[Full movie] Reto creativo con Ferran Adrià

[Full movie] Reto creativo con Ferran Adrià

I won Ferrán, this is not a competition [ Joke about peppers] I want to be a Youtuber when I grow old Innovation Well, It looks like Google is working on a project about Spanish Cuisine focusing on aspects such as Creativity and Innovation and to achieve that they called Ferrán Adrià And we’re here because we use creativity in our own fields of work I am a physicist And I talk about science on my Youtube Channel And what I try to do is, things that are initially too complicated, figuring out a way to make them more accesible to everyone to understand I am an illustrator and I use youtube to communicate stories not only as drawings per se but in an audiovisual format I am a musician pianist and music producer and I have a youtube channel where I analyze music I am an architect and I have a youtube channel where I explain architectural concepts in a peculiar way So now, what we are going to do is share our experiences with creativity With Ferrán Adrià, since he is like the culmination of culinary creativity I wish I could go eat at his restaurant it probably has like a thousand year waiting list and it is like.. closed El Bulli, his restaurant closed that’s bad that totally messes with my schedule What happened to him is that he won basically every award there is It was basically considered the best restaurant in the world and he probably felt like and now, what? I totally understand that feeling That happened to me when I won the Pokémon league in Pokémon Red, with all my Pokémons at the maximum level And then there’s nothing you can do You just stop playing He just closed El Bulli I understand why I’m going to introduce myself, I’m a cook And for the last 30 years of my life I have worked in pushing the limit of what an experience around food and drinks can be Leading the way for others to do the same Specially sharing We used to open the kitchen, at El Bulli And people would come and take notes and recipes Why did we do that? Because if my competitors were better, I will improve too I love cooking And I loved to see it getting better everyday From now on I am going to show you some things we have created and have become an innovation and let’s see if you can guess what do we use them for and whats the idea behind them the reason why why did we create them THE INVENTIONS OF FERRÁN this one what is it what does it mean and what is the idea behind this creation there’s a tongue drawn on it it looks like a perfume bottle like a spray it smells like perfume I won Ferrán this is not a competition okay, I’m going to do something you should never do with perfume okay, I’m going to do something you should never do with perfume yes, maybe to enhance a flavor this is not perfume, this is a dry martini and it is a reflection about anxiety because, of course, this doesn’t quench your thirst now let’s go with this one it’s an easy one well, this is obviously a ramen spoon wait, do they go together? this is a ramen spoon do they go together? are you showing them together? it is usually this one but I brought both of them could it be a dish? At banquets they use to give you canapés not sure if they still do that their kind of old fashioned it sounds like “guateque” salmon canapés they usually give you a lot of bread and a little bit of salmon so we thought why can’t we create canapés without the bread Let’s continue with this one They’re like chopsticks but the western version it’s kind of the same movement but I can’t drop them would you say that’s the reason behind them? I would say it’s more about precision If I would have just used chopsticks what would have people thought? That I was doing Japanese cuisine this one this one is more like your stuff our stuff totally Be careful, you can use this two ways it is really beautiful All I can think of is you can use it like a filter I see something really artistic An action that doesn’t lead anywhere like… trying to eat soup with this spoon is useless theres two ways to use it first one was for the famous spherification later on, we created this version the other one was just a work spoon this one is to eat cereals that’s really good and this one? it is like a spoon-straw “sporaw”? I imagine like something going through this like a spagheti I think it’s a little bit weird having your coffe pour some sugar and mix it and then drink it with a straw who smells the food before eating? no one culturally maybe not your generation but for mine, smelling your food was something rude like there was something wrong with it and hold your food and smell it it’s not easy so here, you would put a basil leaf and you can eat a gazpacho and while you’re eating you’re smelling, it is a basil gazpacho It doesn’t have to be a El Bulli dish, just a gazpacho Now, for the last one this is a difficult one do you take this off? yes yes first of all this is a syphon the famous foams from El Bulli this was created to whip cream at the end when you are whipping cream all you’re doing is incorporating air and that’s what this does so we started trying which elements could emulsify, instead of the fat in the cream and that’s how we created our raspberry foam only using raspberries for example, everyone who is lactose intolerant they can now eat mousse this is an enormous innovation YOUTUBER CREATIVITY Okay Ferran Now it’s your time for a challenge now what we are going to do is that we have used on our channels and your challenge is guessing which belongs to whom and what did we use them for stunned right? no no no, just looking at that pepper there’s only one thing I hate, peppers don’t let that pepper distract you from your task let’s go this one probably goes with you I’m not saying a word you need to make a decision I think you did some tricks here these are all real objects we’ve used who do you bet for for the figure in your hands for her and what would you say I’ve done with this? architecture and this monster what’s the connection there architects are a little bit like monsters well, kind of now for the pepper I think I’m going to go with you okay you can use a pepper to demonstrate whatever you want the shape of the universe so now, this one probably needs to go here and this one with you the other way it would be to obvious If he really brought a guitar for this For the moment all we can say is you got one right I think we can now say what it is what decision are you the most confident about? that would be her well.. no mine was correct I use the ukulele because I take my illustrations to an audiovisual platform and sometimes just the drawing it’s not enough and I need some support to keep peoples attention on the video now with the pepper the pepper is not mine it is mine and I used it to explain how some sound effects in movies are created with food since the shapes and textures from some foods are sometimes similar to human body parts, like arms that way, crushing a pepper may sound like breaking an arm now let’s go with the monster that’s Crespo’s it’s mine this one is a popular monster living in another dimension in a really popular TV show Stranger Things And in one of my videos I used this series and this monster to explain a theory sustained by some physicists to explain real problems based on the existence of other dimensions and this one is mine this is the famous perfume by Kim Kardashian that was created with the shape of his body and in one of my architecture videos I measured and delimited Kim Kardashian’s butt so, what do you think? Fantastic do you want to know what’s the biggest problem with creativity? vanity and ego no doubt you guys, working alone, it’s marvelous I want to be a youtube when I grow up Today’s experience has been incredible because you see how young people have an amazing capacity of communicating 30 years ago, this conversation If I had been one of them, it would have been childish I have understood that it is very difficult to understand such an abstract concept like creativity and innovation he is really inspiring because he is always mixing ideas It is always very important to have a philosophical thought creativity could be the fusion of different ways of understanding one thing to create a union of something that has never been done before it is opening a new field in where other people can create one of my favorite moments was when Ferrán said the would like to become a youtuber and he should but… we’ll see Now I can finally see How can Youtube become your career a professional branch that sometimes sounds kind of derogatory but I don’t think so I believe quality is the only thing that matters Now, here’s a challenge for you Here, you can see this object What would you say it is used for How do you think it was created? Down here you have all the information to be able to solve it

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