Frequently Asked Questions | Skincare & Facial Massage Questions | Skincare Philosophy

Frequently Asked Questions | Skincare & Facial Massage Questions | Skincare Philosophy

Too much till a question comes in and
that’s Luigi in the back maybe I should pick them up Welcome back to my channel
this is Gadgetlily I get comments and questions about skincare from my videos
and it’s nice to get them because they help me organize my thoughts and when I
see these questions it gets me thinking about some of the things that I
do and why I do them and so basically you know it’s just out of habit or the
way I approach skincare and so tell you the truth I really don’t think about it
too much but once these questions came in I started thinking about it more and
so I thought I would share my answers in this video I am grateful that my viewers
are actually interested in my opinion and and exactly it these are only my
opinion so I’m not an expert but yet I am an expert of my own opinion I
guess I think some of my answers might surprise you and because some of them
are pretty unconventional so I hope you will enjoy this video I’m going to start
out by saying because people are going to ask that I am 60 years old and that I
have normal skin type my biggest challenge with skincare would be spots
age spots or sun damage that are coming to surface at this time in my life so
that’s what I I deal with but a lot of times you don’t see them because they
are on the side of my face and so but I do have hyperpigmentation and and
sunspots people ask me about my daytime and
nighttime routine if there’s a video on that my routines are very simple I don’t
have a video dedicated to that but maybe in the future I I will make one but I
could talk about it here it changes slightly but what stay
constant is that I only use three products at a time I think that
cleansing is very important I already made a video about that recently are not
too long ago and I’ll put a link in the corner so I really think good cleansing
is super important so next is moisturize I think it’s very important to keep the
skin hydrated and then if there the next thing I would do if in my skincare would
be to if there’s anything I want to target like spot treatment sometimes I I
just skip that that part because for most days I just cleanse moisturize and
then protection is really important to me as well and that’s the sun protection
applying sunscreen and sunblock I don’t like putting more than three products on
my face at one time because it’s simple I don’t want to overburden my skin with
a lot of ingredients I think if you find good products that have good ingredients
that are active or working you should you don’t need to put layers and layers
of them so I am I just keep it really simple
so basically wash and then moisturize if there’s any targeting of skin problem
then I take care of that and then I use some protection during
editing I realized I forgot to mention my nighttime skincare at night I cleanse
moisturize and use either my A313 retinol pomade or my tretinoin cream I
also want to add that I make sure to double cleanse if I have been wearing
makeup during the day another thing I want to mention is that I treat
exfoliating as part of cleansing and do that a few times a week
I think proper exfoliation is very important and we’ll have a video on that
topic soon back to the video so another question is what is this skin philosophy
that I talked about in a couple of my videos I’ve talked about them in my
earlier videos but I look at skin care as a philosophy as opposed to a routine
because I think that really grounds you in knowing how to approach skin care and
if I could use an analogy I would think of it like a road race the running
itself this is what you actually do but skin care philosophy to me is the
planning or the mental part of it it’s the planning behind the actual race
itself so I think it’s really important because it’s grounding and you don’t
waver and you don’t sway according to what you see other people are doing you
know exactly where where you stand in terms of your skincare and that can
depend on your budget availability what you believe in personally and and what
your skin needs so I think it’s important to have a skin care
philosophy because we are bombarded with advertisements and social media and
people telling you what is the latest and the greatest and but many and always
people are trying to sell you something so I think it’s more important to have a
skin care philosophy set up that suits yourself first and then and once you
know what it is then you can approach the steps and you and with my analogy
once you know what your plan is and how you’re gonna run the race you then you
could start running how do I personally select products for my skin I
look for active ingredients I do research I I look at the reputation of
the company and again I stay within my philosophy I’m not easily swayed to put
things on my face because someone had said it’s good look for ingredients that
have proven to work and delivery system is really important because if it just
sits on top of your skin as opposed to getting into the deeper layers those are
things that you can research and find out more I think it’s important people –
I think it’s important for people to to learn about it if you are willing to
spend money on products don’t do it blindly just you know don’t do it based
on someone telling you just do some research do some homework many of my
viewers and subscribers came to me through the facial massage video and
so of course there are lots of questions regarding the facial massage itself and
I have a video that addressed a lot of those questions but new ones have come
in or questions that I did not answer in that particular video and some of them
are can I do the massage daily yes you can if you want to most people don’t
have the time or the the right setting to do that everyday but it’s not a harm
it’s not going to harm you in any way to to do it to do a facial massage daily if
you choose to and also if you how long would it take it should take when I do
it it takes about 20 to 25 minutes from beginning to end
so that’s about the time how often do I do it I do it once a week at this point
in in my skincare so once a week but if I want to do it I can do twice a week if
I feel like it I think in the wintertime I enjoy it more and I would do it twice
a week but mostly once a week there are no rules to the frequency so you can
choose according to what works for you and you could do it in the morning or at
night however however it fits into your schedule one thing I want to point out
about the facial massage is that the facial massage isn’t for for beautiful
skin I think the massage I think I do the
facial massage for one thing and that’s to have healthy skin that’s how I look
at it I my goal is always for healthy skin as opposed to have pretty or good
looking skin it’s a subtle difference but I think it’s important and it’s in
line with my skin care philosophy that it’s always going for health I
think when people think in terms of doing the facial massage for for
beautiful skin I really want to stress the point that the facial massage is for
healthy skin and and I want people to kind of think about the point and the
difference because the facial massage is to promote good circulation and for
detoxification so it’s actually facilitating it’s helping the body to do
what it already knows what to do it’s helping it so I think your skin always
want to be healthy and you’re just doing you know is a process to to help it get
there so I am NOT an expert but this is how I feel about facial massage I truly
believe that healthy skin comes from within and so it’s not what you put on
it or what you you know fix on it so people have asked me if I have Botox
it you know I’ve had Botox of fillers and I’ve answered that in my other video
and the answer is no because that’s not what I believe in what I believe is that
I the skin wants to be healthy you just want to to help it along and give it
what it needs to be healthy instead of putting something on it or patching it
you know – because then it’s just something sitting on top of unhealthy
skin so I hope I get this point across clearly because
I think it’s important people are really interested in in what I eat I have said
many times I eat a normal diet but I don’t think people really believe me so
I really had to think about it and said well what do i what do I eat I really
eat a normal diet it was funny because I was replying a
comment and I had a big bag of potato chips in front of me and the question I
got to the question of what is your diet what do you eat special and I replied I
eat a normal diet and I have a big bag of potato chips sitting in front of me
now as I as I reply to you so but when I start thinking about what do I
consistently consistently over the years have always eaten and I eat eggs I like
eggs I eat and it’s consistent I’ve eaten eggs for years and years and years
and I have either one egg or two eggs a day and that’s almost every day so if I
have to say consistently what do I eat because what I eat is always changing
and I made a video on what I ate on vacation I’ll put a link in the corner
but I eat everything so I don’t really think about it too much
and I but consistently I’ve always eaten eggs another question came in as do I
drink a lot of water I don’t um I don’t drink a lot of water and and not to say
that we don’t need water I think our cells need water but I think of it
more as strategic water drinking and what I mean by that is
I always have a glass of water when I get up in the morning I I go to bed with
water sitting next next to me on the nightstand so I have the water available
to me when I first wake up and then I drink water at night before I go to
sleep when I eat I do not drink a lot of fluids I hardly drink anything when I
when I’m eating and it’s out of habit it’s just the way I eat or drink my
water I don’t drink a lot because I feel like that helps with better digestion I
think that health is important to skin health and to health in general so so I
just let my gut do its work and to help it with digestion so I drink when I’m
thirsty and I drink when my body tells me I need to drink so what I do is I
drink and I call it strategic water drinking I don’t know if such a if there
is such a thing but so water in the morning water before I go to sleep I
don’t really drink when I’m eating and I drink when I’m thirsty and when I’m
exercising of course I would replenish but I don’t force myself to drink a
certain amount of water every day and again that’s just me answering your
question and being honest so I’m not saying that everybody should do that I
get questions from people that they are interested in a particular brand or a
product and they asked me to review to do reviews on them I am not that person
to to do reviews on products just to do reviews
I I sometimes get offers to review by brands and and I don’t I don’t use my
skin to to experiment with products I usually when I try something I have I
have done preliminary research before I’m even interested in putting it on my
skin so and usually I would just reply that I you know it’s just not something
suitable for me their creators that are willing to put a lot of products on
their face in and do reviews I’m just not that person I find that first of all
I don’t think that gives you a good a good review anyway because when someone
puts so many products on the skin I think it’s hard to tell what is good and
what is bad you know even myself when I use only three products and or when I
try something new that I’ve done a lot of research on and to see if it suitable
for myself I have a hard time thinking and and coming up with a definite answer
as to whether it really is a good product or not so there’s no way I can
try a lot of different products and come back with an honest review for you I
think it’s easier for for makeup products it’s easier to try a lipstick
or a you know a concealer to see if it works on your skin but to try skincare
for a few days or if you put it on and say it oh it feels nice I think it’s
it’s senseless to give that kind of review because it’s
you know I don’t think it’s useful at all somebody asked me what is the most
important thing in skin care um you might be surprised with my answer
because I was pretty surprised too when I had to think about the answer I think
the most important part about skin care is that you maintain a healthy barrier
skin barrier and do everything you possibly can to maintain a healthy skin
barrier it’s it’s something we can’t see and it’s there
and when I say skin barrier because I’m not a scientist I’m not properly trained
I I would use a comparison as the flora or a the ecosystem of your skin and it’s
there to protect us it’s it’s miraculously designed so I also think of
skin care as if science but it also is an art form it’s a it’s a completely
balanced you know perfectly balanced process so in order to have healthy good
skin I think it’s important not to destroy your skin barrier and and that’s
what I believe in how do I do that I do it by not overburdening my skin I give
it the best possible environment reduce stress physical in and mentally to
reduce that stress on the skin and not over burdening the skin by putting too
many products on the skin at one time to offset the natural PH or balance of the
skin and so that to me is it to me is the most important part of having of
skincare like why do we even bother with skincare is to have a healthy maintain a
healthy skin barrier like I said earlier I think the skin is the skin wants to be
healthy but you have to help it along to reduce the stress to not overburden it
and to feed it give it good nutrition and and it will take care of itself I
also get questions from different age groups
so YouTube tells me that I have viewers in there in their teens and in their 20s
and I also have viewers that are in the more mature age groups so this Q&A is
more of a general Q&A just some questions that I frequently get asked
and then I’ll eventually get to do a few more videos probably in this format Q&A
but more targeting specific age groups so I think that would might be
interesting or helpful to my viewers so I hope you look forward to those and and
I guess that’s it for today I don’t want to make this video too long and again
what I said in this video is just my opinion what I believe in some of my
answers are probably unconventional but I just want to be totally honest and so
thank you for watching I hope to see you in my next video bye

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