EXTREME Cleaning My Art Room For The FIRST Time Ever…*satisfying*

EXTREME Cleaning My Art Room For The FIRST Time Ever…*satisfying*

* Hey, do you guys wanna see a secret? (As Bowie): Hiiiiiiiiiiii! Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Rae here and welcome back to thine channel. So upon first glance, when you walk into my studio, it doesn’t look that bad in my defense. I would say that the level of dirtiness is about average… for me. But upon further inspection, it’s pretty bad. *Music* And you know, I’ve had my art room now for about a year and a half and even though I’ve cleaned it before, I have never ever EVER deep cleaned it before. Guys, there’s literally a dead roach in the corner of my room, just chilling. And that’s what I plan to do today, is this room needs a deep clean. Although I am from the future and at this point it is already clean, but you guys don’t know that yet so, shh! Now usually whenever you watch cleaning videos, which are really popular right now, the girl they dressed is like really cute, and they have like their top knots on, their little leggings, but I don’t clean like that, I literally look like a hobo when I clean. And so yeah, from this point forward, hobo Rae has entered the building. So without further ado, here is me massively deep cleaning my art studio. Now, when it comes to cleaning, the first thing that I need to do is clear out some space and how I’m gonna do that is first decide, is it gonna go in the trash? Am I keeping it or am I donating it? I have a lot of art supplies that I have never used that I think other people from like, the local schools or wherever would probably appreciate it so much more. And you know, I didn’t realize how much crap I had just everywhere in my room, I had so much crap in the closet, in the drawers, stuff that I never even use or stuff that’s been needing to throw away and it felt good to just like toss it all out and make room for stuff that actually could be of good use. *Music* Okay, so here is what the room currently looks like now that I threw out all that junk. Now, I just need to organize and get my life together. Ain’t that right, Bowie? *Chuckles* So yeah, with that being said, on to the next step. Now, when it comes to art supplies, if there’s like a random one that’s floating around, I have a terrible habit of just throwing it in a drawer, forgetting all about it and then months later when I need, when I need it, I have to go and buy another one because I forgot where the one originally was, so finally today is gonna be the day that I organize every single art supply. And of course, the first place that you’ve gotta hit up is the Dollar Tree because they have so many great organizational stuff for a dollar! I don’t know if this is extra or not, but I also bought a label maker. That way I can label all of my art supplies so I know exactly what’s inside. Like, we got my pencils. We got my pens. We got brushes. We got colored pencils. We have markers. Basically, every single art supply that I have will now have a place to go. *Music* And a few hours of organization later, it looks so much better, so much more efficient, more clean, easier access. It’s easier on the eyes and I just love this setup so much better than whatever the hell that was. AAAHHHH! And now that I have pretty much everything that was in my closet outside of the closet, I threw everything away, got everything organized. It’s time to clean up, condense it all and put it back in an organized clean manner, back into the closet and designated areas. *Music* And now that the room looks really good, everything’s organized, it’s time to get down and start tackling the… the dirt, I guess! *Laughs* I dunno, tackling something! So I’m gonna start off by doing one of the chores that I hate the most and that’s wiping down my surfaces. Paint, markers, charcoal, graphite, any kind of art supply, I can guarantee you it’s caked on to my poor little desk. And no matter how much I scrub and scrub, it still had junk all over it so it leaves me NO CHOICE but to repaint the top. And this step is totally extra, it’s just because I like my backgrounds to be completely white on when !, when I film, and you guys know me, I’m constantly, constantly making messes. Oh shoot! Wow, okay! It got too hot and it exploded everywhere! Next tour on ze list is vacuuming, and I actually love vacuuming. It’s just that the problem comes from my 75 pound husky who’s constantly shedding. So we have a perfectly clean black piece of cloth, and we have one cute dog! Look at that! Now imagine THAT times 1000 and you get my household. So vacuuming is an absolute MUST when it comes to my household. *Music continues* And now this brings me to the final and last step to the cleaning process and that’s detailing. Basically, yeah, the room itself is clean, but still I need to work on putting everything in its place, making sure everything looks tidy, and just like, really get in there too with all the small details; like, for example, I am rearranging my notebooks from biggest to smallest. That way it looks more organized, more clean, and of course, again, more functioning. Even though this candle’s like, half-burnt. *Laughs* I enjoy a good candle here and there. Even though I’m allergic to like, half of them, I love lighting a good candle, I think it adds like, a really nice warm ambience to the room. Random stuff that I have no idea what to do with is gonna go in its own little bin for storage, and you know, whenever I need it I know exactly, exactly where all my junk is gonna be. And lastly, throw away that nasty dead roach that has been there for like, God knows how long at this point! Mom, if you are watching this, I am so sorry. I promise the rest of my house is clean! Okay, are you guys ready for the big reveal? Cause I am. Literally two days straight of hard work: vacuuming, scrubbing, cleaning, throwing stuff away, everything, you name it. It has all led to this. *Music* Everything is now incredibly high-functioning, organized, clean, smells great. There’s a place for everything and everything now in its place. This is like, my dream art studio. Like, I already loved it before but now I have pretty much access to all my art supplies, I have my coffee maker, I have my markers, I know where everything is at. I feel comfortable, I love the lighting and even my dog is happy with the new setup. And I know this video is very, very different than anything I have ever filmed on my channel before, but it was very much needed and I had a lot of fun making it, plus I’m always trying to like, you know, jazz up my content. So if there’s anything art-related that you want to see me do, it could be literally anything, please let me know down in the comments below and if I like your comment, I’ll put it in the video. And, yeah, with that being said guys, if you like this video and want to see more art-related content, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. And yeah, with that being said guys, I love you guys so much, and I will see you next video. Bye! *End music*

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