Filter YouTube Videos by Creative Commons License

Filter YouTube Videos by Creative Commons License

Hi everyone, this is Denise. I’m going to
quickly demonstrate how to locate a video on YouTube with Creative Commons licensing.
So you just start on the main page, and type in your search terms and search. And then
you have this “Filters” option. We’re just going to select “Creative Commons;”
you’ll notice we have a shorter list here. And if you select a video – let’s just pause
that – come down to where it says “Show More,” and then it will list the type of
license that the video does have. And often times there will be additional information
about other permissions and whatnot that the creators provide for you. While we’re at
it let’s take a look at how you can do that with your own videos. Okay so here’s a video
that I’ve uploaded to YouTube, come down to the info and settings button. Select “Advanced
Settings.” And here you have a license option. There is additional information here, speaking
specifically about Creative Commons you can click here to learn more about that on YouTube.
We can just save here and save our changes. We come back to the video, scroll down, and
you’ll see that we have that Creative Commons license on here. Short and sweet!

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