Funny Library Montage

Funny Library Montage

42 thoughts on “Funny Library Montage

  1. EllaTheYovillanx3 brought me here

  2. “The job of librarian would be no less challenging, Captain.”

  3. Where are you based? This was very neat

  4. bryangreenland, six years later, and this is still a great montage! I am using the first 30 seconds during a presentation to the Bloomington (IL) Public Library Board, and later I will use the same clip in a presentation to a larger audience. We are participating in a community service initiative, and your video provides a great segue into our community outreach efforts. Here's my question. Our presentations will be videotaped and shared on youtube by the Multicultural Leadership Program in Bloomington, IL; is it all right if the first 30 seconds of your montage is part of our uploaded presentation? Thanks so much. Julie

  5. Great channel, check out one of my other favorites, Keepit1OO.  Keep grinding!!  💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  6. Are there any other videos like this out there? About books in film?

  7. Bada**!! Loved it!

  8. I'm amazed with this library montage. It provides a variety of scenes referencing the library. I really like it!

  9. Funny

  10. loved it, though I'm a bit disappointed you didn't include any scenes from National Treasure.  in both movies they were in the Library of Congress.  and in movie one, this classic line:  "I've brought you to the Library of Congress. Why? Because it's the biggest library in the world. Over 20 million books. And they're all saying the same exact thing: Listen to Riley."

  11. i liked the video! fave part were the seinfeld bits. i just made a similar library video feel free to check it out 🙂
    Awkward Library Situations

  12. That opening music was from Seinfeld, wasn't it?

  13. Fantastic!!

  14. Great.  I've always thought about compiling a list of movies with library scenes. Also need Something Wicked This Way Comes"

  15. 3:31 The Librarian is a very important beacon of society. Where people hit and miss outside the doors of the Library system: the librarian catches humanity to explore the humanities. It's staff shrink the ugliness of an unknown and make it not so scary to someone approaching it for the first time. Librarians help set aside the fear people have by their workshops and cute meetups!
    Living human beings need to stay focused upon anything which could encroach upon their wellbeing. It's programs…

  16. ……need to connect people to meet their needs: by helping many to search and find the answers they are looking for in the areas of: Happiness, fulfillment, interests, dreams, or ambitions. Pick up that Holy book!
    This is an American way.

  17. Next time I am down Beauregard way I will make sure I will stop by the library to pick up some cookies… and a box of books.

  18. EXCUSE me but we at Beauregard Parish Library in Louisiana HAVE COOKIES! It's a no-no on the milk though! LOL Also shushing with cookies is not advisable!

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  20. I think you should put it in a sequel.

  21. so boring.

  22. Where's big bird? Lol

  23. Great job!!

  24. How about the library from "My Fair Lady"? Great job!

  25. love it! so funny..

  26. Funny video! Nice.

  27. Hahah. This video is so funny.

  28. exactly.

  29. stop being a mister know it all.

  30. these. lol

  31. i miss this shows.

  32. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Good compilation.

  34. LOL. This made my day.

  35. no scenes from city of angels?

  36. We loved this, and used part of it during our staff development day. As for things missing, we agree with Desk Set, as well as a few poignant episodes of The Twilight Zone.

  37. LOL

  38. No Page Master?

  39. This is so fantastic I wish I'd thought of it first. 😛
    Seriously though. I'd agree with the people who are making reccomendations for a sequel. If I can make a suggestion. Scyfy's Alice has a great scene where they show people playing chess surrounded by stacks of books. Also Ella Enchanted has a scene in a library, as well as Julie And Celine Go Boating, the first Mummy movie, and Mirror Mask.

    Heh, sorry. Looking for scenes like these in movies is kind of a habit of mine. xD

  40. what about Foul Play with goldie hawn / chevy chase? Some great chase scenes in the library where she works. There was also a good scene in The Mummy – where all the shelves came crashing down.

  41. @cooper281c
    This is another one I'm unfamiliar with. Looks like I'll be using the library a lot this next week. Thanks for the suggestion!

  42. I watched the whole thing anticipating the "Head Over Heels" video. Hope you'll consider putting it in a sequel.

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