French Quarter street performer Uncle Louie strides still

French Quarter street performer Uncle Louie strides still

don't have a right something missing it might take me another 10 years I'll notify me the world is passing me by don't think about nothing anybody just think about it the next person come up bahama make them happen it's not a thing extended still trying to find the law of repetition so just a loser and they'd be fascinated with them especially with the kid did three day you probably made their whole day he probably made it a whole trip and someday I never forget in life and I did my job went on I see they walk away with a smile on their face and they tend to see you David doing the same thing you're doing I walk down the street you know just stop to stop me and do the same thing I'm doing you know and some of them do get me Joe Joe well done I guess it's a job it's not no hustle as a job I'll do my 8 to 9 hours a day everything – breaks a day night and sometimes I'd be standing still and when you can bring the world together different walks of life and you stop in the room for just a second a minute and they're watching what you do I know and all I'm happy that's a good feature oh really I really like to call it living out it is there not I don't know how long I'm gonna take me to get it right I'm still trying every day still trying every day and get it right

9 thoughts on “French Quarter street performer Uncle Louie strides still

  1. ok but don't take half of the street for no reason. I would move his stuff..

  2. Unbelievable this man is accused of murder …

  3. Looking over your shoulder since 1974? No thanks, then he gets to experience Fathers judgement when he's done here!

  4. Love you unc stay 💪🏾💯👑

  5. I remember back in 1997 he was on a milk crate saying oop there it is, Awesome

  6. Innocent until proven guilty!!

  7. fuck all yall haters

  8. Fu*king SCUMMM

  9. Hope he can perform that trick in prison……Doubt it.

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