Draw My Life : Jeffree Star

Draw My Life : Jeffree Star

What’s up everybody, welcome back to my channel hi how are you Dear diary, I wish there was more than two genders because I’m getting really bored Hey guys, welcome to another episode of draw their life and the shoutout winners for the previous episode are Thanks guys for subscribing you guys are awesome if you want to win a shout-out subscribe to my channel guys and Comment that you subscribed and I’ll announce the winners in the next episode And today we’re drawing the awesome life of Jeffrey star. If you don’t know Jeffrey is .let me explain He’s an American internet celebrity makeup artist entrepreneur and musician. He’s the founder and the owner of the famous jeffree star cosmetics Many people are confused about his sexual orientation. So let me clear that part up for you Although he doesn’t like to label himself with any gender. He’s a gay man because he wears makeup Most of the people think that he’s a transgender, but in reality he’s not. He just likes to wear makeup. That’s all Also, his current boyfriend is a straight male throughout his life and because of that reason people are really confused in this video we’re going to talk about everything from Jeffrey’s childhood to his struggles to his massive success as a youtuber as a makeup guru and as an entrepreneur, Before we go into the video comment below if you want to see other beauty gurus draw my life video Maybe James Charles draw my life video. Let me know and without further ado Let’s go right into the video and check out Jeffrey’s awesome life Jeffrey Stars real name is Jeffrey Lynn Steiner He was born on November 15 1985 in Orange County, California. So that makes him 32 years old Jeffrey was the only child for the couple .As a kid He had to go through this tragedy of losing his dad at an early age of six that must have been really painful as a kid because my father did take his own life and 25 years later. I’m still dealing with that and it’s hard every day. It’s hard with Father’s Day approaching it is hard Jeffrey was raised by his mom Lauri steininger. Being a single mother was hard for Laurie. She was a model .As a kid.,Jeffery used to visit his mom’s fashion shoots And he was very fascinated by the makeup and transformation process for Jeffery the connection with makeup started there Jeffery attended Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, California He was inclined to make up as well as music during his school days He’s told that during those days his mom had given him permission to wear flashy makeup and outfits to school It was also the time when he was struggling with his gender identity for the first time in Shane Dawson’s documentary He revealed that he’s been harming himself from a young age. I spent all of high school in 90-degree weather with full sweaters and pants and no one ever asked me why and the whole entire time. I was cutting my entire body. My whole body is covered in scars, because, I didnt know how to express my feelings. Wait I didnt know that, O MyGod I didnt know He told Shane that he was doing this from his school days and it’s not to harm himself but to use as a coping mechanism Because he was so conflicted with his emotions that he needed a way out It was a big secret of Jeffrey’s which he was keeping from everyone and it was a coping mechanism that I needed because I didnt feel anything To hide his scars, he wore fully covered jackets and sweaters everywhere. He went However, one day while cleaning dishes Jeffrey’s mom saw those and was terrified at that time He had to confront his mom with this issue which eventually damaged their relationship Jeffery then decided that he’ll cover all of his scars by tattooing his body which he did later in life That’s the reason you always get to see him in full tattooed body. I decided later on in life that When I got over that and overcame it I wanted to tattoo my whole body. So people couldn’t see that as Jeffery has mentioned several times in his videos. He started using makeup from the age of 13 Jeffrey was always fascinated by makeup and its power to transform anyone. Well, it was also a part of finding himself He was highly interested in grooming himself and getting a makeover So after graduation Jeffrey decided to move to LA The only way for him to survive in such a big city was by doing small makeup jobs around that time He started visiting clubs on weekends using fake IDs. He was all over the place with his five inch heels miniskirt and heavy makeup He kind of used it to get himself noticed his ways worked for him and he got to meet several celebrities in these clubs This helped him to get various makeup assignments his weekend socializing at clubs and the makeup advice he offered Eventually led him to his modeling career. This was an exciting time for Jeffrey where he found so many new friends during this time He became friends with peaches drummer Samantha Maloney who encouraged him to make his own music He unraveled his talent as a musician and started uploading his creative work in my space Myspace was just getting popular during that time and Jeffrey became one of the early stars of myspace By 2006 he was the most popular celebrity in myspace By this time he had legally changed his name to Jeffrey star The success in myspace led him to a music deal with the LGBT Channel in 2007 It was a music tour named true colors tour which became a big success Jeffrey debuted his music album in 2009 in which he featured Nicki Minaj in 2010 He signed a music contract with Akon which was a crucial career move for Jeffrey During that period Jeffrey decided to open a YouTube channel to promote his music He uploaded his first ever YouTube video on February 13 2010. Here’s a clip Akon started promoting Jeffrey as the next Lady gaga However, things took an unfortunate turn when Akon got involved into various controversies with his fans As far as Jeffrey was concerned This was a huge blow to his finances and career due to unrevealed reasons Jeffery declared a quit from his music career in 2013 He later described signing to a Akon’s record label as the biggest mistake I’ve ever made He also mentioned that he had to go through a lot of mental trauma during this period and had actually tried to harm himself So I think when I have spent all the myspace money and went into debt It was far worse than sitting at someone’s couch living and working in the mall. Like its way worse Now, let’s see how Jeffrey started his famous cosmetics brand Jeffrey was not one of those who may lose hope in life at bad times in 2014 he came back taking the risk of his life keeping at stake All of his life savings to start his own cosmetics line. He named it jeffree star cosmetics At that time YouTube was an emerging place for beauty gurus and makeup industry Jeffery understood the reach and opportunity of YouTube and in 2015 he became active again in his YouTube channel, of course today We are going to swatch these colors. We’re gonna play with the lip glosses. And of course try on the lipstick, which was almost non-existent Since 2010 he started using his channel for promoting his cosmetics and for catering all his music fans towards his business But little did he know his YouTube channel currently he is a whopping number of 10.8 million subscribers and 1.1 billion views on his YouTube channel. That’s a huge number Lately each one of Jeffrey’s uploads is getting around three to four million views Things were going great for Jeffrey his YouTube channel was booming and his cosmetics line was slowly becoming a success suddenly in 2017 several controversies resurfaced in social media One of his old friends Kate Von D accused him of being racist and raised various allegations against him To address this Jeffrey uploaded a response video on his channel Explaining everything and it kind of cleared the air but again After a few months one of his old videos resurfaced where Jeffrey made some racial remarks This video sparked a huge controversy and people started hating him. Yes. Jeffrey has said some wild stuff that is wrong he hates me I Will never again buy anything From Jeffrey star it in my opinion no matter how many times we’ve apologized for this old racist content I think it’s important for him to address it Now This highly dented in his public image in response to all the hate Jeffery made an apology video explaining that the remark was made almost 10 years back He told that it was a different life ten years back and all the comments were from a place of anger and not hate However, his apology didn’t convince the majority and Jeffrey had to face a lot of hate Only when recently Shane Dawson’s video came out people finally understood his side of the story for the first time audience got a chance to see the vulnerable side of Jeffrey and it was very convincing and real and For the first time people understood his side of the story Shane’s documentary played a huge role in changing. Jeffrey’s public image, growing up, I always felt alone every single Second of the day and just remember that no one is alone out there who feel like it and I had that feeling for a lot of my life, but there are other people out there like you Keeping all these drama assigned now, let’s talk about the good stuff Geoffrey’s makeup line became a huge success as he disclosed in Shane’s video He’s making a profit of hundreds of millions of dollars. Annually. This was huge news to everyone No one saw that coming everyone knew Jeffrey is a youtuber beauty guru but no one ever expected his company to be this successful and I think if we consider Jeffrey as a youtuber He might be the richest youtuber of all time being in the beauty industry. Jeffrey has never shied away from enhancing of his beauty He was always open and vocal about his plastic surgeries, including lip injections and hair transplant In fact he has videos featuring all of these in his channel because he’s open about his feelings It’s easy for people to trust him. He has a very blunt mouth and zest for success he’s been very honest and open about his life and his emotions through all of his social media platforms a huge part of his success is the result of his strong personality and Persistent hard work if you think about it throughout his whole life people hated him But he came from nowhere and created a literal Empire for him So he went from being broke to being a millionaire and it was possible because of his never giving up attitude So their guys was the draw my life of Jeffrey star If you liked this video give it a big thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel guys Also go and check out other draw my life videos on the playlist and I’ll see you in the next episode until then. Peace out

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