We’ve been given a seven by five metre
canvas to produce which is probably the biggest canvas we’ve done so far.
It definitely is. It’s a weird one because it’s like a
size of a wall that we usually do but it’s in such a controlled environment and that
gives us the flexibility to be able to adapt a lot more than the backgrounds
and without the elements except you you can really really mess around with it.
Normally if we were painting this on a wall you let a few things slide, but for
this we’re not really letting anything slide. We’re sort of pulling in little
details that usually we wouldn’t really bother with. With the stencil we know how the final image how it’s going to go but because of that you can loosen up in
other places, and you can have a little bit of freedom in other places, knowing
that you can bring it all back with the stencil if you need to. And you also have
the freedom that if mistakes happen it’s easier to rectify because you have this
stencil already cut and made. So some people would say stencils are quite
restricting I’d say the opposite I’d say it gives us more freedom than some
people have sometimes. This city and how I feel about it is much
like we do every other city we paint in. It’s the people that show us what the city is, because we arrive, we look at the wall, we paint the wall and then we leave but what we do get to do is interact with the people around it. So we get the feel of a
city to the people we work with and that’s lovely.

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