Eat it Amazon – We Have a Marshall

Eat it Amazon – We Have a Marshall

Hi Stan Oh an unresponsive response Oh Hi Stan! Hey Marshall What’s on your mind? You seem lost in thought. So Marshall I’ve been really
impressed with your ability to promote the podcast lately and how well
you tell people to give us five stars on iTunes unprompted now. Unprompted. And so I’m promoting you To our main ad reader Like is this like
to bypass payment? The only Black Friday sale that matters is happening
now at Forget Amazon, Walmart, and Target this holiday season you, the
ambitious eager to learn student, have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to save 20% on
the best art education that’s available anywhere on the planet!!! Save
money and work towards becoming the artist you want to be with courses that
teach you figure, portrait, anatomy, and caricature drawing. But this offer
doesn’t stop there that’s because the discount code I’m about to give you also
works on the already discounted bundles masterpiece demos and model packs that
are all available in the proko store it’s truly the perfect gift for the
artists and non artists in your life. Now am i insane to read this out loud before
I had a chance to read it? Yes, but you’d also be insane to skip out on this incredible offer just go to and use the coupon code BLACK20 during checkout to save big on the best gift in existence oh and after you do that be sure to go
to iTunes and rate us five stars for this ad. I’m old That was great! Thank you Marshall! you’re getting no money this. Oh we’ll talk…
trapped you all right

62 thoughts on “Eat it Amazon – We Have a Marshall

  1. O.O
    Edit: okay that was awesome

  2. thankyou marshall

  3. This should totally be in Spotify

  4. Christmas sweater so cute🤣👍🏻💗💗

  5. Happy Holidays 🙂

  6. "I'm old"

  7. "I'm old" What an ending

  8. I have never laughed so much at an ad before. Good job.

  9. This is hilarious. Thank you for the code.

  10. Ahahahahahahahhaa hilarious

  11. "I'm old."
    I died XD

  12. Wait a minute, is he the "A Christmas Story" voice?

  13. how is that marshall is not a voice actor???

  14. "I'm old" Marshall Vandruff 2019

    PS. Buying the arms course was worth it. @[email protected]

  15. The gift that keeps on giving. This, and the My dad wrote a porno podcast are making me laugh every single time. Though draftsmen is way more educational 🙂

  16. Is this to bypass payment?

  17. You’re getting no money
    We’ll Talk

  18. Hell yea Marshall! Now read me an epic bedtime story lol!

  19. Marshall great.

  20. Marshall rules

  21. He sounds a little like Brian Cranston

  22. i feel like proko keeps marshall in his basement

  23. for a second I thought it was the podcast, still worth it tho

  24. what is the painting in the thumbnail?

  25. This was amazing, and so is the thumbnail!

  26. I'm starting to think we all need a Marshall in our lives.

  27. I love Marshall’s voice so much

  28. My gawd(God)…he's glorious! It's sad, but half the people I know probably couldn't even spell the word 'amazon' unprompted.

    …but hey, that's the world we live in. People would rather watch stuff than read it; study it. You have to absorb it…Take it all in. Drink it up with your damned googly eyes, you fools! Why aren't the kids interested in learning around here?! They're soft, squishy, and downright lazy. Putting my generation to shame. (Generation Y, Z, or often known as 'Millenial'.) I'm 29, and though I'm no Marshall, or even a damn Stan Prokopenko, but I am learned and I can READ. I work hard, got my college degree, got my high school diploma, and hold down 2 jobs…I don't do drugs. I am always doing something positive (despite a slightly negative and lengthy comment) and something productive.

    …my nephew said he actually went to all of his classes today, didn't ditch, like it's something to reward, like he deserves a Medal of Honor. That's nothing. You want an award for getting out of bed?

    …I think I need a drink…oh and an orange. Yes…oranges are nature's candy. I'm so glad I don't have kids. I'd be hard on them. They'd hate me. …but if they stick to a plan of their making? One that's solid and true? They could get to a successful life. …sometimes it's not about happiness. It's about choices, skills, and luck.

    Well…I'm just going to leave this here. Empty my thoughts into a void. If anyone reads this, I'm sorry.

    Go get em. Go get it.

  29. "I'm old" LMFAO

  30. Professional!

  31. Stan is god-tier awkward.

  32. This almost motivating me enough to make Itunes account to give it 5 stars just for this but…. only almost..

  33. Ah but you didn't put a utm code on your link so you could track everyone who is interested/clicks 🙂 Love the 'ad'!

  34. Who needs cheap commercials when you have Marshall?

  35. Love it!!!!!!

  36. ahaha genius ad

  37. The Avengers have a Hulk; but we have a Marshall…! (Loki's in deep trouble now).

  38. What an awesome voice !!!

  39. He sounds so much like Jean Shepherd from Christmas Story.
    “Randy lay there like a slug. It was his only defense.”

  40. I absolutely love you guys together lol

  41. I'm the Non-Artist! That was great Marshall!

  42. I keep wondering if Marshall knows how much we love him.

  43. i don't even like drawing but i'm buying it god dammit

  44. Marshall is the kinda person I could enjoy coffee and a conversation with. Just really seems like the kinda person you want to be around ya know?

    Oh and Proko too lol.

    Proko I hope you survive this upcoming YouTube policy change that's coming. I love your channel and I recommend tons of people to come to your channel to learn to draw. Take care and best wishes man.

  45. I know this is literally just an advertisement, but my face hurts from laughing at this.

  46. Marshall > Stan

  47. Really, really tired of this ageist crap to be honest. Marshall being a good sport about it doesn’t make it OK. Proko should know better.

  48. Best advertising E V E R! <3

  49. epic

  50. Erin, please run into the men’s bathroom and tell amazon to eat it.

  51. Marshall would make an amazing storyteller.

  52. Lmao

  53. invite russian artist graduated from repin institute bro
    people will scream

  54. Gosh, I would like to see Marshall and George Carlin making a conversation, it could only last two minutes like the video above,that would be the most charismatic and awesome combo ever. Im sorry Stan, I love you but you are still too young to be the part of that dream

  55. Marshall is the best person ever

  56. Those sweaters are so tasteful.

  57. I will admit it, you totally sold it to me. Get this on spootify!

  58. Who needs Morgan Freeman when you can have a Marshall Vandruff

  59. didn't know its was an ad, don't regret clicking

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