Experience a Fascinating Digital Art Museum with teamLab in Odaiba, Japan

Experience a Fascinating Digital Art Museum with teamLab in Odaiba, Japan

Wow… Hi! We’re Crystal and Candy of Travel Pockets. We’re sisters who are half American and half Japanese and we love to travel the world in style. We grew up as military brats so we’re used to moving from place to place. That’s why we love traveling so much. Dos. Tres. Cuatro. Whooo! I’m canoeing! We post videos weekly and would love for you to subscribe to our channel. Follow us along on all of our adventures! ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ So we just got to teamLab Borderless in Odaiba. We got here three minutes after opening. Yeah so it opens up at 10. We got here at 10:03. There was already this huge line to get in. And we’re ticket holders too. Yeah, we’re ticket holders. We reserved the tickets online about a month before. And my sister, actually my little sister, tried to get additional tickets for her daughter, for our niece but they were already sold out. When was that? A few days before? CINDY: A week ago. A week ago, so yeah you really need to like be prepared… yeah, plan in advance for this museum. It’s very popular. There’s more people behind us. If you want to be in front of the line,
you need to come before opening for sure. There’s more people coming. They just keep on coming. Well, it’s moving. It’s moving pretty fast. It’s been 15 minutes. So I have to show my QR code. And there’s another line once we get in there. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ They go in groups. So they made us wait now and then they wait until that group goes in. MONITORS: Wander, Explore and Discover Where do we go? Let’s go to the butterfly house because nobody’s going. Can’t see anything. Oh wow. So pretty! [teamLab sound design] Look how nice their legs go up. I’m envious. [teamLab sound design] Wow… It’s our favorite one! It’s our favorite one! Oh yeah we like that one. That’s the one we saw. This is the one we saw at the Mori Art Museum and it was so awesome. CINDY: It keeps on moving like that? Yeah, but… The one we went to, we were able to sit on the floor. CINDY: Yeah, I remember that picture. [teamLab music] It really is like so dark in here. You’re
like lost and amazed. Is it reacting? Oh, that’s what it does? I think this moves… that’s what it is? [teamLab music] I think it’s reacting. CINDY: It made a sound. Yeah. Is that what it does? CINDY: I don’t know. [teamLab music] Look at this. Look at how he’s dancing. CANDY: I like that dance. [teamLab music] This is so amazing. Colorful, big balloons! But it’s like soft floors so that’s why they asked you to rent shoes because it’s so soft that you can’t wear heels in here. Hello. CANDY: I kind of want to do that. So here, the kids get to draw their own fish or sea animal and then it projects up on the screen so you have to find your fish. Isn’t that cool? So Candy’s gonna draw a sea creature so
we can try to see our sea creature on the screen! We made our little fish. CRYSTAL: We’re gonna go and submit this. CANDY: Here’s my little ugly fishy. So uh I don’t know where I take this next but I’m gonna find out so I can see my fishy in the ocean! So now we submit our art drawing to this lady. She scans it and then it’s supposed to show up over here. She said “nice color!” CRYSTAL: Yay! Oh, there it is! CRYSTAL: Oh wow! CRYSTAL: She’s so nice. She’s like “Don’t worry, it’ll reverse” Oh, okay CRYSTAL: So there’s our fish! It’s moving really fast. [teamLab sound design] Wow [teamLab sound design] ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ So we had a big day today. We went to teamLab borderless… it’s like this super long name that I can’t even remember. There’s like… There’s like at least five or six words… Yeah, at least. They love doing that. It’s like they put all their sponsors names in the… Mhmm. It’s like Mori Art… uh.. Epson… haha Yeah, Epson, yeah. Basically they put all their sponsors plus teamLab in their title so it’s very hard to memorize it. So anyway, we really really loved teamLab Borderless. TeamLab is actually… their based in Japan and it’s like a bunch of engineers, artists… creatives that get together and create digital art. And I didn’t know what that was
until I went to one… we went to one and it’s just amazing. It’s hard to describe until you actually go there and experience it for yourself. So then when we heard that they were building a permanent one in Tokyo We were like, we HAVE to go. It’s a really unique experience and it’s really hard to describe the experience Just basically picture digital art and video projected everywhere You’re just surrounded by it Oh and it’s super dark in there with
like no light in there so it’s like the whole… well it depending on how much time you spend in there… you’re in dark… complete dark… well, darkness with… the only lights that are there are whatever is projected on the screens. So it’s pretty interesting. I’ve never been to a museum like that where it’s just like dark everywhere. Yeah so they call it teamLab “Borderless” because there really isn’t like a path to go. You know, usually when you go into a museum, it’s like okay, you go here and then they kind of like have a path for you but right when you get in, they’re like ok, you can go straight, you can go left, or you can go… oh I’m sorry… you can go left or you can go right. So you have like all these choices and then it’s just all in the open. And then you just kind of go through this maze in the dark. And it’s kind of confusing too because they don’t give you a pamphlet. So it’s like you don’t even know what there is really, so… Yeah, it’s confusing but at the same time, I think it’s a nice surprise too. CANDY: Yeah Because the whole thing is like “explore and wander” so I think they just want you to kind of wander around and like checked everything out Yeah, so that was really cool. The only time it sucked was when we couldn’t find the exit. Haha yeah. That was pretty hard. We were like, how do we get out of here? Hahaha So yeah, we really really loved teamLab. Oh and we spent about 3 hours there. I think about 3 hours. Yeah so it was about 3 hours. We could have stayed longer but we were getting super hungry. There’s no snacks in there. There are drinks tho… so you might want to bring some snacks if you’re going to spend a lot of time in there. Because we were getting super hungry. Yeah well we left like super early in the morning. We only had like bread. We didn’t have any lunch. Yeah, we didn’t have any lunch so definitely bring a snack and don’t wear any heels either because they have certain areas where there’s kind of like soft ground that they use Yeah and it’s like hilly and bumpy so if you have heels on… I mean they’ll give you something else to wear if you do have heels but you know, you don’ want to have to spend time taking off your shoes and putting on other things like something they give you, you should just wear flats. It’s much easier that way. Yes and they’re very kid-friendly. They have a whole area just for kids. and were even playing it there too because they have a lot of fun stuff for adults too. Yeah it was pretty fun in there. That’s our review of teamLab Borderless. We really loved it. You should go. And you’ll really enjoy it. Yup, you’ll have no regrets. Alright, well if you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up And if you want to watch more of my videos, please subscribe to our channel. Bye!

17 thoughts on “Experience a Fascinating Digital Art Museum with teamLab in Odaiba, Japan

  1. awesome 👍😊

  2. Beautiful!

  3. OMG ladies, what an amazing place!, but I couldn't do it with a hangover haha haha. Maybe they could chuck in a Daiso store?!!. We have a brand spanking new one here in Auckland, in a mall called St. Lukes, no mall cops there though!. I'm gonna check it out later in the week. All you 3 sisters keep safe out there… Regards, Mark 🤓👍🇳🇿

  4. That line reminds me of standing in line for the Infinity Mirrors exhibit. The wait can be painful at least it is well worth it!

  5. Oh wow, I wouldn't have thought to purchase in advance. Great to know. I really love digital art. It's so fun to see. Goodness the line!!! My girls would love it here. That slide looked so fun and your Travel Pockets fish swimming by. I loved the waterfall feature. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Is this easy to reach via public transportation? Haha, glad you found the exit. Great tips about shoes and snacks.

  6. wow.. the waterfall part looks amazing!!! that part some how reminded me of movie "Avatar" i'm not sure why, I feel like I would get motion sickness if i stay in this museum for too long lol does each room have some kind of story or message? it's really cool, i wonder what they're trying to say. my favorite room is the "future park" we'd spend all day drawing fishes and sharks to put up on the screen!!!

  7. This was really helpful, thanks for the tips! Good to know about that line up in advance, cheers!

  8. i have always wanted to visit a teamLab museum because i've seen countless photos and videos of the art installations inside and it just makes me go ahhh. everything looks pretty and stunning like i can't decide while watching which is the best for me hahaha it all just feels so surreal. The Way of the Sea in the Crystal World – wowwwwwww. ooooh interesting to know about buying tickets in advance and getting there early to line up in advance. thanks!

  9. Looks an amazing place, we love bizarre exhibitions like this. Sounds like there is plenty to see as you spent quite a few hours in there. Glad you managed to find the exit, I bet they have to guide a few people out at the end of the day.

  10. Its my first time to see a digital museum, I didn’t know its exist until i bump your vlog. Kudos who made this totally fascinating!

  11. Oh wow, that is pretty awesome. I would love to see this. Looks like a very popular attraction. At least the line seemed to move quickly. Is it a timed entry? That is awesome, a Travel Pockets fish!

  12. What a cool experience. Loved seeing all the lights and amazing digital displays. Even though the wait was long, it was totally worth it. It's absolutely easy to spend 3+ hours there. Great tips about shoes and lunch!

  13. Wow, I have been reading about a digital art museum but had no idea how it looks. It is a great virtual tour and what a visual treat.

  14. I had no idea most of it was effects but this is such a cool concept for a museum. I would want to try this hardcore if I ever went to Japan. How did you hear about it? It looked pretty popular with the line being pretty long. That is always a good sign

  15. So many amazing sights and I loved the sound too. I loved the balloon area and the interactive fish.

  16. I have recently visited, I was so frustrated with the queue! How can there be such a big queue when you buy tickets in advance! I wish someone told me, I would have planned better!

  17. I've seen photos and videos of this online and I've always wanted to visit! Wow that line is intense! But worth the wait! I'm in love with all of this art. I like how some of the art is even on the floor! Thanks for the tour!

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