Floorplanner Basics 1: Drawing walls

Floorplanner Basics 1: Drawing walls

Hi, I’m Nico from Floorplanner.
Welcome to the basic drawing tutorial. In this series I will show you how to draw
a simple house like this one. In part one we’ll cover the wall basics.
We’re going to build a structure like this. I’m going to show you how to draw the exterior
walls of a house, then how you can shape this space
and finally how you can add rooms to your floor plan.
But let me first give you a quick tour around the interface.
Over here there’s the top bar where you can add floors, switch between floors and
designs, and also create a new design. Let’s do that now. Click on new design.
and you see that your canvas, that’s this part, turns into an empty grid.
Over here there’s a construction menu with six icons that help you draw your plan.
Down below here, you find a scale bar and a toggle to choose between meter and feet
and up here, there’s a navigation panel, where you can pan, zoom in, zoom out and zoom
all. In the top left there’s some icons like
details, assets, media, location, help I’ll come back to that in a later tutorial
and below there, there’s a huge library with all kinds of furniture that we’re also
not gonna use, so let me collapse this sidebar… And let’s start drawing a floor plan!
We start by drawing walls. Let’s first draw the exterior walls of our
house. The first icon, here, is the draw room tool.
Click it and notice that your cursor changes into a cross.
Now you can click anywhere in the canvas to start your room.
Click and release and then move your mouse and you see four walls appearing.
Alongside the walls you see inner dimensions and exterior dimensions.
Let’s make a room of about ten by seven meters
Just approximately. Click again and the room is drawn.
Now let’s maximize the view. Now I want to make some kind of an L shape.
Let’s split the wall over here. Click it and you see a small menu with wall
properties and one of it is the option to split the wall.
Click once and you see that the wall is divided into two sections,
divided by a white dot. Just like here
and here. Now you can take this wall section over here
Click and hold the left mouse button and drag it down.
Release and your room is turned into an L-shape Let’s do that again, let’s make some kind
of an alcove over here. Click once…
select split wall. And another one below
Click and split.
Now this wall is divided into three sections. Let’s take the middle section
Click, hold and drag let’s make an alcove of one meter
Okay, and release. So how about diagonal walls?
To make diagonal walls you can move the corners of a wall.
Move your mouse over the white dots, click and drag,
and release. Let’s add another room.
In most houses the exterior walls are thicker than the interior walls.
In floorplanner we have a standard of twentyfive centimeters.
Select the room tool and notice that there’s a thickness input
field in the bottom right corner. Now don’t click it, just type “Zero”
“Dot” “One” followed by “Enter”,
and it disappears. Now we’re gonna draw walls of ten centimeters
thickness. The second room has to start from one of the
white dots: corners or split points.
Move your mouse to one of the white dots and click and release.
Then move your cursor, and again you’ll see four walls with dimensions.
I want to draw a room of about six by three meters.
We can do this approximately, but we can also type it, just like the thickness.
“Six” “Comma” “Three” followed by “Enter”
And there’s our room! Our basic walls are ready, let’s save our
plan. Here below the top bar there’s two icons,
undo and redo, and also an option to save changes.
I’ll name it Basic wall structure. “save”
How will it look in 3D? Up here there’s two buttons: 2D and 3D
Click the 3D and automatically the walls are rendered in 3D.
Click your mouse and drag around to rotate the view.
And let’s go back to 2D. That’s part one, I hope you learned a lot,
and the next part I’ll show you how to add doors
and windows and structural items like stairs. Subscribe to our youtube channel or come back
to our tutorial page for more videos. Thanks for watching!

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