Grimes – Art Angel (Documentary)

Grimes – Art Angel (Documentary)

FADER GRIMES At first I guess there was just Grimes I don’t technically have control Over her narrative anymore You know she very much exists in pop culture
now Grimes as one person cannot represent more than a couple ideas That’s why I started developing some of the other characters like really abstract from like who I am or how I am You can start being an actor and like start like adding in more voices and start realizing that you don’t just
have to like not everything has to fully reflect you The art angels are the face of it We’re more like superheroes more like villains They are the performers and I’m like the
producer writer So much of my music is just like against like the people who are trying to take it
away from me I guess the overall tone is sort of like Aggressive being word Either like aggressively angry or aggressively
stoked You have to push people and you have to become aggressive or you can’t get your way But you know i’d constantly be getting emails from like producers and stuff being like I’d love to like work on some tracks on
your album and it’s just like you know that’s like me like saying to you
guys like Hey can i film this interview for you or hey can I do your interview for you or
something You know it’s just people offering to do
your job all the time and it’s just like infuriating I mean even just to get to the point where
I could like produce my own record and have everyone fuck
off and not like give me shit for it you know Just let me do my fucking job like why else am i here like I don’t want to be just like the face of this thing that i built I want to be the person who built it Just realizing there’s no one who’s going
to take control over this besides me Like if I want this to run smoothly and I want this to happen then I just have to like you know tell people what I want and what I need which used to be very hard for me I didn’t want to put something out that wasn’t like a full transition into the contemporary version of Grimes I
basically toured the world since Visions I learned how to perform I learned how to
sing Just doing like a full pop show feels weird So I started like screaming a little bit Then I started screaming a lot Phan is a Taiwanese rapper I sent her some weird song that Kind of sounded like Pantero with beats I was like do you want to work with me on
this Hey I’m curious about how did you find my music One of my friends actually found it and sent it to me And I thought it was like I just hadn’t ever heard anything that sounded like it before When I was finishing my album I really wanted a rapper But I wanted like the most crazy thing I could find I feel like your rapping is very aggressive Usually I play just myself Cool and my controller And sometimes some samplers And I think you do it like that Yeah I think it’s like a similar Yeah like alone and like MPCs and looper and stuff like that When you play shows do people dance or is it more like Yeah I think they will dance But sometimes they just stand there and they stare at me It’s the same for me sometimes they dance and sometimes they just stand and stare Do you have a job besides music I’m also a teacher and I have children to write stories so that helps me a lot because I’m always inspired by the children Do you show them your music No that’s weird There’s a point that everything is so digital that you stop It feels less like tangible and like less
real Real instruments just kind of like presented a challenge to me You can start taking more risks like tonally and sonically Process is as important as the final product And I think like the fact that I’m not like a super-proficient guitar player or violin
player whatever is kind of important It’s the first time that I’ve had the
budget or the skill set to actually like reference any of the music
I actually grew up on Like in one of these songs it’s like the
guitar sound the guitar sound is like A Perfect Circle And so it conjures all of these ideas It’s like that whole lineage of music Like every sound and every color and every
visual has a giant connection to human history that just goes back like thousands of years You can’t just like erase that stuff and
pretend it doesn’t exist That visual and that sound just like means
all these things like whether you want it to or not It’s been really fun to just kind of have the world at my fingertips Grimes Art Angel

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  21. Courtesy of Elon Musk

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