Get Creative with Chinese Steamed Bun Dough

Get Creative with Chinese Steamed Bun Dough

Basically, there isn’t anything that’s more tender
than Chinese Steamed Bun Dough. Steamed Buns are one of
my favorite things to eat. What I love about Bao is
it translates a wrapper. It’s not just a hunk of bread. It’s like a little pocket,
like a little cloud. You can fill it
with Pork Belly Duck and they’re super easy to make,
great to have with your friends and family, and it’s
great to fill with all of your favorite goodies. We are inspired to
pursue this recipe from David Chang at Momofuku. We took his recipe,
tweaked it a little bit, and we’re going to show you
three ways that you can use it. [MUSIC PLAYING] For the full in-depth recipe,
please come to and sign up for Premium. Premium is a place that
you can get any recipe that ChefSteps will ever do. You know you want to. Just do it, now.

100 thoughts on “Get Creative with Chinese Steamed Bun Dough

  1. For the first, could you just wrap your fillings up inside before steaming?

  2. Yeast and baking powder and baking soda…. Light uh? :')

  3. i made it !!!!!

  4. they look great

  5. airy and fluffy

  6. Yes, I'm going to pay $24 for a site I'll use once…CUZ CAPITALISM M8!!!!

  7. i was really excited to make these and then i find out it's $24 to do so. I totally lost my mood to cook ):

  8. totally premium.

    been premium for a while now… please bring Joule™ to Australia !!!

  9. I made these today for the extended family and they were impresses. Next time i will double the recipe. i did find i had to add a bit more water to the dough. thanks!

  10. I was just wondering, what are the fillings you used and could i get a recipe?

  11. 一个外国人把馒头做得这么好真的好么。。

  12. Love the twists you did on the Chinese bao. Deff can do 2 of these since it's just steaming.

  13. so squid ink or black seasme puree for those black Gua Boa Buns…I seen em lol @chefsteps

  14. Oh my god they look amazing! I've always wondered how to make them and it looks pretty easy! will definitely give it a try! thanks!! 🙂

  15. I wish my bed could be made from this dough

  16. nice recipe

  17. Great video, thanks.

  18. I miss Riley. His character really added to this program.

  19. Could you guys post more videos more often?? Pleaassee!!

  20. Hello, why is your website not working? Is it on system failure for the moment?

  21. Don't Hug Me I'm Scared taught me well to avoid getting creative.

  22. David CHANG!!!!

  23. Is that Rye Dog's arm at 3:56? Wohooo awesome comeback!

  24. can you do your take on the pork belly to go with the bun

  25. In Malaysia, we deep fry them and use the buns to mop up the sauce from this

  26. What's the knife in minute 4:07???

  27. Taiwanese !

  28. can you freeze this dough ??

  29. Brothers Green Eats much?

  30. Wow you could make bread awesome

  31. Would these recipes work just as well with gluten free flour? I'm celiac, so I've been trying to find ways to improvise

  32. almost donut dough

  33. there is no free recipe somewhere??

  34. Are the recipes in premium in video form?

  35. @davidchang

    ChefSteps are straight food #ballers.

  36. im gonna cry this looks delightful

  37. knedla vole

  38. This video made me buy a steamer and ChefSteps Premium 🙂

  39. OMG yum!

  40. Merci pour la recette ainsi que les astuces, c'est bien précis ☺️👏🏻❤️🌹

  41. patatimmmmm! 😤


  43. good job Nick Gavin! love your recipes

  44. 馒头 发糕 葱油饼

  45. Peking Foods in Brooklyn….

  46. what is the recipe to make the actual buns the measurements

  47. I had no idea this bun was so versatile!

  48. My mind just got blown

  49. hi chef steps! how can I make that pork 'filling'? and I want to replace it with beef chicken, can I? cause I'm not eating pork. thank you. 😊

  50. that hoisin sauce though….

  51. ingat ingatlah, pilih yang asli. ch*k y*n, ch*k y*n, bakpau yang asli..asli lho!

  52. If ANYONE has the recipe for these buns please notify me!!!!

  53. you should tell us what you put inside the tacos and demonstrate how you seasoned those meats. So we can try it as well.

  54. where i can get the exactly recipe, please

  55. Nick is soooo dreamy

  56. Love it

  57. question: wouldnt the bamboo steamer burn from direct contact with the hot pot? ive never used it before but from other asian cooking videos with the steamer, they either use an adapter or have it in contact with water (using a big pan)

  58. There's 2 meanings in bao. Bread is actually called bao; bao is also used as a verb: "to wrap" or "wrap." So he's not wrong but he's also not right.

  59. I feel like this channel is under rated.😒

  60. Does anyone know the thing he used to steam the dough is called? I feel dumb asking this but can I get one at like Walmart or something?

  61. Wow 4:06

  62. a time know the Measurements for the in for the recipe so ik don't have to pay 40 bucks…

  63. 围观的中国人哈哈哈哈

  64. Hу brоthers I just found aаaa goоd website whicccсh giveееes you freeеee_steam_wallеt_сard_c0dеs

  65. this guy reminds me of awakenwithjp LOL

  66. wat is fondoo

  67. Any problems for the steam Buns if I did them in a rational steam oven?

  68. omg ur kitchen is to die for

  69. Can you use a food processor if you don't have a stand mixer with a dough hook?

  70. this is just one kind of bun

  71. these would be cool too do with a burger

  72. Great thing is you can make a bunch and freeze them and steam for later!

  73. how does david have anything to do with baos? its been around for decades and he most likely got his recipe from somewhere else. no disrespect to david tho.

  74. how long will the rolls stay fresh for? do they keep well for a few days? or is it only good for the few hours after making it..?

  75. You are not going to give us the measurements?

  76. This is just freaking so awesome.. thank u .. I have looking for this from quite a long time

  77. I live in Taiwan, and this kind of Chinese steamed pork belly buns is absolutely delicious and it's really popular Taiwanese street food.

  78. Do you guys hire new people!


  80. So can I make them one night before and steam them the other day

  81. Hi~ This is Handicook, cooking video, introducing easy making recipe! I've been enjoying watching your clips. Looks really tasty!

  82. What are the measurements to make the buns

  83. looks nice and tasty, maybe gonna try it. But please please please do NOT call it Chinese food…

  84. I've noticed some hard and dry yellow spots on the bun after steaming.It's also not as fluffy. What could be the issue?

  85. I want the dough recipe exact recipe

  86. Where I can get the recipe for the dough

  87. I do not have a dough hook or mixer.. can I still do this?

  88. What activates the yeast?

  89. Any idea on measurements? Probably the best looking dough ive seen

  90. No recipe…

  91. Put the dough in a stainless steel bowl for proofing and the bowl risen in a glass bowl. What a magic!

  92. measurements of ingredients plsss

  93. What is the quantity of all ingredients?Thank you

  94. i wonder if ghee would be better than butter.

  95. How do you make them buns so beautiful and not fall apart?

  96. 2 questions. For the Siracha dough, is the Siracha added with the wet mixture? For the steaming process, if using triple steamer, do I need to rotate the steaming pans?

  97. Have you Seen an englishman called gaving?

  98. Taiwanese Gua Bao

  99. Sometimes when I makes Buns, they get a bit discoloured (almost looking like they are wet, not bouncy and light/white looking. Othertimes this do not happen in the same extent. Does anyone have a clue why? I use a bambo steamer, over boiling water. Water is boiling pretty hard, but it should not be touching the steamer and therefore making the buns "wet".

    Anyone got a tip for me?:)

  100. It looks really yummy my friend 😋😋😋👍👍👍

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