Drawing of a Gold Bar – How to Draw 3D Art

Drawing of a Gold Bar - How to Draw 3D Art

39 thoughts on “Drawing of a Gold Bar – How to Draw 3D Art

  1. My teacher in school says we mustn't use ruler, but u r doing it perfect. I think i can use ruler for drawing😊✏🖍🖌📏📐

  2. how the hell is this even possible

  3. 神がいる…!!

  4. Hello Marcello,

    Why don"t you join us with your great art on www.ntopaz.com and www.steemit.com. You will gain additional interests and some earnins.

    Your art is greaat.
    Best Regards

  5. gilaa

  6. Wow such a talented person 😍 I always love your arts

  7. You are god of all painters…

  8. It's so relaxing watching you draw. Very cool you knocked this one out of the park

  9. Plss teach us Marcello to draw this type of art. Pls make tutorials..

  10. Super Legit Really Excellent A1+

  11. This gold bar is look like real you are best

  12. That is a fake gold bar, is it not? You would not have been able to lift it as well as you did if it was real.

  13. Why dont you draw ur own face??

    It will be good idea….

  14. How can someone give this a thumbs down goes to show you the word hater really exist in people it's not a doubt or insecurity in someone's mind but a reality for some imaginary for most but the truth in this case smh.

  15. Do you do anything else? Looking at views over sub numbers, I think these are getting old…

  16. How dare you

  17. This is so awesome, can you make a Korean idol like Cha Eunwoo? he's the face genius of Korea. New subscriber btw.

  18. Aquarium can you with fish?

  19. Drawn gold bar looks more like a gold bar than the original one xD

  20. Just, how!?

  21. Me Request draw heroes Mobile Legend!!!!!!

  22. Sir,how many pencils do you use?


  24. It's that real, i could sell it. 👍👍😍😍

  25. Make drawing of monalisa once again with more reality

  26. Drawing an orange

  27. Now that's a self portrait..👍

  28. Crazyyy

  29. do not look real. something missing

  30. All your drawings/paintings look amazing, but i think that they’re all a little too dark.👍🏻😀

  31. How to become rich

  32. Ti sei superato

  33. Do you drawing hot girls?

  34. More realistic than real life 😨

  35. My question is what is he doing with a 1kg gold bar? The value is at 32k

  36. You are a gift of God to this world

  37. Seus vídeos são relaxantes e impressionantes.

  38. Can you draw me some £50 notes – front and back and send them to me please!

  39. This guys not fuckin normal. I mean I get that there are talented people in this world. But this guy is supernatural or something.

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