[ENG CC] Doll drawing Deck, iAmJP’s OP Deck [NT EP.04-1]

[ENG CC] Doll drawing Deck, iAmJP’s OP Deck [NT EP.04-1]

They told me that he used play sports. / [Hints giveaway] No! No! / You didn’t see this… right? You need to wake up! [Newtorial / DECK MAKER] Pong & Anne’s Newtorial! We have invited new guests to our show! Do you know who he is? Yes! I know. / Really? / Let me give you some hints. / Senorita! / Senorita?! [Second Hint]He is really famous and he’s name goes like… JYP…? JYP? / It goes something like that. Or was it JPY… / [It’s JPY} He is a famous streamer… Really? / You seriously need to wake up. [Give up!] Once you see him… you’ll know. Let’s find out about today’s guest! / Please come out! Hello(in Korean). / Hi! / Hola! / Hola! / Senorita! / Senor! I’m iAmJP and I’m 19 years old. I play for KIX and I’m very excited to be here. Friend… / What? / Same age? / Same? He is confused… he thinks you’re talking about yourself. / No! Not me but her! / Me! Same age? / Oh! / High five! / How about me? / [Stop] I heard that you used to play basketball… I became more focused in Clash Royale after I stopped playing basketball. I’ve played preliminary games to get into ‘CRL1’ and I don’t enjoy playing basketball anymore and wanted to be a pro Clash Royal player. You are really tall… you are 32cm taller than I am. / 32cm? Can you stand up? He is really tall! / He is really tall! Did you see that? I had to look up! You are 32 years old… right? / [What about my age!] [Newtorial / DECK MAKER]

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What is your favorite deck style? / I like playing with 2.6 Hog Rider deck. / Hog Rider? You used to be good at using Hog Rider… / Long time ago. I’m pretty sure that he is aware of me. He must recognize me. [Fact check] / Do you recognize Pong? Do you know who he is? / [Nervous] / [Doubts] / [Witness] I know who he is. / [Relaxed world star] / Who do you think he is? / [More doubts] [He looks like one of famous history teacher.] Can you look at the board and find the missing card? / It’s difficult. / One card is missing. / I think I know. What? / You are missing one of legendary card… Fisherman! This card is very trendy. It’s often used with Giant Skeleton. It’s really good and I love using it. Anne, what do you think about this card? / I have everything planned up! I see that you’ve done your homework. / Of course! Anne, why don’t you make your deck? / Okay. Translator… please tell him that I’m not as good… We’ve already told him. / Oh! Director! Anne, go ahead and pick two cards from the board. As for iAmJP, you will need to cover your mouth. [Talking like history teacher…] / [Mouth covered] It seems to be that you came prepared today… / Like it matters… You told me that you have everything planned up! / My plan was… [Anne’s plan] / If my opponent uses P.E.K.K.A, I will use Fisherman to pull him over and I will attack with my air units. So I will go ahead and pick air units like… I just forgot that he can’t talk. / Sit down. [History teacher is very determined] / No! Don’t move… just the eye… This one and… I had this one in my mind! I’ve came prepared! I will use this card for sure and I can’t decide between these two cards… I’ve chosen these two cards… / Are you satisfied with the result? / Yes. Anne came prepared today… / I try! [Just trying…] I will choose Giant Skeleton. No Clone. / I see what you’re trying to do here! This combination is very trendy and it goes well with Fisherman. I will have units pulled over and push with my next wave of cards. Graveyard. / I’m not very good at using this card… This deck is very trendy. I will basically use Giant Skeleton or Baby Dragon as a tanker unit and inflict damage on my opponent’s Tower using Graveyard. [Anne is very knowledgeable about facts] / Graveyard is usually used with Poison… / Next card I will choose is Poison. This deck is becoming really good… / It’s by the books! I will now need to pick an air attacking unit… and I will choose Musketeer. This deck is… / [Will fallen card be chosen!?] I can see through your moves! / Next is Giant Snowball. / [Pong starts to act] / Giant Snowball…? Don’t act like you can’t find Giant Snowball… / This deck is now perfect. / It burdens me to play with a perfect deck. You can’t lose playing with this deck… really! I decided to use Giant Snowball because it’s cheap and very effective when it comes to defense, especially against Bats. [DECK MAKER#4 Complete: Fisherman, Skeleton, Baby Dragon, Giant Skeleton, Graveyard, Poison, Musketeer, Giant Snowball] Fisherman deck is vulnerable against Larva Hound deck… It my opponent uses Larva Hound I will need to push the other lane. Or I will use Giant Skeleton as a tanking unit while Baby Dragon defends. It’s also good to use Poison with it. What would be the name of this deck? / JP Deck. / It’s too simple! [Showing off…] / How about Fisher JP deck? / J.Fisherman deck! [DECK MAKER#4 Complete: Fisherman, Skeleton, Baby Dragon, Giant Skeleton, Graveyard, Poison, Musketeer, Giant Snowball] / [It will now be called J.Fisherman deck] Deck Maker! J.Fisherman… It’s hard to pronounce! / J. Fisherman. / Now we will go ahead and play with this deck. We will go ahead and start! Challenge! / Challenge! / That was good! [Newtorial / DECK MAKER] We have total 8 wins so far! / What are you talking about! 8 wins? / We are now at 8th winning and producers of this show is very worried that you might play against someone really good. But it’s only basic. / No worries! If you win… you will get an action figure! / I will stay focused. / Go go go! He owns lots of good emotes. / It’s shining. Skeleton is not enough to defend against it. I will use Fisherman. My opponent might be using P.E.K.K.A deck. Since I can’t do anything against Goblin Barrel… I will need to stack up my units and push. / JP’s opponent has the upper hand deck. It’s not looking good because of Goblin Barrel. It’s difficult to defend against… Don’t be making excuses! In situations like this… it’s important to focus on defense. He will get a chance… when it’s double Elixir. But he might play Princess in the middle. I’m pushing from the front because my opponent has Rockets. Fisherman will pull Dark Prince! / I know! My Towers are damaged but its okay for now… With my Baby Dragon I will try to push. It’s a good timing! / I will defend like this… Lots of damage is inflicted to JP’s opponent’s Tower. My opponent has Fireball! / Fireball? / I thought he would have Rockets but it was Fireball. I will use Poison and push. My opponent’s Tower is getting damaged. He is out of Fireball again. / I don’t think he is going to push. He is out of Elixir. I will need to take out Princess / Musketeer is at a good location. He opponent is running out of Elixir and now is a good time for using Graveyard. I will use Poison to attack the Tower. Will this work? Will it work? I did it! It was difficult but I was able to pull it off! Considering your profession… you had a hard time… That’s how I feel right now. / Leave comments! It’s true… I had a hard time defending. [Anne’s turn] Go go go! / I’m nervous. I will do anything to win this match! / You have a good deck… Go go go! It’s looking good! / It’s good! I would’ve play different but it’s too difficult to explain. What just happened? Fisherman! Quick! You’ve done a good job. Now you’re at 9th winning… Can you make revenge for Anne? / Yes, I’m ready. If you lose… it’s going to be hilarious. This is going to be good match. People are good at 9th winning section. / I’m looking forward to this match. This is a aggressive move. Your opponent definitely have an upper hand deck. / You can do it! Figure! / Let’s go All this is leading up to… / No! Bomber? This is looking difficult. I would’ve give up. Things are looking pretty bad… / Miner? / Oh my god! I will use Giant Snowball… Let’s see… What? / I will still go offensive. / That’s the deck that I’ve made… Larva Hound and Fisherman. / Yes. Really? / I’ve made that deck. / I’m pretty sure Pong is cheering for your opponent. It’s very difficult to play against Poison but I will just go ahead and push. Miner! It was a very difficult game. This is what you wanted…Pong… My deck! JP’s opponent used JP’s counter deck… There is nothing JP can do against Inferno Dragon. / I know. Because of Poison… there was nothing that I could’ve done with Graveyard. / That was close… Decks… Why don’t we change the rule and give me the action figure? / Not a chance. You still give out action figures to player… right? / Nope. It’s a harsh world. What? / I don’t get it. / Oh! [Pong… you need to work on your hearing] [Newtorial / DECK MAKER] You were not able complete your mission and you can say adios to your prize. How did you like playing with instant built deck? I had a good time. I wasn’t very lucky but it was fun. Anne, what do you think about today’s deck? Out of all the decks I’ve used in Newtorial… I always faced defeats and… / You were crushed… / What? But I managed to destroy one of the Towers… I liked it. I’m happy. What would you say about the deck? / It’s up to today’s meta and it’s fun to play with. But it’s vulnerable to air units like Larva Hound… and I will give 4/5. If your opponent uses Larva Hound… Press the home button and exit the game. Please click like for our video and leave comments. Gems will be given to lucky winners. We will see you again on Friday for our second part of the show! See you again!

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