yeah welcome back to the channel you're a Chanel feeling good I'm late somehow I still feel good but it's okay man 29 rooms I me all right what this is vote we landed on nevermind what the fuck for you see around cuz you know real women make a mess when they trying to get Best Dressed okay guys that's a V nicest birthday yeah got the girls now it's what we decided to do the kick off I don't understand it for real no bitch it came in the morning no back that's why there was no hassle to get my black ass what's this what's up blondie white chocolate is that white brownie you want to talk to a bitch you'll have to come back for seconds all moldy I just did you know just checking my niggas car what the hell is this nope here for the blondie I just want another located top 100 best exhibit they got when I got me up there but look at the bamboo fail that's what I'm gonna give up my wedding bamboo bale hate that crazy shit go ahead let them go my life I had to fight for a drink I finally found it and they're not free and then they got under to have my quality I am 28 why am i drinking Bacardi I wanna or I'd get some more money and be able to come and ran by myself like I am EMI in people people's lines are here that's right need to be a part of that culture the soft opening culture that's who I want to be a part of and no one is moving do I want this oh my god seeing that been that live that love that scared it away who does that low cam you already know motherfucking Harry Potter okay move out the way of it's for Best Dressed okay see you red hair red bed okay shoulder shoulder knee there we go I'm the whip you ain't even look at my face ain't even look at me that's not funny like this show you so good man didn't even look at my face why don't we happy I just as I started walking I was like damn bitch you gotta be so happy that I do this because get on to see ya guys we made it wrong in late this is OD Xtreme yeah bodega mom look like both a kimono it's a little too orange you know I'm pretty good at videos now you saw me fucking up so she's trying to turn the life of a guy what do we get it's just this you know green came back to a roof kids love green all her life guys I don't like the section of Mexico that's a real problem caramel inside turn around please very bad for you sugar yeah nasty don't know cancers be like nigga where you know they know it stomp it you got it all the cute part you gotta set the cards have the tides yeah nice I didn't do it well come on baby okay Luke that's what we want the year got it I've never been a jail that is giving like jail howl it is this this is so great this is the jail part you just talk about what is you you love the wrong locked up gotta go I never seen trans I Nana okay nothing just a slang open up that shit let me see if you got someone to eat this all right it wasn't a color touch her but she got on but I'm a Paula her assistants that these are the colors I see when I think of ChaCha I couldn't do the colors they asked me as the essence of tadka because she's wearing all fucking black fella so I decided to do the colors of what remind me of Tata thank you three guys we magic effect are you having fun I can't believe you hold it oh wait we drive we like those we literally of course all right thank you we used to be [Laughter] I'm double here and I'm a nigga I'm just letting y'all know just in case niggas forgot okay gonna cube Emre ready one two three no really giving Lord leave it leave it the hata faisal is that then it is bigger than any ball pit we've ever gone to beam into a lot of them we've never been to a pocket this big but I'm not bright you guys take your shoes off remember that nobody's for us it smells very fresh in here I'm happy about that there's a lot of white people Internet shit with a fair I'm hey baby yeah oh god she's old you back infinity mirrors and bodies no it's nothing like oh my gosh okay into the pit of devil cause it won't be nice I'm dead yawning joannanathan under here I hope I get better you get her ankle spikes in the first room right pregnant women in here nothing sleek easy nothing too crazy get mama beer


  1. Loved it!!

  2. Lol I love you Bidi ❤️❤️

  3. gurlll wishing I was in ny to visit these exhibits!! you're too much fun! And preggers mama was stuntinggg yasss she look so good! you're outfits tooo too pengg

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  5. That photographer was living for you

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  9. I haven’t even started watching the video yet but girl I been a subscriber and every time I watch you, you give me life! And I don’t even say that “phrase” . Lol
    You deserve wayyyyyy more subscribers.
    Love from Pittsburgh 😘😘
    P.S you inspire me to love myself more and try to have more confidence. Thank you

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