Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of RossDraws and today is the fan redraw episode! Yes! Thanksgiving is all about
being thankful and giving back, and I want to show my appreciation by
redrawing one of your drawings. Earlier this month, I asked for a submission of your art through my Instagram #RossRedraws and
we got like, thousands of submissions! Ah! We spent the whole day looking at all
the entries to find the perfect one and I think we found it. You guys ready? This is the winner- Oooh! That’s so cool! And it’s watercolor! Yeah, I think
it’s a really cool piece and it has a beautiful backstory, so let’s get into it. RossDraws! A fan Drawing This beautiful piece was done by Aviizu who’s 16 years old, and I’m sorry if I’m mispronouncing any of these names. There were the time where
she didn’t like drawing, but then she saw Qinni’s art which inspired her to
start drawing again. And so Qinni was going under her fourth open-heart surgery and so this is a tribute to her and then a few artists organized an event to
support her under #StarsForQinni. Oh my god, that’s.. oh my god, I’m gonna cry. That’s so beautiful! I think that just tells us how life is sacred, we should
always be thankful about each breath that we take and never take life for
granted. And so let’s redraw this in honor of Qinni
and Aviizu and help celebrate the universe and our lives, so let’s do it! This is the progress so far — I’m trying
to get the foundation in, capture the essence at the moment, and then we can
add all this beautiful glitz and glam. I feel like it could head somewhere really
cool, so I’m just gonna keep working on it. In my previous in-depth tutorial where I
talk about hair, I talk about using the mixer brush to kind of blend everything
so that’s doing wonders to this painting. Just use your mixer brush and kind of [SPARKLE NOISES] Oooh- and smooth everything around and give it
like, you know, that nice painterly look that we all like. This is before and after. Ooh! This is before and after. I’m just trying to follow the form, making some nice shapes, yeah. Blending
all these strokes together. This piece is looking pretty cool so I’m gonna work on
it and I’ll check back soon. Hey guys, welcome back and here’s the
progress of our piece so far! We started from the sketch, the foundation, we lay
some colors on, and then we just started refining and this is where we are now. I
think the foundation is super strong, so it’s time to kind of spice it up and
give it that pizzazz. I’m gonna teach you guys how to make your paintings more
awesome in literally 10 seconds. I have my reference holder notoriously named on
my channel as my “second brain”- can pinpoint the one that are kind of starry.
Oooh! It’s a supernova and so I think I really
like this one. I’m gonna drop it in- I’m gonna set this one to maybe soft light. Oooh! Ooohoohoo, look at that! She’s like, bursting through the
supernova. Let’s try another one This is so pretty! I’m gonna put this one
in- Wooow! Oh my gosh, that was like five seconds! Hahahah. Now it’s really embodying what I’m originally envisioning. Mix the two a little bit, now she’s supernova girl! Hahaha! So any time you’re stuck and you want to spice
up your painting a little bit, find some reference or textures that you really
gravitate towards and play around with it, like that. So whenever I do fan redraw
episodes I love generating a moveset for the
character to bring it to life! And so let’s generate some awesome attacks,
let’s go. The first one is: Barrage Comet! Ooh that’s so cool! Battler Crashing Illumination! Bane Planetary Conjuration! Oh my god, that’s sounds like an ultimate. Glaring Assault. Yes! Our four moves are: Barrage Comet, Glaring Assault, Battler Crashing Illumination, and our ultimate Bane Planetary Conjuration. Ooh! She sounds so OP. I think I have a lot of potential so I’m
just gonna try to wrap it up and I’ll check back soon. Yo star girl! It’s color dodge time. Ooh man here we go! Here we go! Ooooohoohoohoo! Oh my god, she’s killing me! Barrage Comet! Glaring Assault! Battler Crashing Illumination! and now the ultimate: Bane Planetary Conjuration! Milo! Hi Milo! Give me a kiss! Thank you buddy. Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the episode and thank you everyone who submitted for
this video, and a big THANK YOU to Aviizu for your wonderful submission. It’s
such a beautiful piece with a meaningful story so I hope I did it justice. And if
you want bonus content and video demos, I take you through the entire process on
how I create this painting, please check out my Patreon. What’s this? [GASP] W-wha? Milo! Wow it’s finally
that time of the year! Yes! Our extra-special Christmas sale starts next
Tuesday! Yes! November 26. Last year the response was so great and this year
we’re making it even bigger and better and so much more awesome, ’cause Milo is
running it this year! Right, buddy? We have so much new cool stuff. This is the first
time we have big posters! Yeah, so this is the new special Smash one that I haven’t
really shown anywhere, but we have Joker- and for the first time ever: both sides
of my Battle Princesses are on one poster! Every single order will receive a
mystery print as a gift and the first 200 orders will receive this exclusive
red Milo pin! This is special for the 2019 holiday season and also there’s
some deals where you can get a free shirt! The event goes live Tuesday, November 26
at 9AM. You can check out all the event details at Rossdraws.com/xmas. And if you want to win a book or a print, this video’s question is: what are
you thankful for? I want to make it more specific to right now, in the moment, maybe this year. I am super super super thankful for my best friend Milo. Right,
buddy? This year I feel like I’ve gotten a lot closer to Milo, which sounds weird
but it’s like a gut feeling and I’m so thankful [SMOOCH] for this [SMOOCH] guy [SMOOCH] because he is
literally the best, so. I love you Milo I’m so thankful for you, you’re my best
friend. Thanksgiving is such a beautiful time
because you really get to express how much you’re thankful for and who you’re
thankful for, so I hope you guys have a fantastic rest of your Thanksgiving.
Don’t forget to subscribe and remember, every day is a colordodge day! you

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