DOODLE WITH ME | Christmas Doodle Ideas

DOODLE WITH ME | Christmas Doodle Ideas

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just seen the title: Christmas doodles. But before you start joining me in my
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all you have to do is… you guessed it right, leave a comment. Now, let’s get on
with this video. For this doodling session I used a nib pen, which I usually
use for calligraphy writing, and red ink. And for the title I used a gold marker
and a grey one for the shadows of the letters. This first doodles I did were
some snowflakes. I was quite inspired by my last
Christmas cards tutorial I did, and also by my livestream on Instagram and I love
drawing snowflakes so here I am. My base for this snowflakes is I draw lines for a six pointed star and then I add little decorations on these lines. You can add
circles, diamonds, V shapes, anything you desire. Really they will look cute either
way. After you’ll finish the first three, you’ll get the hang of it,
trust me. I don’t really have any plan in mind besides drawing each type of doodle
in different parts of the spread making them look different and then move on to
the next one. I hope you’ll find here inspiration for your own doodling
session.Tthese doodles are really cute and you can use this in your sketchbook
as well as in your bullet journal spreads. My next category is plants. And I begin
with some holly leaves with berries which look so cute and then I added some more plants with different designs, just to play around with this category
doodles. Just think of different shapes of Christmas plants and draw them and
also don’t think too much where you will gonna place them on your spread. They
look cute either way. Now let’s not forget about the Christmas
tree. I’ve always wanted to draw a Christmas tree this way, with a continued
line of circles. It looks so cute. Also don’t forget to decorate it with
the Christmas balls. Now let’s draw some Christmas clothes.
shall we? I start with the Santa hat and then I draw a Santa sock. And of course let’s not forget about the
candy cane, decorated in white and red stripes. I add some more holly leaves and
stars and my doodle spread is finished. And here are my finished holiday doodles.
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well. I promise they won’t disappoint. As always, guys, I appreciate you so much
thank you so much for watching. I hope you have a great day and I’ll see you in
the next one. Bye bye guys!

9 thoughts on “DOODLE WITH ME | Christmas Doodle Ideas

  1. Today I have a “Doodle With Me” video for you. In this video, I’ll show you my step by step process so you can recreate these Holiday doodles. You’ll find how I plan my doodling session, and how I draw the doodles. These easy Christmas drawing ideas can be used on holiday cards, and on bullet journal spreads as well. I hope you'll enjoy my tutorial

  2. FIRST !!!! woot Christmas DOODLE !

  3. So pretty!

  4. love the doodles

  5. These are some great ideas! I love the holidays so this is perfect for me!

  6. What a wonderful idea dear friend ✨👍🏻 looks lovely 😊

  7. Great minds think alike! I did my Christmas doodles on Mondays video! Tis the season for joy and celebrating ☃️❄️🎄

  8. Such fun doodles ! I hope you had as much fun doodling as we did watching! I do wish you had spoken a bit more but I know music is easier to edit. I am wishing you and yours joy for the holiday season!

  9. Mesmerizing as always!

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