Easy Watercolor Flowers for Beginners and Kids Art Tutorial

Hi guys welcome to my channel my name is
Emily and this is Ansley today we’re gonna be painting loose flowers in
watercolor no drawing required and this is Ansley’s
first time painting flowers ever let’s try it let’s see how it goes yeah so let
me just show you an example of kind of what we’re going for today with these
flowers here’s some little flowers I painted a couple weeks ago just using
paint we don’t actually need to draw anything and I will show you how easy
these are so first we just need to make sure our paints are wet I’m going to
spray them with my spray bottle all of the paint
we’ll probably be using some greens some yellows and some reds for the most part
and maybe this dark brown here you want turquoise okay so we’ve got our paints
ready to go and each of us has a round brush Ansley has a Princeton
Neptune-sized eight round brush and I have a Danube artist quill brush size
eight by creative mark and all you need for this exercise is a round brush
and some paint oh and some cotton watercolor paper that’s also important
if you want to get the same effects that we’re going to be creating today you do
need cotton paper this is a cold pressed paper by Stonehenge okay so what we’re
going to do is we’re going to start by taking a dark flower color so I’m going
to start with this deep burgundy and dab the tip of my brush in the thick paint
and I’m going to just paint on three tiny little dots with that thick paint and make them really close together
because this is gonna be the center of the flower did you wet your brush first
yes look at how wet my paint is here this is
important to make it really thick and wet almost like a big puddle so I think
you need a little more paint on there just taking the very point that’s a
little better make them a little further apart so they aren’t touching. Let’s fix these.
okay this is turning out to be a little harder than we thought!
So see how we’re painting these dots here you gotta make a little teeny tiny circle
and then we rinse your brush okay got your brush now I’ve rinsed my brush and
I’m making sure it’s kind of wet but not too wet and I’m gonna take my point of
my brush stick it in one of those dots ready watch stick it in one of those
dots now you try not too wet but keep it really pointed and I’m gonna wiggle
wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle and leave it like that because
the paint is coming from your dot watch it again
so I point at my dot and I wiggle wiggle all the paint is just
gonna flow out of the dot into the water you can turn your paper to make it work
too point to the dot and wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah try another one do you know what
we’re making when we do the wiggle we’re making the petals so I’m gonna do
another dot not touching the other ones got to be careful that it doesn’t touch
the other petals so maybe you would put one right here uh-huh and then you wash
your brush really really good take some of the water off the edge of the side of
your jar not too wet just a little wet and you touch the tip of your brush to
that dot and you wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle
yeah those are actually nice does that look like a flower I think so
wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle and I think five petals will look pretty nice take
up some of that water you probably have enough so you want to start another
flower over here maybe in a different color so again start with three little
dots with lots of paint with the very tip of your round brush so the point is make sure the tip of
your brush is touching the dot before you start to wiggle that pulls the paint
into the petal of the flower watch me again take the tip of your brush grab
some that paint This is proving to be more challenging than
I thought it would be they don’t have to be perfect that’s the point and then rinse your brush all the way
before you do the wiggle otherwise you’ll have too much paint in there so how many petals do your flowers have? let’s try to do five yeah and you might
have to see how I’m kind of twisting my paper around to get it better you might
have to move your paper around just so you can reach yeah okay let’s try
another one over here I want you to try painting your dots this close together
with the very tip of your brush if you need to use your smaller brush that
works too so to get the best control of that tip look at how close I am to the
tip okay and I think you need more paint and see how I kind of go side to side so
that it comes to a point so it’s not like that but it’s pointed okay hold it
super close and you can rest your hand on the side of the paper for steadiness
what do we start with yeah do the dot first so go back and do the two dots
here and they have to hold your brush higher up so it’s straight up and down
and do a teeny circle uh-huh and do another little circle okay now rinse your brush all the way
you gotta hit the bottom of the jar so get super clean and see how I’m dabbing this
side to get all the extra runny water off but still keeping it pointed now
start at the very tip of your dot let’s turn this one hold it like this
wiggle wiggle dry your brush a little bit pull some of that water up
and make a point that’s a good one okay now try it with this one rinse your
brush again and then touch the point to the circle hold it like this look how pretty all right let’s turn it
and do it on this side now can you make the wiggle on that one and remember how
we’re angling your brush like this good all right you want to add one more petal
on this side maybe so remember how we do it start with a dark dot first a little
bigger and then rinse all the way of the bottom of the jar to get all the paint
up dry it on the paper towel just a little bit leave a little bit of water
in there you have to re-wet it with the jar again that’s fine now
hold your brush what do you think beautiful let’s let
this dry and then we’re gonna add some stems so now that our flowers are mostly
dry we can add some green leaves and stems and remember you can make these
however you want that’s the beauty of loose paint painted flowers you can just
make them however you want them to be so I’m going to use this kind of dark green
right here with my smaller brush and dab it in the paint a few times to make sure
I get a nice thick amount of paint and then I am going to start with the blue
flower here and I’m just gonna paint a skinny little curved line coming down
like that wanna try it? remember to hold your brush close to the tip so you
have more control and don’t cover your flowers when you come down with the stem
make it kind of look like it’s going behind the flowers great practice for
creating skinny lines that’s a nice stem well done okay now
let’s add a leaf to the bottom of our flower with the very tip of my pointed
round brush watching me I’m gonna start at the bottom and then paste or flatten
my brush down a little bit to make it thicker and then lift it so it comes to
a point tiny little point so we’re starting skinny and then getting fatter
and then thinner again you need and then squeeze to make it fat and then lift it
to make it skinny again not bad okay let’s add some more leaves to our stem
how about one coming out the other side these are the first flowers
you’ve ever painted aren’t they yeah alright let’s make a stem coming down
from our pink flower oops mine touched my my pedal was still
a little wet so it started to bleed a little bit that’s ok they are never perfect
and even in nature they’re not perfect they kind of go all which ways and some
have broken petals and but that’s part of the beauty of it how about one more
stem coming down from your pink flower I love your color choices for your
flowers Nice let’s add a couple more leaves you can put them anywhere you want not bad no they’re very lovely okay so for one more little detail
we’re gonna add some little dark spots in the center of our flower to kind of
bring it all together so just using my brown
I’m just blotting some Brown right in the middle just to make our flowers
connect in the middle yes that’s a good one I use and did you see how I was
holding it more upright like straight up and down and just dabbing like this kind
of like you’re stabbing it uh-huh you might need a little more water on
your paint there but that looks pretty good
try that with the pink one grab some more paint and then just do a little
Boop right in the middle of your pink flower straight up and down perfect we
do that with your blue flower good all right
that’s beautiful this was Ansley’s first time painting flowers she’s in
kindergarten and this was a little more challenging because we didn’t have any
guidelines for drawing but that’s the beauty of flowers you can make them
loose and expressive and they don’t have to be perfect so thanks for joining us
we hope you enjoyed today’s video if you did please be sure to hit the thumbs up
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