Faceup Tutorial №37 Isi Dawndancer OOAK Monster High Custom doll repaint by WillStore

Faceup Tutorial №37 Isi Dawndancer OOAK Monster High Custom doll repaint by WillStore

Hi guys! Today i will repait Isi Dawndancer I remove factory paint with acitone, using
cotton balls and toothpics It has dark skintone, so I use an airbrush
to make white base for pastel and pencils As usual I apply 2 layers of sealant to protect
the face I want to save the deer-look, so I apply additional brown colot to her chiks and make white marks Don’t forget that i have all my materials
and tools in my doll FAQ. Link is in the description box. To make cool brows i use pastel and flat brush Add soft blush and lips and it’s done! I love her soo much! I hope you have enjoyed this video.
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46 thoughts on “Faceup Tutorial №37 Isi Dawndancer OOAK Monster High Custom doll repaint by WillStore

  1. Isi is so pretty 💖

  2. So pretty !

  3. supper!!!!

  4. какая красавица!!!!!!

  5. Это Не ООАК
    Это Шедевр 👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍

  6. Мне нравится изначальная Иси
    Но эта ещё круче!!!!

  7. make video about clothes,please

  8. wow she is perfect !!!0

  9. Привет классное видео ! скажи ты говоришь на русском плэйзи скажи так интересно

  10. А где купить аэрограф

  11. Here blank face looks similar to Ava Trotter, doesn't it? I love the face you gave her! It feels like a unique variation on the original.

  12. she is gorgeous … where did you get such beautiful shoes?

  13. Хочу спросить, вы делаете бесплатно ООАКи?

  14. Bellissimaaaaaa!!!!!

  15. oh, I love that.

  16. Молд Изи немного напоминает молд Авии

  17. ❤😊Класс!!!, мне очень нравится !!!!😊❤

  18. классно!!!я попробую второй раз попытать удачу- и сделаю!

  19. Как всегда потрясающе;)

  20. Love your vids

  21. That looks horrible

  22. She's pretty, but my only complaint would be the blue eyes since Native Americans don't have blue eyes. (Unless they're mixed of course)

  23. quedo muy guapa!!♥

    podrias crear otra rochelle?

  24. cim jsi to smyla,?


  26. как классно!

  27. Will Store you say in Rassia??

  28. i really like isi's factory paint, but i'd also like to see something a little more with with it. some of these dolls are awesome, but where i've been watching a bunch of repaints lately, i take a second look & i get to thinking "hmmm, wonder what a repaint on that one would look like….." lol

  29. she so pretty 🙂

  30. beautiful work !! you are amazing !!!

  31. What were the white colored pencils you used on the doll?

  32. pls make garnet from steven univers

  33. I love your face ups and your tutorials, they're very helpful. Thank you

  34. Your really good and I like isi dawn dancer

  35. уау

  36. is not pretty

  37. Русский акцент! А ооак супер!


  39. I love the dough that you made it is so cute

  40. Do you do custom dolls ???

  41. just dont like how you made her eyes blue for no reason.

  42. I wish you would use brown eyes because it would look even cuter 😀

  43. I love the way you did her face it's really cute

  44. 😡😈😣😤

  45. Son pc a bitch

  46. Is agli

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