Glow Tutorial // Lighting & Glow Effects for Beginner Digital Artists

Glow Tutorial // Lighting & Glow Effects for Beginner Digital Artists

44 thoughts on “Glow Tutorial // Lighting & Glow Effects for Beginner Digital Artists

  1. Should I delete the sai I already have? Or keep it, i dunno how to do this xD

  2. Can you pls draw toothless and the light fury? The same art like the fish? How do you manage to keep the colors look there were liquid? (Airbrush+?)

  3. le big oof I use fire alpaca and most of your brushes do not match mine :T

  4. i dont even got myself a laptop or computer <(。_。)>

  5. only real artists can draw this… like you. im SHook i cant draw thisssss

  6. I use "Autodesk" But the glow features are a bit more bright.

  7. This is really helpful since I have a character who sometimes glows and I couldn’t always get it to look quite right

  8. Without photoshop, i have a hard time to make glowing or shinning things…

    I just realize i don't have base knowledge about lightings either. (Which is crap…)

  9. I really love digital art but im colour blind

  10. The sound made me cringe ;-;

  11. One fish
    Two fish
    rEd FiSh
    bLuE FiSh

  12. Am i the only one who came here so they can do undertale related art-

  13. I know you showed your brush settings, but can you give any suggestions for lineart? I feel like my lineart seems a bit plain, so if you could suggest forms, texture, misc, etc. that would help a lot! If you already did a video on that, (since I'm new) could you send a link please? Anything helps! 🙂

    Edit: just so you know, I have sai 1 instead of sai 2 so the settings may vary..

  14. Nice one

  15. Betta fish!

  16. I didn’t know that digital art programs could have sequels drum sound 🙃😆

  17. Can the white light be on the side instead of the middle?

  18. This was SO helpful! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Thanks Alot!!

  20. I just got a tablet (xp pen) and i got used to these settings but I thought that this glowing tutorials are hard but it was actually very easy you just need to understand the physics!

  21. How do you get a steady hand with the computer mouse? Or is there a trick to make the lines less "wobbly"

  22. really simple and nice work!

  23. What 😱it on computer not flipaclip

  24. How do you do the thing we’re you color outside the lines and it doesn’t go into the background? (Sorry just got a digital art pad)

  25. Honestly…
    Idk I just really liked it

  26. Thanks a ton! I'm pretty good at drawing, but TERRIBLE at shading so this really helped me out!

  27. OMG THANK YOU! I've been looking for a video explaining this forever and this is the first one that actually made me understand it!

  28. "The way to make things brighter is to have darker things behind them"

  29. Wow, !

  30. Hey this is totally off topic
    But where can you download sai 2?

  31. Thanks for making this tutorial, I've been struggling with glowing affects for the time I was doing digital art

  32. I'm so scared to get paint tool sai because every time I try to get it I get an anti-malware pop up that just freaks me out and makes me chicken out of the download ; ^;

  33. Wow you explained it really nicely am going to try it out. Such a cool effect

  34. Red fish is perfect!

  35. Cool tutorial

  36. Awsome thanks so much really helped me alot =)

  37. This video was very helpful! Very simple to understand vs many other videos that I've seen that complicated things for me even more than before, lol. I really enjoyed this tutorial and will be practicing what I've learned from this tutorial, thank you! 🙂

  38. Can u usw this trick with medibang paint?

  39. I don’t understand when you switch layers o.o

  40. this Helped A lot! Thanks!

  41. So pretty 😭😭😭😭

  42. Wow! You're super talented and great at explaining/teaching. Thanks so much! Great tutorial!!

  43. Awesome

  44. That lumiosity brust was the icing. Thank you 🙂

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