create these thin layers cause the paint won’t really stick (John: Hmmmm) Look at that! AWESOMENESS! Right?!?! (John: Everyone’s commenting how really cool it is that now all you’re doing is a color study cause the tonal work’s already done) Yeah and for some people, this is the most liberating thing in the world This is an extreme example of an idea in painting So if you think about oil painters and the way that they use glazings they do a very refined tonal study. Go watch any of the oil painters and they’ll have these beautiful studies underneath and then they’ll start applying glazes of paint but that tonal study never really disappears Yes, they’re using color, yes they’re you know, it’s a lot more refined but, you know, this pop art effect still is very, it’s the actual cousin of the other effect and is one of my favorite favorite FAVORITE things that you can do in art The ability to decide what has color on a canvas and what doesn’t and the way that it’s colored in these sort of really strong tonal studies It’s powerful stuff (John: We, so we have a Sherpette lost at Michaels and because this is a live show, she was hoping you could help us out) She’s lost in Michaels? (Cinnamon laughing) (John: So, she says that right now she’s at Michaels and she’s trying to buy the right stuff) Ok, I’m with you (John: And since we’re here) We’re here (John: She says that they’ve got Gloss Medium and Varnish Fluid and is that different than Gel Medium and Varnish?) Yes Gel Medium and Varnish will have a heavier body. Fluid will be self leveling and closer to this (John: Ah! Well, there ya go) Fluid medium Is this what you’re looking at? Hopefully, this is what you’re seeing (John: That’s what you’re using) Yeah (John: The one that says) Well, I’m using I’m actually using this Water Based Antiquing medium which is actually glazing medium. Everybody likes to name their products like crazy crazy stuff and so, cause they want, you know they want it to be like “This is our stuff” Now, I happen to love the Matisse glazing medium (John: MmmHmm) But companies have a glazing medium, like, ya know, all of them Artist Loft has like a, a gloss medium and varnish (John: Hmm. So everybody’s got some, you just gotta figure out what it’s called) Yeah, you just gotta figure out what’ll work for you (John: Now, Lisa wanted me to make sure I passed along everybody is loving this There’s just a whole bunch of people just saying “This is great great great great great and I know you can’t see the chat, but they wanted to pass along There’s a lot of people that are finding this being a very very liberating way of having to approach painting) There is literally, that’s why I’m always like I get a little nervous when as instructors we go “This is the one way of doing a thing” cause there just isn’t a one way of doing a thing And next year, some creative inventive artist is gonna break all the rules Yeah, some canvases might explode. We don’t know what happened on their journey, but they’re gonna find a new way of getting it done (John: MmmHmm) You know? So you just kinda gotta be flexible about all this stuff in art you know, it’s the difference between a style and a school (John: Yeah) I got a little heavier in the blue, but it’s just a thin glaze. It’s just really thin. Hopefully you guys can see how thin that glaze is Oops! I almost went in the water Put out WAY more paint than I needed (Cinnamon giggles) You guys don’t need to use this much paint at all (John: So, Bastette has a question, and I’m not exactly sure if I remember how I’m not exactly sure if I understand her question here) Ok (John: So it says, Can we talk about broad 9 or more grey value scales? I can’t get the mid tone #5 of 11 tones (Cinnamon sighs deeply) (John: Ok, I’m guessing you understood what she just asked) Yeah UM, And that’s where she’s struggling is in the mid ranges (John: Yeah) You can get the dark? (John: Well, I don’t know, she just says, I just have one sentence to go by right now) Now, if I’m understanding her correctly, she’s saying she can get the lightest ranges and she can get the darkest ranges, but she’s struggling with the mid tones (John: Yeah, it says definitely “I can’t get the mid tone #5 of 11 tones, so, um, yeah.) Yeah, um (Cinnamon sighs) Do, go, if you did the previous quest do the black and white copy Do that exercise again and again and again Um, that will help you see where that mid range is Go ahead and just mix out all of them yourself Do the 1 to 1, right? that’s your middle 1 part white, 1 part black, that’s the middle Then go back and make the lighter, go back and make the darker, and then paint, here it is from earlier Sorry I’m off camera We were talking about this exercise here Using a black and white copy to find the value It just went somewhere weird. Hi Honey! So, that’s my best advice for overcoming that (Honey: Hiiii) Your brain will get you there It really will. It will take you there And that is a good trick Kind of like an artist’s stretch To help unlock that (Cinnamon whispers: Don’t get in the water) (John laughing: Don’t dip in the coffee either) Um, when you’re talking about paintings, there’ll be a thing like how much of the grey scale that they use. The strongest artists will do what I like to call, they’ll do the upper register of the grey scale they’ll do what I call High Hat To 1. From 5 to white, they don’t do anything under 5 And they have these REALLY EMOTIONAL expressive paintings and it’s like REALLY. So, it’s like from mid, it’s really hard for me to do, cause boy, I wanna get into 8 and 9 RIGHT NOW (John: Oh, yeah) I love getting into 8 and 9, and I am more of a Baroque kind of person. If it ain’t Baroque… Ok, I’m sorry, it’s a terrible art joke (John laughing) So terrible Terrible art joke. So, I’m just making sure everything is you know, colorized the way I want it and looks nice and is neat. Cause pop art is generally, now I’m kind of liking the stem black and white, what’s your feeling John? Should we color it brown? Or do you like it black and white? Cause I feel like it pops then. (John: I don’t, I mean, I would be tempted to but the brown in because I would want more color) All right (John: No, I mean, this is so interesting) It just, it IS. Ready co-captain? (John: i don’t know) Co-captain John Let’s glaze a little brown. Just the brown I pulled out a little, see I had NO NEED for all that paint at all! (John: Yeah Yeah, everyone else is with me, I think, they’re like) Do they want brown, or (John: They wanna see the brown in there, too) Yeah, it doesn’t hurt to see it (John: That’s so cool. It just comes together Oh, Teresa said leave it, but we’re already in there) All right, well You leave it Teresa! (John: We got a 13 second delay, so there’s) (both laughing) John wanted the brown, i don’t know what to tell you (John: I LIKE it!) It doesn’t hurt the piece I am gonna leave it black and white behind it because I feel like it creates this You know, and you can keep glazing! Here’s what’s crazy, guys You can do some more glazing on this. I’m gonna do a single color glaze Because I like how that is. This is just another way to get there. If you’re like “Man, i cannot mix this color to save my life But I can chiaroscuro like a crazy person, I can shade with my pencil all day” Probably You’re gonna pick up that grey scale in the paint just as quickly It’ll just be about mixing. You’ll get it in short order And then you can glaze (John: Now, I know you. If we came in here with more layers of glaze, wouldn’t that just add more depth to the study?) Well, it can actually start to take away (John: Really?) Now, if I glaze past this, then I have to glaze in color (John: Ahhhhh!) Like I have to glaze in tone and value, too Tone, shade, tint (John: Interesting) But, yeah, you could. I could use this in the same way I would use the cow and be like, do a dark green and just rebuild all the stuff in here Right? (John: Ohhh, yeah) So, just to show you I gotta photograph this later for the thing, but just to show you I’m gonna do another glaze here on this shadow So, I want this just to be this darker darker glaze And I know I have this lowlight (John: All right, push that forward a little bit. Cause we’re losing it) Ok, I did blue and burnt sienna (John: Blue and burnt sienna, ok) Yeah, and I’m just making sure I have a dark dark little thin glaze So I can come back here You probably should let this dry. Cause antiquing medium, in my opinion, takes way too long to dry Can you guys see that slight (John: Yeah) shadow there, and I can even come underneath here With my shadow But again, you should really really The trick to glazing would be to just go, I’m doing this for the purposes of a demo So if the whole thing bursts into flames, it’s ok (John: You know, there’s a lot of people who are ready to be in the, ah Bursting Into Flames Exploding Canvas School of Art) That’s a Porfirio Jimenez on YouTube He’s always like “Be on fire, my friends!” (John laughing) And I’ve, every time I see a painting I’m like “Oh My God, Please don’t die this time! (Both laughing) Cause he really, Fire is a key component in his art! (John: Yeah It’s a key component, and I, I fear for him But he’s really good I’m just trusting that when he sets his spray can on fire, he’s got a plan (John: Can you zoom in on the close up camera there a little bit?) Yeah (John: I wanted to say hi to Raven and all the Little Brushes that are joining us today) Hi Raven and Little Brushes! Thank you so much! So you can see I’ve just added this layer of color here And it’s just helping define this shadow with juuuuust a little extra pop. That’s all that’s happening here. Again, I would be inclined to allow the whole thing to dry Before hitting another layer. The trick with glazes is letting it dry Glaze, Dry, Glaze But I’m being bad For the purposes of showing you guys that you can keep glazing (John: Mmmmm) (Children playing in the background) She had it first (John: There’s some, there’s some play happening) Yeah My kids are big into Who had it first. Are your kids big into who had it first? I HAD IT FIRST! (John: They love each other. You can hear it from here) The Hawaiians had it first! (Both laughing) Just saying! (John: Yeah) (John: So, gosh guys. Thank you so much for joining us today! I just looked over there and saw the CAC is over in there!) Hi The CAC! (John: Hello!) Hello C.A.C. (John: I wanted to say thank you to all our moderators who’ve joined us today Just thank you) Thank you. This is a crazy project, so I appreciate you guys being like “Ok, we’ll apple with you!” (John: Yeah! Yeah, and I guess the today, on our way out, we’re going to, I’m gonna uh We’re just gonna go out today, I think normally We’ll just go out. I’ll save our intro, I think for another day) We’ll do our , yeah our intro will be another, well when are we gonna, I guess I’ll paint some apples again later so his intro makes some sense So are you guys willing to do more still lifes? Tell me in the comments if still lifes are things that you wanna paint some Bowls O Fruit? (John: oh, yeah. And they wanna know, should you varnish this?) Yes. Once it is entirely dry (John: Oh, yeah) Yes (John: So definitely varnish after it’s) ENTIRELY dry (John: And is there anything you need to do special about washing your brushes after?) Soap (John: Soap) Soap (John: Cool) Yeah. This is hard on them (John: All right) No lie. It’s hard on them. Soap And glazing medium takes forever to dry. Gloss medium and varnish you could like go make a cup of tea, come back and it’ll be dry (John chuckles) Yeah But you should follow the instructions which is like they want a couple of hours between a layers (John: Yep) Just go ahead and give the manufacturer. There’s a really cool lady that’s doing a, she’s doing a studio visit where she’s like a serious artist, and she has a studio and she brings you in and all the times it’s getting interesting was just something where she’s like “I knew I should have not done this) But I did and now the whole center sunk in so now I’ve gotta work that out and it’s always just about, like as artists we get impatient and we get in a rush and we don’t want to read the instructions or go on the website or do any of that because that part’s the boring part, I just wanna color And then that’s when things are ON FIRE! (John: Yeah) When you’re like Oh! Those 2 chemicals explode! Oh! That’s exciting (John chuckles) I’m not, I haven’t seen that exactly. When the spray can artists do it, yes I’ve seen that, but just in general But you know what I’m saying, like sometimes stuff you look and it goes Cloud, Crack, a little gas comes up and you’re like That can’t be healthy (John: Yeah) So just be careful, read the instructions, read the warning labels (Both laughing) Just saying. (John: Yeah! Well all right! All right, so we’re gonna throw the intro back up here cause people were asking for it So we’ll go ahead and run the intro on the way out and we love you guys! Thank you for hangin out) Yeah! Tell me about still lifes. Yes still life, No still life, tell me (John: Yeah All right guys. We’ll see you a little later) See you at the easel really soon! Oh! Watch us tomorrow (John: Here it goes! Say byebye!) Bye! We’re on tomorrow! (Folk style music playing Hello my friends, the time of day is here When everybody paints and forget their fears Show me where your art is You know that’s where your heart is

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