Distorting Space and Time | United Visual Artists’ Momentum

Distorting Space and Time | United Visual Artists’ Momentum

[Music] I think it’s really important to be able to sort of ask some questions that can teach you something about the world in a different way that maybe science can nor or design can you the idea for momentum is definitely something that been talked about in the studio for some time but I think it’s safe to say that it became this work because of the curve gallery we love the fact that the spaces is so isolated they come here for a cup of coffee or something or to see another show and they just end up wandering into this space thought would be great if we could actually create a piece that would take people away and just make them forget about everything for a minute the inspiration from momentum really began with a conversation in the studio about Foucault pendulum we were really inspired by the fact that this simple experiment could actually tell you something about the rotation of the earth something much larger than us we thought about the Foucault pendulum we thought what if we could sort of recreate that experiment but take control of it momentum is a sort of spatial instrument it consists of twelve for mechanical pendulums and in the Bob of each of those pendulums have got a speaker and a light source the mechanisms consists of two stepper motors which give us a sort of gimbal we can essentially places pendulum in any position without kind of relying on the physics of a real pendulum we’ve created four different movements that vary between sort of natural States to more synthesize kind of robotic States where there’s a sort of like an anomaly so like a gravitational pull that’s kind of flowing everything else a bit out of kilter it was quite important to us that the speaker in the sound was together encapsulated so it’s not just a soundscape that’s in the room but it’s very much coming from this position so it gives a really kind of strong spatial sense there’s an element of it that’s sort of open to your interpretation that you sort of just go and get lost in it and then you see slowly these lights kind of scan over them you see these expressions that people would probably not let themselves have if they were in the dark it’s important to have those chances to get lost and kind of forget about the world for a moment you

11 thoughts on “Distorting Space and Time | United Visual Artists’ Momentum

  1. fuck space and time. space and time fuck my dad.

  2. One; where can I find this
    Two; can I get in
    Three; shut up and take my money

  3. really interesting concept

  4. seen it in person. so awesome.

  5. Really like the music

  6. It's important to have these chances to get lost… and kind of… forget about the world for a moment…

  7. what is next???

  8. i smell hipster on this guy….

  9. amazing

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  11. isnt distorting space is making a blackhole? its really dangerous. making black hole near our planet.

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