Faceup Tutorial №29 Twyla OOAK Monster High Cutom doll repaint

Faceup Tutorial №29 Twyla OOAK Monster High Cutom doll repaint

hi guys how are you in this episode you will see the creation of my monster heights while a rebate first of all I remove factory paint with pure acetone then I apply two or three layers of sealants to protect the vinyl and to give my materials a base to stick to if you don’t do this right it will be difficult to build strong colors I apply color to the lips and cheeks with the airbrush but you can do it with pasta I sketch basic eye shape with the brown color pencil it’s an important moment because once the face is suit it is very hard to modify something at the same time R starts laying down some basic colors with pastel and watercolor pencils don’t forget that I have all my materials and tools in my doll FAQ in the description box and we hope you have enjoyed this video if you would like to see more don’t forget to subscribe and to give this video a thumbs up also you can follow my Instagram or check out my SSA all links are in the description box take care and see you in next video bye

20 thoughts on “Faceup Tutorial №29 Twyla OOAK Monster High Cutom doll repaint

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  2. wow… just wow!!!

  3. Wow, she's so beautiful!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing your talents. I love your work. Can you tell what happens between 2:04 and 2:05? Do you use paints to enhance the eyes?

  5. She is. So cute so kawaii

  6. You should do more voiceovers! It must've been hard for you, but I really enjoyed it.

  7. ой, дохрена такие тут англичане собрались, не тот акцент, с листа читает…
    всем кому надо было понять, поймут…

  8. Ah this looks wonderful qwq would you be able to tell me if you have a tutorial on how to repaint the body? I haven't been able to repaint because the joints rub the paint off.

  9. Your voice is so adorable!~ You really inspire me, so thank you for such beautiful videos!

  10. Вау! Какая красота, я влюбилась в эту куклу. Ты молодец!

  11. Can you make mlp custom?

  12. Eu gosto muito do seu talento e gostaria se você pudesse fazer os vídeos legendados em português por favor obrigada

  13. Она волшебна! Просто лапочка 😍😍😍

  14. Beautiful face up!

  15. hello , cool OOAK , wow , like

  16. She's beautiful! May I ask where u get the horns?

  17. 👍Thumbs up;)

  18. ты русская ?просто ты так странно говоришь не как американец

  19. Can you do costume dolls

  20. She is perfect! what kind of airbrush do you use?

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