Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of RossDraws and welcome to Milo Month! This is around the time when I first got
Milo, and so Milo will be joining us in our art adventures all month long.
For your first video of your birthday month, what do you want to draw? You watch anime? What animes do you watch? [MILO] Dragon Ball Z, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Gundam Wing- [ROSS] It’s good to know your taste in
anime [ROSS] Huh?
[MILO] Can I be a gundam? [ROSS] You wanna be a gundam? [MILO] Yeah, they’re big and tall and powerful, and I think it would be really cool if I was a gundam [ROSS] Aaw, well of course buddy! Okay, so today we’ll turn
Milo into a gundam. Can I be in this poster too? [MILO] I guess.
[ROSS] YAY [ROSS] Alright, let’s take a
really quick photo to help our painting. I’m gonna change into something a little more casual real quick- Come on! Yay! Milo-chan! Milooo! Okay You’re a mech, right? Hold on, here- Alright, buddy Come here Aah! Oh my god, I broke my chair! How do I do this? Milo! Look ahead! [lol] So we took the reference photo and this is what we got. Oooh, look at that! So
we’re gonna turn Milo into a gundam, I’m not really sure how it’s gonna work. I
was thinking maybe I’m like a pilot or something. Gonna isolate ourselves real quick, right buddy? How big are gundams? Maybe it’s like a reverse gundam. That could be unique, right? There hasn’t been an anime yet where there’s like a reverse gundam First I thought I could be in a cockpit, you know, pilot the Milo mech. But maybe I can sit on top of his head and
command him to tell him where to go. So I’m gonna work on it and I’ll check back
soon. Hey guys, welcome back and this is the
progress of the piece so far. It had gotten a little dark, cause I’ve been painting this for a while. This is a little out of my comfort zone
but you know what, Milo? It’s 2020 we’re gonna challenge ourselves and we’re gonna finish this. Milo you’re huge, look at that! [MILO] I wanna be bigger [ROSS] Okay, hold on. Alright. Ready? There. [MILO] Bigger [ROSS] Bigger? Oh my gosh, how big do
you want to be? [MILO] Bigger! [ROSS] Bigger? Okay, how about this- I’ll make myself smaller. There. That’s kinda cool, look at that! Alright Milo, we need a name for our anime series. What do you think? [MILO] Milo the Destroyer. [ROSS] I think it’s a little too harsh, maybe something a
little more fantasy? [MILO] Milo: King of Everything. You know what, how about this? Code Milo. What do you think, buddy? [MILO] Yeah, that works. [ROSS] Code Milo, right? It’s cool! YAYYY, MILO! CODE MILO! Yeah, I think it’s looking pretty sweet
so I’m gonna work on it and I’ll check back soon. And here’s the progress of Milo’s- Aaaw! Milo’s mech piece! Milo, what do you think? Do you like it? I think we should add
Miracle! Yes! My channel’s OC Miracle, I think she can tie it altogether and
make this piece awesome. Oh snap, hold on- Let’s add like a, like a Miracle
forcefield Ooohoohoo! Look at that Miracle energy- The trio is complete! I feel like this piece is finally coming
together, so I’m going to finish it and I’ll check back soon. Tactics level cleared, continuing on
strategic level. Guys! It’s colordodge time. Alright Milo, here we go! Oooohoohoohoo You wanna fight? Let’s go. Rasengon! Kamehameha! Sailor Milo! Milo! One punch him! Alright Milo, Thunder Shock! Alright gundam Milo, let’s go! One! Two! Three Yay, Milo-chan! Code Milo: on Netflix! Next week is Milo’s birthday and Valentine’s Day, so I think we’re drawing Milo’s
girlfriend [ROSS] Hm?
[MILO] Noo. What! And if you want the full video tutorial on how I bring this
together, please check out my Patreon. Oh also my book BLOOM went back in stock like a week and a half ago. But if you want a chance to win a book or a print,
this video’s question is: What is your top three animes? Yes! Mine is probably, you
know, Full Metal Alchemist. I’m not sure about this one,
and then Code Milo, haha! Let me know in the comments below and we’ll choose a
lucky subscriber. My first feature-length book comes out in 18
weeks! I’m so excited, argh! One of my resolutions this year is to make awesome
videos every single week for you guys. So far so good, so I’ll see you guys next
week. Don’t forget to subscribe and remember, everyday is a colordodge


  1. I love Milo month!!! Milo is seriously my best friend and I'm so glad i can celebrate his existence with you guys. Next week we'll be drawing Milo's gf so stay tuned! At least one of us wont be single 😭


  2. My fav anime is anime, fairy tail, clammed, and cells at work

  3. Ofcourse it would be Fairy Tail, Bungo Stray Dogs and Assassination Classroom! Hoorraahh! ^O^/

  4. Ofcourse it would be Fairy Tail, Bungo Stray Dogs and Assassination Classroom! Hoorraahh! ^O^/

  5. Top three
    3rd: Haikyuu
    2nd: Violet evergarden

  6. Top 3 animes
    1. HAIKYUU
    2. Attack on Titan
    3. Interspecies reviewers

  7. •Violet Evergarden
    •Made In Abyss

    I'm a trash for story heavy anime and i can't stop rewatching them help

  8. Milo Milo milo

  9. Dr.Stone,My Hero Academy Boku no Hero, One Piece.

  10. Mình rất thích các bạn tạo ra cái năng lượng khi vẽ 😌

  11. 1. code milo
    2. kimetsu no yaiba
    3. violet ever garden

  12. My top 3 animes are :
    -Fairy Tail
    -One Punch Man
    -Ao no Exorcist

  13. 1. A Silent Voice
    2. Tokyo Ghoul
    3. Erased

  14. Top 3 animes

    My hero academia
    Code milo

  15. My top 3:
    Noragami aragoto
    Violet evergarden
    Kill la kill

  16. My top 3 anime’s are

    -dragon ball z
    -jojo’s bizzare adventures
    -The Boondocks

  17. 1. Code Geass
    2. My Hero Academia
    3. The Promised Neverland

  18. my top 3 is:
    my hero academia
    full metal alchemist brotherhood

  19. full meatl, my hero, naruto

  20. Pokémon, Pokémon, and Pokémon.

  21. 1. Angel Beats
    2. The Rising of the shield hero
    3. My Hero Academia
    + So many more <3

  22. Ghost in the shell
    Attack on Titan

  23. I feel sorry for this dog.

  24. Ok ok so I know the first one will cause debate but I love it so much I'm going to count it as anime this time because… just because
    – Avatar TLA
    – The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
    – Tomago Market
    Some random not as popular picks but they're my most recent watches and I'm still on a high from them XD

  25. -Your Name
    -A silent voice

    Havent seen weathering with you but it might belong here

  26. Top 3 anime:
    1. Attack on titans
    2. My hero Acadamia
    3. Black butler(probably)seraph of the end

  27. My top three anime:
    – 3-gatsu no Lion
    – Hunter x Hunter
    – Kamisama Hajimemashita
    What a combo-!

  28. My top 3 animes are:
    -Sakura Card Capter
    – Death Note
    -Mew Mew Power

  29. My top 3 animes are…
    1.My Hero Academia
    2.The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

  30. Вау как ты красиво рисуешь

  31. My top 3 anime!🌈:
    1. Noragami
    2. Hyouka
    3. Attack on Titan

  32. Promised Neverland
    Code geass
    angel Beats

  33. My top 3 fav anime's
    – Demon Slayer
    – The Promised Neverland
    – One Punch Man

  34. Top three has to be Full metal alchemist brotherhood, demonslayer, and Castlevania (even though it's American animation 😭😭)!

  35. My top 3 anime are :

    – Violet Evergarden
    – Overlord
    – Tensei Shittara Slime Datta Ken

  36. My top 3 anime’s: Bungo Stray Dogs, FullMetal Alchemist and Fruits Basket! Chuuya is amazing, Edward elric is relatable as heck and Yuki is just precious

  37. My top three animes are MHA, JoJo's and the fate series.

  38. Top 3 anime?…

    -Pokemon (kinda an anime)
    -Jojo bizzare adventures
    – Custom animes. (an anime i could make. Not an anime but a good idea.)

  39. Top 3 anime would be for me:
    -demon slayer
    -sailor moon

  40. Poor dog

  41. There are SO many good anime’s…..I would have to go with…. Kenshin, Inuyasha, and…..🤔……I really like Outlaw Star and Record of Lodoss War a lot, can’t choose!

  42. Happy Milo's month!
    Mmm I think that my top three are Kill La Kill, My love story and Inuyasha 💜

  43. 1. Code geas 2. No game no life 3. Fairy tail

  44. My 3 favourite anime move is code milo! High school for Acadamy and walf

  45. Is code Milo really on Netflix? I can’t find it.

  46. My top three anime

    • my hero academia
    • FairyTail
    • demon slayer

  47. i wanna see code milo in netflix xD 😀

    men you draw is awesome, all your draw

  48. My Top 3 Animes!
    1. One Piece
    2. Hunter x Hunter
    3. My Hero Acadamia

  49. My top three anime:
    3.Fullmetal alchemist
    1. Revolution girl utena

  50. 1: Fairy Tail
    2: SAO
    3: Pokémon

    Those are my top three anime series

  51. Cool

  52. Naruto
    Tokyo ghoul

  53. kōdomiro :>>

  54. Top 3 animes
    – Sword art online
    – My hero academia
    – Inuyasha

  55. My top 3 Anime are :

    1. Seven deadly sins (Because I love Meliodas and the characters are just interesting)
    2. Promised Never land (I just love the concept and the world is just interesting)
    3. Golden time (It was the anime that made me cry and the anime that I grew up with)

  56. 3- hunter x hunter
    2-her lie in april
    1-JoJo's bizzare adventure!

  57. Any one else noticed the d.va refrences?
    my top 3 animes:
    shrek 1
    shrek 3
    shrek 2

  58. 👏👏👏😍

  59. Milo looks more like a Zoid than a Gundam xD

  60. Mine are:
    -My hero Academia
    -Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma
    -Swords art Online
    I also like Overlord and most Isekai Anime

  61. My top 3 animes are:
    1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    2. One Punch Man
    3. Saiki K.

  62. My hero. One punch man. And urm soul eater😂😂😂

  63. My hero academia. One punch man. Soul eater. This is an amazing drawing and I cannot wait for more!!!

  64. Thanks for this video! I got an idea on how to draw an anime from real life….

    My top anime? Detective Conan, GinTama and Katekyo Hitman Reborn… (Oh… I just realized my Shaman King got got replaced in my top 3… hahahaha)

  65. 1.Naruto
    2.My Hero Academia
    3.Violet Evergarden

  66. wish i culd draw like this… 5h and such effect!! Ikm sad person q,q

  67. Only three? Aaaaaaaaaaa! I guess….
    Death Note
    Fairy Tail
    Tokyo Ghoul

  68. My favorite animes are: Demon slayer, dororo and black clover.

  69. Pokemon sun and moon, my neighbour totoro and then probably kipo and the wonder beast

  70. My top three animes of all time are:

    3.gurren laggan
    2. Mob psycho
    1.hunter x Hunter

    (Plus the promised Neverland manga ad a bonus lol)

  71. My Favorite are:

    Demon Slayer
    My Hero Academia
    One Punch Man
    Attack On Titan

  72. Honestly I like a lot of anime but rn I'm going to say FMA brotherhood, Dr. Stone, and Kenichi 😊 the animations are pretty good and the plots are good too!!

  73. Top 3?

  74. Ohh I love Kaminari! And the poster of your anime makes me wanna see it!
    Even if it's hard to choose my top three is
    – Fullmetal Alchemist
    – My hero academia
    – Code Geass
    Lots of love!

  75. My top three anime’s are:

    1. Akatsuki no yona
    2. Attack on titan
    3. The promised never land

  76. My 3 favorite animes are:
    Goblin Slayer
    Classroom Of The Elite
    Code Milo!!!
    I hope you make a manga out of this
    I enjoy all your vids ros!!!!

  77. My fav anime 💞💕💞

    – The Promised Neverland
    – Violet Evergarden
    – Elsword: The El Lady


  79. My favourite anime’s

    My hero
    Death note
    Dragon ball

  80. Favorite anime:
    1. Wolf's Rain.
    2. Bakuugan.
    3. One Punch man.

  81. What anime is at 4:54?

  82. Mine is Fairytail and my hero academia and I already know that code milo is gonna be so good so code milo

  83. Code milo maybe a sequel of code geass

  84. im so glad denki is here

  85. I'm a subscriber and my top 3 anime is DEMON SLAYER,MY HERO ACADEMIA,and TOKYO GHOUL ilove you Ross bless you and full fill your dreams 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


  87. My favorite anime is Code: Milo :(( super underrated, it hurts

  88. 5:29 That honestly looks real…I would 1000% watch that
    no joke

  89. My favorite animes are:
    1)Ah! My goddess
    2)Fairy tail
    I have plenty more! It hard to choose a favorite😭

  90. Naruto Milo Fairytale

  91. Darling in the franxx!


  93. When Milo lay on your arm 😍

  94. Naruto
    One punch man
    One peace

  95. 1. Demon slayer
    2. The promised never land
    3. Charolette

  96. My top 3 favorite anime is…
    Demon slayer – kimetsu no yaiba
    Hunter x Hunter
    Death Note

  97. My all time favs:
    1) Nausicaa: The Valley of the Wind
    2) Ranma 1/2
    3) Fist of the North Star

  98. My top 3:

    My Hero Academia/BNHA
    Demon Slayer/KNY
    Houseki no Kuni!!

  99. Milos so adorable as a robot😍

  100. Nu miloo

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