Faceup Tutorial №46 Cerise Hood OOAK Ever After High Custom doll repaint by WillStore

Faceup Tutorial №46 Cerise Hood OOAK Ever After High Custom doll repaint by WillStore

Hello guys! Welcome to my channel! Today I will show you Cerise Hood repaint
process. I don’t really like Ever After High dolls
because of their round heads, but Cerise is honestly my favorite character. First of all I sketch eye shape and color
sclera. Then I paint the lips using derwent watercolor
pencils outline eyes one more time with dark brown pencil. Add some dry pastel to the lips and cheeks. Brows are always the hardest part. I start painting from the inside corner with
the flat brush and pastel. Then draw the tail with pencil and add details
in pastel part. Sketch eyelashes with brown pencil. Time to color the eyes! I decided to make heterochromiс eyes: right
is pink and left is blue I always mix several shades of one color. The darkest and vibrant is on the top and
the lightest on the bottom Add some shadows and highlights for the face. One more time outline the eye with black pencil. Finally add highlights to the eyes with paint. Do you recognize Akemi? It was so hard to make her headphones!.. Thank you guys for watching! Don’t miss my future wig series videos and

64 thoughts on “Faceup Tutorial №46 Cerise Hood OOAK Ever After High Custom doll repaint by WillStore

  1. First and great repaint

  2. Потрясающе :3

  3. she's so cute i love it

  4. 😍

  5. Ох, как я удачно заглянула) Как всегда шикарно :З

  6. обалденные работы! Perfect !


  8. Where can I buy the pencils

  9. Akemi is A Pullip no ?

  10. Вы случайно не пытались сделать куколку похужую на пуллип Akemi ?Почему-то очень напоминает)

  11. Эта работа продаётся если да то за сколько ?:)😍👍😭

  12. so weirdly spot on of akemi which was based off sherly designs. note she is an artist all her works and designs are original. she did the Pullip collaboration you based your doll on

  13. Шикарно

  14. sehr hübsch!

  15. Моё сердце остановилось,когда появилось первое видео с русскими субтитрами:):0:D

  16. Я обожаю твои работы!!
    Не знала что ты знаешь русский))

  17. у тебя написано там ever after hugh а не high 😊

  18. She is beautiful! Loved everything, especially the eyes!

  19. XD buyed this doll but when the time come to erase the face i didnt have the heart to do it so i jus keep her as a collectible

  20. do you do requests if so can you make a scarlet witch from x men

  21. She is so beautiful! Thank you.

  22. текст не видно ((((

  23. pullip akemi!!!! i have her c:

  24. какая красотка!!Вам очень повезло что умеете так рисовать)

  25. ух. я слышу русский акцент

  26. я теку

  27. Hi Will Store, I hope you are doing well? I really enjoyed your Faceup Tutorial video. You did a wonderful job and She turned out Beautiful. I love the two different color eyes. Your so talented, your instructions on this video were so easy to follow, and presented so well. Excellent job. You made me smile. You have a new subscriber: liked & shared. Thank you for your time an videos. Wishing you the very BEST! Keep on Crafting your passions. Take care and have a wonderful week. Peace & Joy 😀 <3 it. Just Amazing!

  28. Русская девушка?Странный акцент,будто русская

  29. akemi dollars

  30. Это прекрасно… Акеми… Шэдэвр… Золотые руки! Желаю удачи в творчестве!

  31. Cute ~ :3 i think she kinda look like Luka

  32. she looks a lot like pullup doll akemi (sorry if i spelled it wrong)

  33. Oh my goodness so beautiful!!

  34. she remember me a pullip doll

  35. She looks very unusual! Love your style. You have a wonderful artistic taste.

  36. are the colors waterproof

  37. she look's like pullip akemi , but she is cute^^

  38. какой ужасный английский

  39. will store what type of pencils do you use

  40. У меня субтитры…белые буквы на светло-сером фоне…не возможно разобрать….очень жаль…

  41. O damn…you can sell dolls already

  42. this is gorgeous

  43. Акеми💟💟💟

  44. how many time do u spray their faces

  45. She is so cute can you make me one?

  46. why do you dont like Ever After High !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(::(:(

  47. Do you seal the makeup with anything after? I'm worried about the pencil smudging when I handle my doll

  48. On my bday… wow

  49. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo she so coooooooooooooool
    i love it!!!!!

  50. Akemi ♥

  51. I love how adorable she turned out with the pink and blue! The headphones, the sleeves of her shirt. So cute!

  52. Whats and OOKA

  53. What is OOAK??

  54. a3teni asam al alioan li rahi trsam biheme

  55. Looks like Megurine Luka

  56. i LOOOOVE cerise hood. She is my fav caracter.

  57. It's Akemi!! My dream pullip doll!

  58. She looks so beautiful!😻


  60. o my fairy godmother she's gorgeous

  61. New subscriber! If you want you can see my works on my youtube channel <3 have a kawaii day <3

  62. Omg so beautiful

  63. Классно, но вот только у Акеми двуцветные волосы

  64. Danggggg! You repaint SO WELL!

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