DJI – Phantom 4 – Your Creative Sidekick

DJI – Phantom 4 – Your Creative Sidekick

What if you had a sidekick that could turn you into a creative genius? That turned every photo or video you took into epic awesomeness. This is the Phantom 4. And it’s going to be your creative sidekick. So now Don’t just make a music video. Make a Music Video. Or here—don’t just fly a kite. Be The Kite. Ride a bike. Not that bike. THAT BIKE. The Phantom 4 does all the hard work of getting extraordinary shots for you. It’s your creative sidekick. Your personal director. Don’t want to use a stick to go? Then tap to go. And how about that ActiveTrack? Who’s that? You know exactly who that is, don’t you? So stop worrying about the shot and get the shot fifty feet in the air. There’s also a little thing called Obstacle Avoidance. The Phantom 4 – Woah! Woah! This…this looks pretty complicated…This thing is a technological BEAST. ANYWAY…Visual and sonar sensing sees obstructions even before you do. Basically, you really have to try hard to do…well…that. Don’t do that. Do this. Wait…let’s take this one in. [sighs] Yeah, that’s the stuff right there. So you have to ask yourself; Do you just want to be part of the herd? Or above it? Think you can’t do all this? Think again. Phantom 4 Visionary Intelligence, Elevated Imagination

100 thoughts on “DJI – Phantom 4 – Your Creative Sidekick

  1. Shut up and take my money

  2. OK you sold me ~just ordered it

  3. OH my… who the hell wrote that script?? Beautiful images, the copter looks great but bloody hell fire that writer!!!

  4. the link direct you to the page of phantom4
    go hang around and spend you money

  5. are you fucking joking I just got the phantom 3. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!??!

  6. Sounds like a toy for casey neistat

  7. now we know why dji didnt help the hobbiest with the FAA issues, because they sold out and got paid with an apple contract fucken sellout piece of shit.

  8. great, thanks!

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  10. Are the materials also "pulled directly from the Earth's crust"? 🙂

  11. The phantom 4 is kinda ugly

  12. They've really upgraded their advertisement team!

  13. and. …. Sold!

  14. Can you do a giveaway lmao


  16. I think ill stick with the 3

  17. Was this all shot by the Phantom 4?

  18. That was an awesome promo!

  19. Кто от зверья Лайк!

  20. I have the Phantom 3 pro il just wait for the 5 until i upgrade not much of a difference

  21. Waittttt, so they used a drone to make a video on a drone?

  22. Great Sheldon!

  23. How can I. Get one for free? 😍

  24. DJI ads are very similar in style to Apple's. I love that. Well done!!


  26. This very personal love,

  27. But will it blend?

  28. The majority of this video isn't shot using a Phantom. How ridiculous is that? Also, that "TAP TO FLY HERE" feature is not going to work as well as everyone hopes. Guaranteed.

  29. So DJI, I have a question, for the Phantom 4 will you do the same as you recently did for the owners of the Phantom 2? Issue a Range Extender update that breaks the video connection. Then keep silent for a few weeks, hereafter don't take responsibility even hundred of customers now have broken drones? Then when the customers ask for you to repair it you, you send a mail back to them saying case closed because warranty is out – even it you own software who broke it.

    Is that the service that awaiting us if we buy a DJI 4 – just curious?

  30. awsome

  31. great landscape!

  32. My government will regulate this out of existence. They already got the camel's nose under the tent in January.

  33. Great product, and very good improvements but I'm upset because the product cost is $ 1400 euros.
    that's a lot of money , and did not add it waterproof , they do not respect us or ensure our investment. the competition is taking waterproof , do not like. 🙁

  34. Then the price

  35. Wow!

  36. Hi

  37. .

  38. great images!

  39. Yay

  40. no more fly aways? i want to manually control a phantom. no gps, and i think non-wifi fpv would be better.

  41. Tech wise amazing but reality wise this isn't a multi rotor its just a camera holding assistant. What happened to learning the craft oh wait that never existed with dji the phantom 3 was good but now your just starting to milk your customers. dji is full of brilliant minds that are capable of a lot more than some semi antonymous multi rotor.

  42. the guy on the water power thingie probably drenched the phantom. Thats probably why it got cut off LOL LOL LOL

  43. m,m,

  44. If I buy this and it malfunctions and I lost it I will give up on life.

  45. Omg I want one (when you see the price) mom can I have like 1000 dollars 😂😂😂

  46. Fix the bad codec flicker issue in 4k

  47. who ever disliked this video is dumb

  48. Are these legs still in frame shot? or not?

  49. What about the video quality does it at least have an Slog profile or even better raw? if it did i would buy one immediately.

  50. whoa whoa!!! that's looks pretty complicated… lol

  51. Now this one might be worth looking into.

  52. I wouldn't mind a free one if you don't mind DJI

  53. Are any of these waterproof and do they float?

  54. Stoked for the Phantom 4, excited for that fast mode!

  55. 😱

  56. How far can this fly?

  57. Very arrogant ads, thinking that DJI Phantom 4 is the best drone ever. But it's actually the case.

  58. can someone tell me, where i can find silver chrome sticker skin for inspire 1 pro

  59. Would love one but not paying for something I'll break lol

  60. i just got a phantom 3 professional like 3 months ago 🙁 dammit

  61. Isn't Phantom 4 waterproof?

  62. 日本是我世仇,我一般不用日貨

  63. what frame rate does phantom shoot in 4k. 24p or 30p

  64. I would love one of them drones 😎

  65. nice photoshopped mountain at 1:10

  66. If you guys need a very skilled paraglider/paramotor pilot for so very cool video. I'm very skilled and would love to help!

  67. It's also a small loan of a million dollars!!!!

  68. This would be perfect if you could customize the color of it.

  69. I WANT

  70. Howmany are you making you made the 3 in december now 4 months later 4

  71. Please, may I get suggestions which backpack should I get that the drone can fit in it with clothes and personal stuff for a hiking activity at a mountain?

  72. want one so bad 😕

  73. The ads is sooooooo great!

  74. I need one….
    good marketing..

  75. Hola, estoy buscando un producto, para hacer videos de Hoteles, videos que me permitan poder mostrar tarnto por fuerra como por dentro, digamos, ingresando al hotel, ascensores, habitaciones, que me recomiendan?

  76. How can you move the camera up/down like in the beginning?

  77. amazing!!


  79. What is backgrounds song ?

  80. Love the 4k… but I don't think my computer was built to handle it.

  81. Really cool video

  82. So COOL!

  83. only 25 minute, that's bulshist

  84. kan I have one free
    Ali Iraq

  85. Appleみたい

  86. I love you DJI

  87. Nice! Make sure to check out mine too. 🙂

  88. Kupuje phantoma 4

  89. Dji is the best! opened up the world for people

  90. Help
    Got a problem after the update
    New phantom 4 camera sensor error

  91. Help
    Got a problem after the update
    New phantom 4 camera sensor error

  92. Please, take my money. Take it all.

  93. Dji Video on my Channel

  94. Phantom 4 bought on AliExpress here

  95. YES PLEASE !

  96. Lol before this everyone said china product look cheap and rubbish with no quality..but this drone kill any europe or american brand..actually whites is double standard..they think that only them can make better thing..while company like ip is lack of idea and look funny with their new features..

  97. Makes me wanna buy another lol 🤣

  98. Loving your content keep it up! Check out mine if you'd like :), just starting out

  99. It was fun having you guys up for the skiing portion! Looking forward to next time!

  100. Camera so much better

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