Does Your Cat Bring You “Gifts”? – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #8

Does Your Cat Bring You “Gifts”? – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #8

Hello I’m Simon welcome to Simon’s Cat Logic we’ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do today we’re talking about ‘Hunting’ A lot of my ideas aren’t from my cats now they actually come back from the cats I’ve had all my life. My first cat when I was nine her name was Shelley and we used to have an old apple tree in the garden and my earliest memory of her is climbing up the tree and actually in sitting on top of the Blue Tit box listening to them inside. But of course that was very bad and I used to sort of try to get her down, but that’s always stayed in my mind it’s quite a graphic image of that cat sitting on to bird box. So for this the idea, I just thought it’s such a classic kind of cat thing, but how would how would the birds get their own back. Cats are perfectly adapted to hunting, they have excellent eyesight, and they can see low light levels and they have really good hearing, for hearing tiny little squeaks of their prey species, they’re very very fast and agile and they have an excellent sense of balance. Hunting drive is separate the hunger drive this is why cats that really well-fed will still feel the need or instinct to hunt. Owners often wonder what that sort of strange chattering noise is that cats make when they’re at the window and they have spotted a bird there’s many different theories for it some people think that maybe they’re practicing like a kill bite whereas I think it’s just shows a sign of like arousal or how excited they are they’ve seen the bird and cats also share this behaviour whether they’re inside or outside. The average hunting success of and African Wildcat is about one in four the average Mouse is about 30 calories African Wildcat’s need about 270 calories a day. Even kittens that have never experienced pray or hunting behaviour can grow up to be proficient hunters bit like Lorenzo here with this fishing rod toy. However other cats seem to struggle to catch anything Well I looked out the window and saw Teddy running really quickly down the garden I mean I’ve never seen him run quicker I thought what’s he going for now and of course going even faster than Teddy, was a squirrel, which surprised me because squirrels can get quite big and this is a big grey squirrel and seeing Teddy run after this squirrel, that made it up the tree and Teddy went up the tree after him I thought I’ve got to do an idea about the cat chasing a squirrel and what can happen, Here we see Simon’s Cat looking very angry and here we have the squirrel, with it’s tiny ears these big cheeks He’s got an even bigger tail than the cats he’s dropped, he’s droped one of his acorns There he is, there’s Simon’s Cat chasing that squirrel.

100 thoughts on “Does Your Cat Bring You “Gifts”? – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #8

  1. I rescued my cat from my dog and she stayed under a shed in the next door yard for a couple months, so I came over every morning at ten 'til 8 and brought her fresh food and water. My dad finally gave in in december and I lured he into the other shed with me. My dad kept the door closed and my cat was surprisingly calm about it. We took her onto the closed off front porch where she spent another couple months. She's in the house full time now, and she's laying on the paper shredder next to me as I type this.
    I named her Little, since I thought she wouldn't stick around, but she stayed, and I couldn't come up with another name, so it stuck.
    She woke me up by meowing once and it turns out she killed a mouse and brought it to me. She's loyal to me, apparently, even though I accidentally kicked her last night. I couldn't see her. She forgives me, though. She acts like it never happened.
    I really need to pay attention to my cat more.
    Edit: I praised Little with treats and pets and threw the mouse away.

  2. I once had a long haired orange tabby named Maggie. She had a unique habit of bringing in oak leaves, pine needles, and assorted small leaves and setting them out in very similar patterns on the carpet of our bedroom during the night.  This could go on for days, and maybe stop for several months. She would make that chattering sound as she laid out our display gift. She could be very loving, and also very aloof. We never did get an explanation of that behavior, and all subsequent cats have only brought in mice, gophers, and birds in varying states of alive or deceased. When my husband was on an extended trip, they would lay all their trophies at the door of his bathroom! I got nothing, but still had to clean up!!!

  3. My cat never actually brought anything in as she was an outdoor cat, but she did make a cemetery of rodents at the side of our house XD
    She would catch and kill mice, rats, chipmunks, a bird one time; my goodness did it stink out there. And she'd always get another present for me when the others rotted away. I'll tell you what though, that grass was the greenest of the yard because of how well she kept it fertilized XD

  4. I have a GINORMAS cat this is black and he likes to go outside and bring us died mice, birds, and even shroos and sometimes he bites the head off

  5. I have to become usain bolt when i play with my kitten because i run around the table and my kitten is usain bolt

  6. I love your videos ! Reminds me of my cat Tenshi

  7. We had a Russian Blue who would bring rabbit/squirrel faces. Or the heads. He would also bring lizard. He also ran away for one whole winter. And came back. When he was old and probably sick, he didn't want us to see him die so he ran away. But he loved us.

  8. Simon's cat My previous cat is been a epic hunter but it's gone but i have a new cat his name is tiger it's cute he likes to play a lot.

  9. Oops! no no my previous cat is little i mean my first cat is been a epic hunter

  10. Thanks to my cat we have no spiders, flies, or mice in the house. He has even hunted my feet several times. I have the bite marks and bruises to prove it. I have to carry around a can of compressed air to keep him from biting me.

  11. 30 calories per mouse?

  12. Over the years, my cats have presented me with a half dead Asian house shrew, several mice, and even a half eaten squirrel, whose lower torso and tail were left on my pillow by a hungry but gracious feline! But the most memorable "gift" which I have ever had was from a stray whom I used to feed regularly. She had recently given birth to a kitten, and would come around for food more often than usual. One evening, she saw me walking up to my apartment, ran up, and, with an almost imploring look, deposited a dead mouse at my feet! She looked genuinely confused when I gently put the mouse out, but seemed relieved when I spent a good bit of time petting and praising her for her hunting skills. Believe it or not, cats can recognize a simple "thank you", even when you don't accept their gifts!

  13. Yes. Lizards, June bugs and birds 😭

  14. The most my cat will hunt is a rubber band…

  15. My cat doesn't click when she see's prey (Mourning doves, blackbirds, lizards, anything small.), she imitates the sound it makes (if it makes sound.If it doesn't she makes sounds that won't alert it.) and tries to get close to it.Sometimes I think I have birds or rodents in the house because of this XD

  16. My cat was a top tier hunter He'd bring in so much, from birds, to mice to even a rabbit that was bigger then himself once, He couldn't get it over the fence of the meadow in front of our house. Now he's getting old and doesn't hunt as much. Luckily he's just as cuddly as ever.

  17. ;-; my cat got me a 200 pound DEAD snake

  18. I d'ont even have a cat I have a dog why am I watching this…

  19. 👍💙💙💙

  20. my cat brought in a rabbit one time and it wasn't a baby rabbit it was full grown and alive along with humming birds and chipmunks.along with gophers,  that was the cats favorite animal to hunt

  21. Cats that live in the wild or indoor pets allowed to roam outdoors kill from 1.4 billion to as many as 3.7 billion birds in the continental U.S. each year, says a new study that escalates a decades-old debate over the feline threat to native animals… PLEASE keep your cats indoors!!!!

  22. My little three pound occicat mix brings us lizards and frogs to our doorstep she did manage to stun a mouse but my sister rescued it and it ran off

  23. Freya is the huntress. She's tried to teach the others, but Costello is old and Thor is traumatized from the bee he caught.
    Nebula and Sym were hunters too.

    It's never fun to find a cloud of feathers in the sunroom, or hear muffled meows and tweeting.

  24. My cat once brought me the back leg/tail section of a mouse. I assume she ate the rest and saved that bit for me. thanks. so. much.

  25. My cat bringed me a mouse.

    I live in a flat. How's that possible.

  26. Yes our cats are a hunters after thair mom left them but we took good care of them its all good _teir mom didint leave she died of streest becuase a lady came and said ew its stink and bam shes dead but the baby are recued we have been looking for them in ages? Mind if you read ill be in plead with it

  27. Ten minutes ago my cat caught a lizard and she was playing and biting it. But she always cuts the lizards tail off

  28. One time my cat brings a dead mouse at the front of my door!

  29. my cat just loves bring me up to three frogs a day


  30. My cat can’t hunt that well, but she loves to try. She’s always likes to scream at us whenever she’s caught something so we follow her to see her achievement. It’s always adorable until we realize there’s half a dead mouse on our front porch.

  31. When I was about 7, we had a neighbor down the street who had two HUGE black cats who caught squirrels on a regular basis! (The panthers of the neighborhood.)

  32. I wish I could draw like that.

  33. My cat only brings me his toys to me to play! He is inside cat. Ill be on tablet and ill feel some slight scratching on my foot..look down and see the toy by my foot! If i dont respond he will scratch more until i throw his toy and brings it back to me..this can last up to 20 minutes or more! No other cat has done this to me

  34. my cat brings me hats and mittens XD

  35. you draw good

  36. My cat had brought me, mice, squarrel, and a freaking raven! She brought mice in the house all the time, I used to close all the doors and took away her food until she catches it. Normally she catches it and places it in front of me. And there was this one time when I woke up she was outside my bedroom and next to her was a bloody mouse head!! Is it okay?! Cat ate a mouse from outside?

  37. There’s a cat in my community that I inherited in my camp/home named Wobbles, as a kitten he tried to hunt a mongoose (small weasel like rodent) and instead has a broken front leg, it healed fused straight. He’s about 14 years old now and he starts fights with other cats I think to prove he’s no cripple while being a great actor towards people so he can get fed more.

  38. 2 years ago my cat phoenix's for the whole of late spring to early fall she would being in BUGS to me all the time. from crickets moths a box-elder u name it, no spiders tho thank god! i think she knew i scared of them, but mostly crickets or moths. one time she brought in this fat little cricket and i tried to get a hold of it to put it back out side but i lost it but she found it again in a few moments and she took it into my BED room and she let it go. my room mate found it in the bath room the next morning xD and killed it lol. and this one other time she brought in a really big fat MOTH of all things. i mean this thing was nearly as big as her HEAD lol. i knew she had something and was playing with something but i wasnt sure at first. i go and i put my laptop screen down to try n get a better look to see what it was and this THING comes flying at me, mind you idk what it was till 20 minutes later and i thought it was some kind of spider she got a hold of, i scream bloody murder and my room mates son, who about 12 then, comes out to see what was going on and why i had screamed and i told him that phoenix let some kind of monster BUG in the house and it FLEW at me, and idk were it went to or what it was. i was like one of them Women from a tom and jerry cartoon were they would stand on a chair after seeing jerry x'D screaming for tom to get him. i had a hold of my laptop like it was some kind of LIFE raft not letting it go. my room mates son looks all around me and such to see if he could find it with no luck. i was scared shitless cause of it. my room mates son staid with me for a time and talked with me till i calmed down. and once i was he left back for his room. i was still slightly jumpy but not as much but when i settled down and got back on my laptop out of the corner of my eye i see something on the wall and i looked over and saw it was a fucking, pardon my mouth, big ass MOTH sitting there and i am like. Phoenix REALLY you go and try n give mama a HEART ATTACK with a damn MOTH! REALLY!? she just sat there looking at me the tilts her head and falls over to her side and mews at me as she stretches as if it was nothing. i sit there shaking my head till she came over wanting me to love on her like she was saying she was sorry. after that i couldnt stay annoyed at her no more. ik she was only trying to feed me and that and didnt mean to scare me. i got hold of the moth n put it out side after that. only to have her go back out side n bring in a CRICKET 2 minutes later. i face palmed after that x'''"D and i was like. i hate you u little brat cat xD <3 <3 <3

  39. Multiple times my cat has brought me dead rabbits…

  40. Yesterday I saw my cat laying in the garden, clawing a black bird to death, it was awful.

  41. So the cats are in the field or whatever in a lifetime, tarratoring, killing insects scratching people like bloody cats that use violent disconstuct claws that explode people.

  42. Out outside cats were all proficient hunters and would often leave disemboweled prey on the door step

  43. My cat leaum yous to kech vols

  44. I myself don't own a cat cause I recently found out that im allergic to them but this is useful to know thanks

  45. My boy Nigel once brought me a gift in such a weird way. Don't read if you get grossed out easily.

    No, seriously, I won't spare details.

    You're still here?

    Alright, you asked for it.

    Nigel had swallowed a baby bird whole and threw the thing up on the kitchen floor right at my feet. It was a bloody mess that I had to clean up.

  46. My Siamese Freedom was an excellent mouser, despite having been declawed in the front (not my doing, her previous owners had that done). Her main weapons were her killer back claws. I one watched her kill a mouse in my living room. She grabbed it in her front paws, rolled onto her back, and bit its face while she pummelled it with her back claws right into its belly. It died from internal bleeding, not from the bites to its face and head. I knew this because the bites barely broke the skin, while its belly was horribly bruised and swollen with blood. Cats are efficient predators.

  47. My black male cat brings me mice as gifts

  48. I'm not completely sure, but i'm taking an educated guess i suppose.
    I think the reason cats have such good eyesight is because of a layer of tissue around their eyes called a Tapetum lucidum. I quote from Wikipedia:
    "The tapetum lucidum is a biologic reflector system that is a common feature in the eyes of vertebrates. It normally functions to provide the light-sensitive retinal cells with a second opportunity for photon-photoreceptor stimulation, thereby enhancing visual sensitivity at low light levels."
    This is why cats are able to see so well in the dark, and there is that distinctive glare in their eyes when you see them in the dark, or when trying to take a picture of them, and their eyes make them look like they come from the gates of hell.
    Actually i'm almost completely sure that's it….

  49. Nicky is sooooooo hot!!!

  50. Nice drawings

  51. My cat made me cry because I tried to stop her from getting a door mouse and she ended up getting it , it was too cute

  52. What is a desk with a layering light called

  53. Apparently, the first Christmas one of the cats (our big-time hunter) that went with my ex and stepdaughter after the divorce waited until everyone was done opening presents and burst forth from behind the tree with a dead pigeon in tow–"Here's my gift to you–Merry Christmas!"

  54. My cat Sweetie Pie used to bring in "gifts" for me to play with. Once she brought in a moth so big, it looked like a small bird. We batted it back and forth until it gave up. Then once, she brought me a live mouse! It found a glue trap, thankfully! It didn't get found until it got smelly, gross! 😝

  55. My cat bought 2 rabbits 🐰 home the first one we saw survived so we set it free the next day, the other one was missing a whole head..

  56. How could we stop them from hunting?

  57. #simonscatlogic

  58. My cat Miles catches mice and leaves the occasional gift on the porch. We always tell him he did a good job and thank him with lots of petting (then later dispose of it). My cat Perc kills every fly that dares to enter our house. And chases bugs outside too.

  59. my grey cat is a great hunter

  60. My cat Socks killed a mouse tonight…ripped it's guts right open and ate them…then proceeded to barf them up. I didn't witness it as it happened, just my evaluation of the crime scene I came home to. I praised him, gave him a scratch on the head, a rub on the belly & fed him…he must've been hungry.

    Careful not to type simon scat into a Google search engine…you may find something disgusting and inappropriate.

  61. When there’s birds outside my cat goes super saiyan

  62. Oh wow nice didn’t know it was was an animation channel really love your work

  63. Only 30 calories in a mouse? I need to stop being a vegetarian!

  64. My cat brought a dead bird into the house the other day. I did praise him for bringing it to me. But, he did see me take it away later. I guess that was the best I could do with his gift. Maybe he expected me to stuff it and serve it with potatoes and gravy. Just kidding of course.

  65. My cat Mia goes in our garage and kills mice and moles

  66. Reír lógica is si funny I have 5 cats

  67. All of them are diferente have enero son personality I should loke to know why cata Airways choose my home to Libe

  68. Once my female cat Salomé brought a dead sparrow on my bed while I was sleeping. When I woke up, not wearing my glasses yet, I saw something brownish on my bed.I thought it was a piece of wood until I put on my glasses. Have I ever jumped and ran out of my bed! All the doors and windows of my apartment were closed, saved for one which was opened about 4 inches. I could only surmise that Salomé had caught it with one of her paw. Fortunately, she did it only once. The other times, she dropped the dead birds on my kitchen floor.

  69. this doesn't explain why cats bring gifts.

  70. What is his name?



  73. 😅😅👍

  74. Im feeding a monsters , my life changed just now :/

  75. did i miss something? the entire video is not relevant to the title.

  76. All of my cats have caught mice and they either carry them and run around and play with them or bring them to us. One of my cats has caught one and BROUGHT IT TO ME ON MY BED! To be honest, it scared the shit out of me 😂 but I did dispose of it. We don’t let our cats go outside or anything so they just catch the mice that wander inside the house.

  77. Who here that have no cats but watch their videos

  78. That title had nothing to do with the video

  79. Here’s my cat story. I was helping my daughter move into her newest apartment. She thought Toffee (her black cat) would be fine in 1 of the bedrooms. We opened a window a crack to let in fresh air. We let her cat out of the carrier. She was very quiet for a long time. I peeked in. She was sitting vert nicely by the window. An hour later, she’s still on the window sill. We went over there to see her licking up black ants one at a time as they, in a very long line, were entering through the crack in the window. Ha, ha… no wonder she was so quiet!

  80. Comedic and educational 👌

  81. My cats brought inside snakes , rats , birds and squirrels and lizards into my house. Don't take your anger upon them, it's a prize present for you guys. Thanks

  82. We have to hide anything breakable when moths migrate through in late June. Literally nothing stands between our Aby and her catch.

  83. Once my mom got a live cockroach as a present in the middle of the night 🤣🤣

  84. I once woke up with a dead rat next to me. I got up pretty quickly.

  85. I love cat set behind u me one of them plz

  86. so my cat just brought home a hamster, my neighbor’s kids are crying that their hamster escaped

  87. TAI IS A GREAT HUNTER. BUT A SOFTIE. he catches rabbits, but doesn't kill them. brings them to me allive and unharmed. So pleased with himself.

  88. There was once a time where my cat brought back a young fox half eaten 🤢🤢

  89. My cat brought back one baby water vole every day for the last 3 days.. 2 on deaths door but the last one I managed to rescue alive and up and about. He has two bells of different frequencies, one of which constantly jingles at the slightest movement. I don't know how he's doing it lol

  90. killer rotten oak

  91. I have a kitten and his first cach was a big wild pigeon

  92. Why doesn't Simon cat have any whiskers?🙀🐾🐾🐾

  93. My cats always tries to bring in dead animals somthimes alive, like birds, mouse, snakes. Never a fan but i always say a good job to them

  94. We had a sweet natured grey and white cat named Eyore when I was a child. One day Eyore came inside so badly injured we weren't sure he would survive. As my father was cleaning his wounds, Eyore suddenly leaped up to the living room window, hissing and growling. Outside was a pheasant looking as beat up as our cat! Those two had fought each other and were ready to go another round!


  96. My cat<— prefers to play with mice lol. We had one in our house once and she preferred to keep it on a rug and watch it. If it got off the rug she’d put it right back .

  97. my cat brings me lizards and skinks

  98. My aunts cat (norwegian forest cat) broke into her neighbors house and ate their chiwawa and brought the head back home for "mommy"

  99. My youngest cat is proficient killing machine at 6 months. Trevor doesn't know how to kill a bird.

  100. I don't have a cat, but I'm convinced my first dog is a cat in a dog's body.
    She has killed:
    -one or two GIANT rats
    -a kitten
    -a bird
    has attempted to kill:
    -my other dog
    -another kitten
    so, uhhhh

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