Drawing Leafs With Sharpie Pen (Repeating Pattern)

Drawing Leafs With Sharpie Pen (Repeating Pattern)

Hello everybody and today I’m drawing again in my pentelic sketchbook, and I’m using a Sharpie pen and This I’m drawing a lot of organic looking designs repeating patterns of leaves this was a quick drawing that didn’t take me very long to create and I just wanted to do a little bit of practice drawing patterns and I’ve been in the Doodle mode as you could say of being really scribbly and I just want to draw something a little bit different Go kind of old-school with my drawing of drawing repeating patterns, but this was a short drawing and didn’t really take me that long to create and I’ve got so many of these videos Recorded and things and I’m working with drawing with it. I Sometimes get confused between all the files that I have on my computer between all the videos and everything else but I’m having fun creating all of this and hopefully I can get all this done and edited So that you all can see all the creations that I’ve made So thank you for watching and as always have a great day and have fun drawing Ah

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  1. DOODLE!

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