Drawing Made EASY – Simple Steps to Get Started

Drawing Made EASY – Simple Steps to Get Started

I just bought a bunch of these pencils from a local bookstore and they are super cute Hi there, welcome back to another episode, I hope you awesome possums are doing well My name is Naomi and today Well, today is all about you guys. Yeah you the one at the back who wants to draw but has no idea how to start Where do I start? This one is for you First off you’re gonna need these. A bunch of these thingies They don’t need to be fancy or anything just napkins, old textbooks that you left in the corner for years Coffee, tea, the gravy from yesterday’s dinner Basically anything you can draw with. A lot of people think that you need expensive tools before you can start creating art And the truth is no, you don’t. You really don’t. As long as you’ve got yourself some moving limbs And you can think You can draw. Moving on! Anything that you can draw can be broken down into simple shapes. By shapes, I mean squares circles, triangles, odd looking things And lines. Squiggly lines, straight lines less squiggly lines, you get the idea. I know right now some of you are thinking wait, Naomi! What about form? Well, I’m glad you asked! For those of you new to this form is basically three dimensional It has height width and depth. So if a circle is a two-dimensional shape a sphere would be its cooler all around the three-dimensional cousin all around it. Did you get it? I’ll be covering all of that in another video. So for now just to get you started We’re just gonna go through simple shapes and lines and how you can use those in your drawing Before we go a little deeper into that. We’re gonna touch on the next point and that is to Observe. It is really important for artists to observe. So right now take a moment Look at what’s around you and stop at the first thing that catches your eye. Maybe it’s a table a bottle Or a tiny human living in your jar Whatever that thing is Spend some time looking at it. What did you see? what were some of the details that you noticed and How would you draw it if you had to if I started drawing it? It would probably look something like this What if we tried to break down this object that we were looking at into simple shapes Within a few seconds it kind of got something that looks a little bit like what you’re trying to draw We are constantly staring at our mobile devices that we don’t often look at what’s around us As artists it’s important for us to look at what’s around us and to ask questions, how would you draw that? Why does this happen? Why does the light reflect off this object in that way? How can I break that into simple shapes or why is the sky blue? Why does the water look blue? So spend some time looking at what you want to draw and think about how you can break them down into simple shapes Remember don’t forget to have fun There you have it some simple steps to get you started, drawing and if you have friends who love to draw, grab them, go outside, have some coffee together and draw together It’s always more fun drawing with friends If you have any And if you were drawing along with this video or if you’ve tried drawing with simple shapes Take your images with #artventureswithnomo on Instagram I’d love to see what you guys draw! Also comment below and tell me what you love drawing and what some of your art aspirations are If you liked this video give it a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already and ring that notification bell So you don’t miss any episodes Stay awesome. Keep art-ing, and I’ll see you in the next episode. Bye

9 thoughts on “Drawing Made EASY – Simple Steps to Get Started

  1. My art aspirations would be to draw faster and understand the human anatomy more…..also understanding perspective for dynamic poses!

  2. i like to draw simple smol animals, chubby and round, and my art aspirations are to make them into series, u know, like a smol turtle's adventure to the panda land or something, then make a vol2 art book of it before vol1 came out


  4. you have the cutest art supplies!!!

  5. Awesome Naomi πŸ™Œ love the editing and the humor. So fun to watch

  6. Great simple video. Such a young person with a wise soul. You do it Naomi!!!

  7. I am loving these videos <3 I'd love to work as concept artist one day, I like character design

  8. i only know how to copy a drawing and not actually β€˜draw’ a thing. any tips? πŸ™

  9. I enjoy sketching landscapes and that mostly comes from a "fear" of drawing people (like if i had to draw one or the other i'd choose landscape) so an aspiration of mine is to be able to draw something that looks like a full body human and be comfortable with all of its features (hands, arms, THE EYES, etc. not that it has to be realistic, but you can look at the hand and say "wow, that looks like a hand!")

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