25 thoughts on “EPIC ART with KIDS ART SUPPLIES!?

  1. I yours to carve into the crayon s

  2. Jazza, you should do an epic pavement chalk video!!!!

  3. Is it weird that i get art ideas from jazza and mix it up a lot ish

  4. Hi child WILL have a LOT. Of art suplies

  5. Bruh how did he know about my dad

  6. That’s so awesome

  7. My dad actually left when i was six by trying to kill himself while he was drunk thanks for helping me remember good ol memories

  8. His nails (fingernails) are sooo awesome 😎

  9. Nails is on point jazza

  10. When you started "crying" around 3:20 , that made me subscribed

  11. I like your nails

  12. Your shiny nails are beautiful and your fingers are not fat! <3

  13. My dad actually is an alcoholic and my mom left him so we dont turn into him but we see him once a month atleast

  14. Absolutely amazing!!! How? Out of a little human worm babies box that has paint and not any paintbrushes? What is this? The Matrix?!

  15. Even though it’s been like a year I take offense to, “He left, because he was an alcoholic.”I know this, and I haven’t seen him in 5 years. Wow Jazza this is not family friendly.😥

  16. Why did they give you Red, Blue and green Why not yellow instead of green so you could make all the colours?!

  17. When jazza moved into Alice it looks like she is swallowing you

  18. Teacher be like, “Don’t lie to me, I know you printed this out!!!”

  19. Wow Jazza, that is very creative!

  20. “Ur dad left cos he was an aucahollic” that’s mean cos my dad died from being an aucahollic

  21. 00:56 love the American accent when referring to what not to do.

  22. pretty dope i wish i had patience, skills and decent materials to do shit like this :,3

  23. That's a bad camera angle on Alice dont ya think?

  24. Damn the dad being an alcoholic line hit me hard

  25. 1:02 F*kInG OoOofFf got me gooood.😂😂

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