Drawing with a Mouse in 10 minutes Challenge! (Ft. Vida Animada)

Drawing with a Mouse in 10 minutes Challenge! (Ft. Vida Animada)

63 thoughts on “Drawing with a Mouse in 10 minutes Challenge! (Ft. Vida Animada)

  1. So many struggles in life the Oreo, now this

  2. Hélio guys

  3. Vim pelo tio Michel<3

  4. Man!!! I really liked the result! I need to send you the file in which I am drawing next time, though. Dude, I really, REALLY liked the way you edited it. I'm really thinking about hiring you to edit one of my videos someday, haha

  5. Vim pelo Tio Michel :3

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  20. Uncle Michel is a incredible english teacher. I came from Brazil to say it, because I want ;-;

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    Thx u all who came here and gave me support!!

    Edit: I have never been so happy with the results of somethin we have made by ourselves, and that result was achieved thx to u all so… THANK Y’ALL !!

    Eu nunca fiquei tão satisfeito com os frutos do nosso trabalho duro, e esse resultado foi pelo seu suporte então… OBRIGADO!

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  46. The designs were amazing! one more subscriber 🙂

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    (Sorry if the english are bad or strange)

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