GACHA LIFE | Draw My Life

GACHA LIFE | Draw My Life

Gacha Life is a free role-playing and life-simulation
game which allows you to create and customize your own characters, make up stories, and
interact with other users. The game is based on other games such as The
Sims, as well as the “gacha” concept. “Gacha” comes from the Japanese term “gashapon”, which
refers to the typical plastic capsules that contain some sort of surprise gift, which
you can get in vending machines. These usually contain small collectible figurines which
represent popular characters from Japan. In the videogame world, the “gacha model”
refers to a widely used technique in free apps that consists on offering the player
certain payment options, so that he or she can basically purchase the chance of unlocking
new stuff in the game such as items, game modes, characters, etc. This encourages users
to spend money in order to collect all the available characters in the game, as they
would do with gashapons. Gacha Life was published in October 2018 for
iOS and Android devices. The studio responsible for this game is Lunime, composed of a group
of artists who have created other games based on the same concept, which all share a similar
aesthetic and gameplay. Gacha Life soon amassed a big number of followers, and became one
of the most popular titles of this format. By default, the game offers you eight pre-made
characters which you can customize using a huge array of resources: Haircuts, facial
expressions, clothes, poses, and many others. You can also define the name and occupation
of each character. The customization possibilities in this game are almost endless, with a lot
of references to the anime-chibi aesthetic, as well as touches of fantasy elements. We
can create very kawaii characters in this game! These are classified based on two factors:
Rarity and element. Rarity is measured in stars: The more stars it has, the rarer it
is. There are also six elements: Water, wind, fire, light, darkness and neutral. Gacha Life includes several game modes. Once
our characters are ready we can use the Studio mode to create scenes and stories with them.
On the Gacha tab you will find a display where we can obtain items using our gems. These
will be useful to customize our scenes, or to give them to other character friends. On
the Games mode you will find several mini-games through which you can obtain more gems. Through the Life mode you can interact and
become friends with more than 100 characters by talking to them and giving them gifts.
That way you will obtain experience points that will make you level up. However, doing
this will reduce your stamina meter, which will gradually recover as long as you have
the game active. As you level up you unlock new options in
the game. For instance, when you reach level 10 the Chat tab will become available, which
you’ll be able to use to chat with other users. This makes it so that the game is always offering
us new content, making it very dynamic! In a short amount of time Gacha Life has become
a phenomenon among young people, developing a very loyal and engaged community. It has
become so popular that many users have started to upload videos with their own stories made
in Gacha Life, calling themselves “gachatubers”. Some of their characters are clear references
to anime protagonists, and we can even find many based on creepypastas! Wow! No doubt that people who play Gacha Life
are true artists! And to be honest, after doing some research for this video, we feel
hooked and want to start creating our own gacha stories with Tik and Tak. And what about
you, TikTakers? Have you ever created a character? If you have, feel free to share them with
us through our social media. We look forward to seeing them!

100 thoughts on “GACHA LIFE | Draw My Life

  1. Have you ever played Gacha Life, tiktakers? ☺️☺️☺️ Don't forget to tag us in your gacha OC's in Instagram! We're @drawthelifeyt, can't wait to see them! 😆

  2. Wow you're really good at drawing

  3. ….Omg this was the best video I've ever seen that was talking about gacha life!

  4. What if Gacha Life is in Roblox
    Roblox: Hey why are you so different and so ShOrT
    Minecraft WHO THE HELL ARE YOU

  5. I like your OC

  6. I started play gacha life in 2018

  7. I’m on iPad but I can’t do Chat… while on gacha


  9. . _.

  10. Hey you play it?

  11. I have! OwO

  12. I play gacha life!

  13. I’m just amazed how everybody get more than 1 k subs by doing Gacha. And I only have 10 XDD well done everybody❤️

  14. Amazing, drawing TikTak!
    Unique skills, for drawing don't'cha think?
    Did your parents, show you how to draw?
    I have so many questions!
    But… We will have to remember to, keep safe, on Gacha Life!
    Rude, stuff has been coming up so much, Lunime/Luni had to, update the game!
    Also…Please if you don't wanna do a promise, but… Can you do;
    Draw The Life UNDERTALE?
    Creator: Toby Fox
    Mettaton EX
    Mettaton NEO
    Undyne The Undying
    Alphys NEO
    Sans (Megalovania)
    Papyrus (Bonetrousle/Nyeh Heh Heh!)
    Chara (Megalo Strikes Back/SAVE the world)
    Frisk/Genocide Route (SAVE The World)
    Flowey (Flowey)
    Sans. (House)
    Photoshop Flowey/Omega Flowey (Your Best Nightmare)
    Asgore. (ASGORE)
    Toriel (Home)
    Toriel (Heartache/Battle)
    Lesser Dog (Enemy Approaching!)
    Dummy. (DUMMY!)
    Dummy #2 (Fight The Dummy!)
    Napstablook (Ghost Fight)
    Greater Dog (DOG Song)
    Temmie Village
    Tem Shop
    Asriel Dreemurr (True Ending)
    The God Of Hyperdeath
    Surface World (Back To The Surface)
    Dog Song
    Enemy Approaching!
    Metal Crusher
    Death By Glamour
    The Power Of NEO
    Once Upon A Time
    Megalo Strike Back
    SAVE The world
    Your Best Nightmare
    A True Ending
    Hope's An Dream's
    Battle against a true hero
    Spear Of Justice.
    Ghost Fight.
    That is all! <3 Have a nice time TikTakers/TikTak!

  15. ……. OK I'm not….. OK never mind

  16. I do not like the voice of yours srry!

  17. For some reason I only make edgy gacha life character

  18. I am gacha tuber past 2 years heheheh

  19. Why don't we appreciate her drawings?

  20. Hehe…

    GachaTubers be like;
    I live gacha Bro..

  21. I love using it!
    Oh wait I already have Gacha Life n I'm a Gachatuber!!!

  22. Gacha life is life. It's like editing an anime character.

  23. Dude i love gacha life i play it =3 ya i waching your video now and your drowing sook cool i wach jeff + nina ya

  24. Im playing gacha life duh 🤦💓

  25. Im edit gacha life by : ibis paint i have so many edit🤩😍💟❣️

  26. Who love's GACHA LIFE?
    COME OUT!!


  28. I LOVE gacah life

  29. Yes my daugther check out her chanell her name is Ashley Suships She only have 1 video nut shes getting ready in april for new meme of gacha life

  30. Almost everyone in this comment section has a gacha life pfp


  32. EW

  33. I don’t have insta but my oc is just black and white you can’t judge meh it’s my fav color:D

  34. 99% 'Gacha Tubers'
    1% Just here to see how people react.

  35. Gacha life is the meaning of life

    Change my mind

  36. This is what



  37. OMG I watch ur scary vids but I love gacha yay thanks for doing it

  38. :《

  39. Ok now y’all doing to much

  40. Wow

  41. Yeh

  42. We all know that almost all of us are Gachatubers 😂

  43. LOL i Play Gacha life!

  44. I love Gacha life XD

  45. Tiktak: Makes video with gacha in it

    Me: Haha I do that

  46. I have Gacha life is the best :3

  47. I played gacha life!

  48. Thats my character! but i dont want to use it for my profile picture

  49. They are 20 characters

  50. Almost everyone in the comment section has a Gacha profile lol

  51. Haha

    I live for it hunny

  52. Gachatubers watch this

  53. 3:55 : Yeah, gachatubers are great artists.

    Me, looking at the thousands of spoiler brat and hated child videos: Are you sure about that?

  54. I was just like "WAIT!? SO GACHA LIFE IS SCARY!?"when I saw this. Sorry I only watch the scary vids

  55. Me when I heard her say you are a true artist: haha I know you know that I am a true artist… I MADE LAZARI

  56. Queen of mean~~

  57. While scrolling down the
    comments, all I can see
    are gacha profile pics xD

  58. I have played it

  59. Oof I am gacha life

  60. Wait there artis no there not it does not include drawling it’s just useing different poses items and faces and other stuff made by the creator so it’s not art!

  61. That game has glitch right?

  62. Luni made that game


  63. I have gacha life it's really cool and I really lub it so cute characters

  64. Of course I have

  65. I do Gacha video pls come and watch

  66. "Have you ever created a Gacha Character?"

    Ha ha ha, I play Gacha since the first game

  67. She draws good 😁😊😄

  68. I have gacha life :3

  69. Can u make one of Roblox

  70. I pley it the hol time

  71. Right when I sall this vid I DID NOT SKIP IT I absolutely love gacha life but there are some bad things people used to do that thay cant do any more…

  72. So u calling me an artist??? 🙁

  73. Me: i aint no gachatuber 😎😎😎😎

  74. Me: im a gacha maker

  75. you even drew Luni!😱

  76. i have gacha life

  77. Alot of infornation is wrong in this Video, Lunime game "Gacha Studio" was very popular already and people already starting making stories and published them, after that Gacha Verse came out which was very similar to Gacha Life and had the same character style which also has lots of Stories, THEN gacha life was released which has the same amount of downloads Gacha Verse has, you made it sound like Gacha Life was the first game, no you cannot buy more clothing options in gems, how in any way is Gacha Life inspired by sims? It has no simlish elements?

  78. Oh god-

  79. I love how everyone in the comment section is a gachatuber

  80. Yay gacha!!

  81. PERFECT ❤❤❤❤❤

  82. 𝚂𝚘 𝚐𝚘𝚘𝚍

  83. She put a gacha tuber in there!Oof

  84. lol I love that way you pronounced kawaii, you sai it like dis: ka-wa-EEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  85. I have

  86. Gacha life, hmmm I don’t really like it, since there’s like.. yeah.. like..

  87. Gacha is evin dont play gacha life

  88. I have gacha life

  89. Yasss meh have ÙwÚ

  90. Have you ever made a gacha character?
    Me: looks at screenshots of over 69 gacha characters I made

    Me: I think I did

  91. “Do you have any ocs?”
    Me:.-.i have about a hundred ppl that I make every day Lol

  92. Yes

  93. 2:03 wow you can draw a better gacha girl then me

  94. Also this is the most game on Android

  95. Ooh….

  96. Yes

  97. I have Gacha life!and I did make some vid,and I also of course did make my character

  98. literally all the comments here have a gacha profile


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